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Hello friends welcome back to Sidmin’s Tashan E World….
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THANK YOU Ria and Callmenazu for suggesting place in Kolkata……
So let’s begin Sidhant’s show….
The episode starts with Twinj are in the carriage and cool breeze are passing by and making Twinkle’s hair playing on his cheeks….Twinkle closed her eyes and stretched her arms to feel the cool breeze whereas Kunj is staring at her lovingly….He moves his hand towards her face and tucks her hair behind her ears….their eyes meet and they had an intense eyelock (Sajna Ve plays in BG)….. Finally they had a round around the palace
C.Rider – Bhaiya….
Both of them are still lost in each other….
C.Rider (Loudly) – BHAIYA!!!!
Twinj come back into senses and Kunj paid him the fare….Kunj jumps down and forwards his hand towards Twinkle….he pulls her and she lands in his arms and then he kept her on the ground…..
T – Kunj I’m very tired let’s go back to hotel….
K – As you wish….
Twinj are walking on the road when they came across an old couple is begging his son not to send them to old age home…
Old Lady – Beta we’ll listen to your wife and we’ll never interrupt her but please don’t keep us away from our grandson please beta I beg you….
Young Man (Shouting) – Because of you my family will be separate…and if took you back then she’ll leave me and take my son with her and I can’t bear that….you’ll have to leave
Twinj were watching all this and boiling from inside….
Old man just holds his son’s leg to beg him not to separate them from themselves….Seeing this Twinj anger crosses the peak… Both of them went near that old man…Kunj makes old man stand…. And Chatak! Chatak! Chatak! …yes Kunj slaps young man making him shock….Twinkle holds old lady….
T (To young man) – How can you be so insensitive haan?? You’re asking your parent to leave you for a lady who came in your life for few years before…Today whatever you’re is just because of them…do you even know how much they had sacrificed to make you a responsible man…And if you’re married to someone is just because of them…if they didn’t educate you then no one would have married you…If you’re standing over here is just because of them…Look at her (Pointing towards old lady who was weeping) she kept you in her womb for nine months and do you know how much pain she suffered during her delivery….NO…..
The man feels ashamed and looks down….
T – If you can’t balance your wife and your parent then why did you marry??? Imagine if your son brings you over here when you became old how you would feel at that time??? And do you know one thing that your child will do same thing with you also because he’ll see this only and think it to be right….If your wife is not understanding then make her understand ask her to keep herself in your parent’s place and then ask her to decide…Earth is round from where you’ll start and you’ll end up over there only…think once again doing sin….
Young man’s eyes got teary and he understands very well what Twinkle wants him to understand….the man immediately hugged his parent and apologized for his misdeed and hold his ears…..Twinj were about to go when the old lady holds Twinkle’s hand and hugs her tightly whereas old man hugs Kunj….
Old Lady – Thank you so much for uniting my family…. (She was smiling as well as tears of happiness were gushing out of her eyes)
Old lady took out her bangles from her hand and makes her wear…
Old Lady – Beta please take this as a blessing from me….your mom-in-law will be very lucky to have you… you’re angel….
Twinj smiles at her words….
Old Man – Thank you Beta for making my son realize that what is right and wrong….I should have done this long back then this day wouldn’t have come…
The old man opens his watch from his hand and makes him wear….
Old Man – This watch is very special…my dad gave me this watch when I achieved in my life and this watch is our family watch….
K – But how can I take this??
Old Lady – Beta you deserves this…. (Smiles)
Young Man – Thanks Bro for slapping me and showing the reality of life…
Both of them hugged each other…..
Twinkle smiles looking at them….
Y.M – Chalo Ma…Papa… (Let’s go Ma and Papa)
They left for their home and Twinj went to their hotel….
Twinj Room
Twinkle lying on the bed….
T – I’m very tired today….and tomorrow we have to meet Mr. Goenka also….
K – Yup…. Twinkle at least change your dress since morning you’re wearing this dress only….
T – Kunj I’m very tired please let me sleep….
K – Twinkle go and freshen up….I’m sure you’ll feel better after that…
T (Tired) – Kunj…..
K – If you don’t change then I’ll change your dress….
Twinkle sits on the bed listening to his words and her eyes popped out….
T – NOOOOOO…..I’ll change my dress myself….
She hurriedly went to her bag and start finding her night suit but to her astonishment she doesn’t find any full night suits…all were cotton hotties and loose crop tops….she find a letter…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I know Di you both are going to stay together so I changed your night suit and kept some new suits which I bought for myself but I sacrificed for you 🙁 But please don’t worry and enjoy your night…. 😉
Luv You
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
T (Thinks) – Payel I’ll kill you….
Twinkle went to change her dress as she didn’t have any other option but to wear night suits that Payel had kept for her….
Twinkle is in the washroom for about half an hour….
K (Self Talk) – Why Twinkle is not coming out??? Is everything ok???
Kunj went near the washroom and knocked the door….
K – Twinkle….Twinkle…. Is everything ok inside???
T – Yah I’m fine but why didn’t you sleep…you already very late…..
K – Twinkle I’m fine so you don’t worry about that and come out fast….
T – Hmmm
T (Self Talk) – Baba ji kahan phasa diya aapne…idhar Kunj avi tak nahi soya aur main aise kapde mein nikli toh woh mujhe torn karne ka ik bhi mauka nahi chodega…..
(Baba ji where you’ve stuck me…Kunj is still awake and if I went out in this dress then he won’t leave any chance to torn me) Baba ji please help me……
Twinkle is stuck with an idea and she smiles brightly…..
Twinkle went near small cupboard and took out gent’s towel and wrapped around herself and slowly she peeps out of the bathroom and see no one in the room and she feel a bit relief as she can go and sleep on the bed without Kunj seeing her…..She tip toed went inside the room as she was about to go near the bed….
K – TWINKLE!!!!!
Twinkle stand numbed over there….Kunj was hell tensed to see Twinkle like that so he hurriedly went near her and faces her….
K – Twinkle are you ok??? Why are you covering yourself with towel??
T (Stammer) – Ac…Actually…I….was….feeling cold…haan I was feeling cold that is why I was wearing towel… (With a sigh of relief)
Kunj was hell tensed and immediately touches her forehead to see whether she was having fever or not….
K (Concerned) – Why do have to eat so much of street food look now your health got affected….
Kunj’s concerned word melted Twinkle and she was lost in him… When her grip on the towel loosen she didn’t realized and her towel falls on the ground….Kunj was shocked to see her as she was looking very stunning but her most of the leg was visible so he turned around making Twinkle come back into senses and saw herself and immediately took the towel and wrapped herself….she went to bed to sleep…Kunj comes to her caresses her hair….
K – Twinkle you don’t have to feel awkward with me…I’ll change my room….
He gets up and turns to leave but Twinkle holds her hand…
T – Kunj please don’t go…I’m so sorry I felt that you’ll tease me that is why I covered myself….
Kunj eyes gets teary….he turns and frees his hand and moves from their like a walking dead as he was hurt somewhere with Twinkle’s word and moves out of the room….Twinkle also feel guilty and was sad….
T (Sadly) – I shouldn’t have told him like this…he might be hurt…
The episode ends on Twinj sad face…..
…………….- 40th EPISODE ends -……………
PRECAP – Kunj get a call and he comes to know that Twinkle met with an accident……..

