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So let’s begin the Sidhant’s show with a smile….
The episode starts with Kunj is standing on the lawn and looking at the pale moon and Twinkle’s word were playing with his emotions…..His eyes were moist with tears
K (Thinks) – Twinkle how could you think also that I’ll do something like that….till now you had not been able to understand me…..
He went to receptionist and enquired for a room and went to a room which is next to Twinkle room………
Twinkle is sleeping on the bed in a sitting position. She wake up as sunrays peep into her room through window and touches Twinkle’s rosy cheeks….The touch of sunrays awaken her….she leaves the bed and went to washroom to check whether Kunj had come or not….but no he was not there in the bathroom. She was a bit sad as well as guilty. She went inside the bathroom and get ready for the meeting….then only room service man knocks the door…..
Twinkle opens the door….
T – Yes
R.S – Ma’am Mr. Kunj Sarna has given this letter for you.
Twinkle takes the letter and closed the door….she went and sits on the couch and opens the letter……
Twinkle I’m leaving for Mr. Goenka’s Place and if you feel comfortable with me then you can join me directly at his place. If you want to come then book cab through OLA app or you can ask for hotel car service. You won’t find any difficulty in reaching here.
After reading the letter tear drops from her eyes. She is sitting on the sofa as if someone has taken her life from her……
Kunj is sitting at Goenka’s house and continuously looking at his watch…..
K (Thinks) – Where is Twinkle??? Meeting is about to start….
Mr. Goenka comes and Kunj stands up and shake his hand with him…..
Goenka – Hello Mr. Sarna
K – Hello Mr. Goenka.
G – Please take a seat….
Both of them sat on the sofa…..
G – I heard that you and your partner Ms. Tan….Ms. Taneja organized together but today you’re all alone….
K – She was about to come but from yesterday night she was feeling uneasiness so she is in the hotel only but on the engagement day she’ll definitely be here….
G – No problem at all…I’m glad that you left her to take some rest….of course health comes first…I always ask my employee that they should take care of their health…..
Kunj shows him some presentation for the arrangement of the engagement…..
G – Yes this one is best… I want my son’s engagement decoration exactly like this only….
K – Ok sir, have a good day….
G – You too gentleman.
Kunj left from there and went to decorator…caterer and booked Freemason Hall for the engagement ceremony…. After a long tired day he went back to the hotel….He went to his room and sat on a couch when his phone rings…..
K – Hello…
Other side from the phone a male voice is heard…..
M – Hello
K – Who’s this???
M – The owner of this phone met with an accident….
K – WHATTT where is she now???
M – Near Princep Ghat….
K – You stay over there I’m coming…..
Kunj rushes out of the hotel in hurry and took hotel’s car and reached the said place….He comes out of the car and was stunned to see the place…..The place was lighted with tiny bulbs and there was a small open hut made of blue and white cloth and at the side and top of the hut flowers were hanging to beautify the hut near the ghat….A lady was standing in a white backless gown and her hair rolled up in a bun facing her back to Kunj….Kunj recognized the lady and went near her and turns her in a jerk…….

K (Angry) – Are you out of your mind??? What the hell do you think of yourself?? Do you even thought for once what I was going through when I heard that you met with an accident….tell me damnit why did you this to me haan???? Twinkle I need an answer and you can’t ignore me….do you get that???? Twin…..
A soft glossy lips impede him to say further……she was holding his back tightly kissing him deeply and preventing him to say further…..this act of innocence….love….passion….obsession of her made Kunj to go crazy………he was out of control and made a deep kiss leaving a bite mark on her lips…..It was long kiss but ultimately broken to inhale oxygen….
K (Breathing heavily) – Twinkle you have…..

Again her lips stuck with lips resisting him to say further as if she want to show how much guilty she is feeling for yesterday…….Kunj was rubbing his hand on her bare back making her shiver…….and her nails were piercing his back through his shirt…..after a while they break their kiss….Kunj twirls her and they standing in a back hug position….Kunj hands were crossed on her stomach and Twinkle’s hand on his…..Kunj slowly and sensually moves her hair to one side of her shoulder and pressed his lips on her neck making her shiver and closing his eyes…..she was held away with his touch…..
K (Romantically) – Twinkle why have you done all this???
T (Unknowingly) – Actually yesterday after saying that I was feeling very guilty and in the morning also you left earlier so I thought you’re angry with me so I decided to say sorry for my behavior and I stuck with an idea and I planned whole day for you….but the problem was that how to make you agree to come over here without telling you the truth that is why I said a small lie but I didn’t knew that you’ll become so tensed I’m sorry Kunj……
Kunj eyes got teary not in sadness but it was a tear of joy…tear of belongingness for your loved one….he was smiling at her innocence….he makes her face him…..
K – Twinkle I love you and I can’t be angry with you… I was just hurt that’s it….please don’t feel guilty….I really love you more than my life…..
T – Let’s go….
K – But where????
Twinkle holds his hand and took him near the ghat which was beautify with diya which were floating on the water and the side of the staircase were also lighted with colorful diyas….there was a small boat eagerly waiting for the prince and princess of lovaria land to keep their lovely feet on him and they sat on it and went at a distance….from there only water can be visible and everything things look like an ant….Twinkle lays on Kunj’s lap and he was caressing her hair…..while Twinkle was busy in looking at the moon which was calm and a form of beauty…..
T – Kunj….
K (Busy in caressing her hair) – Hmmm….
T – Look at the moon….It is looking so beautiful today
K – Yah it is beautiful but not more than you….
T (Looking at him) – Everyone says that moon is the most beautiful creation of God and you’re saying…..
K – Everyone says it is the most beautiful creation of God because they haven’t seen you….
Twinkle blushes at his words…..
K – This is so beautiful….
T – What???
K – It’s so beautiful to sit with your loved one on the middle of the water and gazing her beauty….
She blushes….
T – Kunj you don’t let any stone unturned to eulogize me….
K – It’s all yours fault….
T (Confused) – My fault???
K – Of course your fault….why you have to be so beautiful that I just can’t take my eyes off from you…….
This time her blushes crossed all the limits and her cheeks becomes red and her eyes were closed to prevent the contact between him…..
The episode ends on Kunj’s smiling face………
……………….- 41st EPISODE ends -………………
PRECAP – Engagement Ceremony and Twinj shopping…..

I hope you guys enjoyed the episode……….
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Credit to: Shamz

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