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So let’s begin the Sidhant’s show…….
Ramadaan Special
The episode starts with Twinkle sleeping on the bed where as Kunj on the couch……
Both of them wake up at the same time…
T (Rubbing her eyes and smiles) – Good morning Kunj…
K (Smiles) – Good Morning Twinkle….
Both of them freshen up and get ready for today’s work…
K – Twinkle; take my laptop also as Mr. Goenka had selected the decoration and he want exactly the same…
T – Ok…
They left for the venue where engagement is to be held…..
Freemason Hall…..
Everyone is in the motion so that they can complete their job on time……
T – Bhaiya why there is so less flowers over there…. Please bring some more flowers….
Bhai – Yes ma’am….
He went to bring flowers meanwhile Twinkle climb the ladder to arrange the flowers properly….. A man carrying basket of marigold petals was approaching towards Twinkle and by mistake he pushed the ladder and she was about to fall but Kunj comes in time and rescued her from falling on the ground but since there was water on the ground he himself falls on the ground with Twinkle in his arms and marigold petals falls on them because the man carrying basket also falls down due to water……
Twinkle was above the Kunj and petals falling on them whereas the man carrying basket of petals on the ground and basket on him……Twinj share and intense eyelock (Sajna Ve plays in BG)…. But their eyelock breaks when the man fell next to them flinches in pain…..Everyone gets up but that man holds his waist and walked like an old lady and everyone laughs at his behavior….
M – Haaye daiya re daiya humra kamariya ghasak gilayi…. (Hey I don’t know this language but tried to bring some fun in it I hope I’m able to do it…) LOL (Sorry I can’t do english translation…if anyone can do then please do it as some of them may find difficult to understand…actually this dialogue was once said by one our laborer when he slipped and fell on the ground)
Everyone laughs at his word….
T – Stop laughing and get back to your work and bhaiya please go and put some ointment…..
M – Yes madam ji….
He left……….
The venue had a hall as well as lawn …..The lawn had artificial trees whose trunks and branches were covered with tiny bulbs and colorful flowers hanging from the branches….in the entrance of the lawn there was a stick board where every guests will give their best wishes to newly bond couple…..and the other side of the entrance had the pictures of would be bride and grooms……..in the middle of the lawn there was a fountain from which waters were changing their colors due to change in the lights…..since it was a themed engagement so every waiter were wearing pirate’s dress…..there was a large wooden boat where the would-be bride and groom will exchange their rings….and inside the hall room there were food counter on the edges of the room………it had Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Mughlai Cuisine and other Continental foods…….
K (With a smile on his face) – Finally we completed our work before time…..achcha Twinkle you stay over here I’m bringing some food for us since morning we didn’t have any food…..
T – No I won’t eat anything as I’m not feeling so I’m going back to hotel…..
K – Shall I drop you….?
T – No its ok I will manage and I think you should stay over here as Mr. Goenka may come at any time…..
Twinkle was about to leave when Mr. Goenka arrived….
G – Hello Mr. Kunj….you guys really done a great job….
K – Hello Mr. Goenka, meet my partner Twinkle Taneja
G – Hello Ms. Twinkle, how are you now???
T (Thinks) – Why he is asking me about my health….???
T – Hello Mr. Goenka, actually I’m not feeling well so I won’t be able to over here….
G – No problem at all…actually Mr. Sarna told me that you’re not well…I think you should leave now and my car will leave you at the hotel….
Twinkle looks at him lovingly…
K – Thank you so much Mr. Goenka…
G – Its Ok young man (Smiles)
Twinkle and Goenka left from there……
Kunj’s stomach was making weird noise……
K (Self Talk) – Kunj you should go and have something or else your stomach will blast………..
Kunj left the venue and was roaming on the road but to his surprise all the shops were closed so he went along the road and land up near the mosque where a man was about to go inside it….
K – Bhaiya why every shops are closed???
B – Brother it’s the time to break the fast so everyone had closed their shop and went to their home to have their iftaari (In the evening when the sunsets at that time ppl breaks their fast with dates, fruits and some fries are known as iftaari)
K – Oh! Is there any shop open as I’m very hungry….
B – Why don’t you join us??
K – But how can I enter mosque??
The man laughs whereas Kunj looks at him confused…..
B – Brother this is a place of God and no one is forbidden to get inside it…. We all our brothers as we all are descendant of Adam (PBUH) so how can we forbid our brother to come over here………. (Smiles)
Both of them get inside the mosque….Kunj was awestruck to see everything as there was a long mat laid on the floor and on it big plates were kept on it which was filled with dates, different types of fruits and pakoras (Fries)….and there was also jug filled with sharbet (Juice) and the Ramadan special food Haleem (Made of different pulses and have chicken pieces in it) was served in a bowl…….
B – Brother, please take a seat……
Everyone was sitting together irrespective of their monetary status and waiting for azan so that after listening to it they can break their fast….
K (Thinks) – Its same like our gurudwara but the only difference is that we say lungaar and they say iftaari…..it’s so good to sit with everyone and have food together….
His thoughts were interrupted by the man….
M – It is said that if we eat together in one plate then there will be love among each other……brotherhood will flourish….
Kunj smile at his words…..
Then only….
Allah Hu Akhbar….
Allah Hu Akhbar….
Azan was heard and everyone starts to eat…Kunj took fruit to eat but….
M – Brother, break your fast with Dates….
Kunj kept the fruit and took dates to have it….
Finally everyone had their food and went to offer namaaz so Kunj also hug the man and left for the venue……….
Kunj comes back to venue and checks that everyone is working according to the work assign to them……..
Finally engagement ceremony gets over and Twinj got appreciation from everyone………..
Kunj comes back to hotel and went to their room and find Twinkle is sleeping peacefully on the bed…He went near her and look at her and he smirks….
K (Self Talk) – Very bad Twinkle you didn’t even wait for me to come………
Kunj leaves from there and comes back after sometime with something in his hand……He does something….
K – Tomorrow will be your best morning Ms. Twinkle Taneja….
He smiles and leaves from there…….
Kunj is still sleeping and Twinkle went to washroom to freshen up……..
(What is this…I can recognize this voice…oh yes this is Twinkle’s voice but why is she shouting???)
T (Shouts) – AHHHHHHHHHHHH………..
Kunj wake up listening to her voice and smile………
The episode ends on Kunj’s smiling face………..
………………- 42nd EPISODE ends -…………….

PRECAP – The revelation of why Twinkle was shouting.

What happen to our Kunj why did he smile and was not tensed???
Why Twinkle was shouting???
What is your opinion friends plz do share…….
Hey friends am I able to bring brotherhood plz do say…..
Hey Cutiepie I don’t know am I able to bring comedy epi for you all becoz my sis always say that I’m very bad at comedy but I’ll try to give comedy in b/w and for Tashan it is on the way soon u’ll see some Tashan bw the leads…..

Credit to: Shamz

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