Let’s see it’s a prank or really Twinkle met with an accident….what do you think friends about tomorrow’s episode……do share your thinking……..
I hope you guys like the episode……
Hey friends I’m sorry in any way I hurt any of the sentiments as I thought to bring some of the social injustice done by people… But believe me I just wanted that youngster like us don’t do such thing which some of the elder does without thinking once that whatever we do good or bad we get repaid….and near my school there used to be one old age home and I was always keen to see it from inside how they live without their family but never able to as they didn’t allow anyone to get in without ID cards….so this was just a small thing which I wanted to convey that we should never do that mistake to keep our beloved parents in the old age home….once again I’m sorry if anyone is hurt….and my dear Calcuttan friends please don’t take in negative way as opposite HHI there is an old age home so I wrote this topic over here….Once again I AM SORRY!!!
And if you like this type of topic then please do say and as well as if you don’t like then also please do say so that from the next time I’ll not write something which covers social injustice….and if you have some topics like this then you can share with me so that I can implement if you want….LUV U ALLL…..
Hey friends all active and silent readers I request you to please comment on today’s episode as I really want to know about your views….please please please please please please please do comment……….
love you alll……..

Credit to: Shamz

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  1. shamz im sanjana wow nice episode loved it till d height of d sky wow nyc thought i welcome ur new thought dat will make our youngster understand easily hats off to u dear love u if u have time do visit my ff too its twinj tashan-e-ishq perfect love story

  2. i loved it…eagerly waiting for next epi

  3. First of all Shamz let me tell u …..ur ff is becoming an inspiration of teens to learn the harsh reality of life….. Today the way u fought for the social injustice through ur words is commendable….. hatss off for ur spirit….
    U know I also use to visit old age home nd the people living their is so humble …they use to laugh nd enjoy together but somewhere deep inside their heart the grief they r suffering from is up to extreme… Once I asked Nany Aunt ; ” that why she don’t scold her son of leaving her alone over here” ; the reply she gaved to me I felt like parents can sacrifice their happiness just for their child nd won’t complain to it…She told me; ” My child is happy na; I’m contend with it …I love him”
    Hats off yrr ; amazing ..u r accomplishing writers job very well… love u..

    1. And yah complimentations nd felicitation to u for completing 40 epi…..10 more to go for half century …
      All the best..

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    i also saw many old couples being tortured by their children and leaving their home
    and morever i like social injustice topics
    next you can take caste system, religious beliefs or gender discrimination

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