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So let’s start the show….

The episode starts with an office in New York is shown……
Scene 1
A man is scolding his employee…..
Man – My name is Manohar Sarna ppl wants to work with and you got the opportunities and you don’t care….so I also don’t care for you….YOU ARE FIRED….
Suddenly his phone rings and it flashes Bebe on it…
Manohar (M) – Sas-sriya-kaal bebe. Aap kaise ho??? Wahan sab theek hai na….Surjeet kaisa hai???
Bebe (B) – (On phone) Yahan sab changa hai….Tune mujhse vaada kiya tha ki tu jald hi yahan ayega…. (emotionally) 20 saal ho gaya hai aur tune ek bar v yahan nae aya sirf apne bachcho ko kabhi kabhi bhej diya karta tha… (Sobbing)
M – Bebe aap emotional na ho….aap jante hai na main apke aankhon vich aansoon nahi dekh sakta….waise aapke naal ik khush-khabri hai
B- Kya Monu???
M – Main wapas India aa raha hoon…
B – Sachchi
M- Sach Bebe….achcha bebe ab main phone rakhta hoon mujhe zaroori meeting mein jana hai
B – Theek hai Monu tu ja achcha sun Usha rani aur saare bachcho ko mera dher saara pyaar dena
M- Theek hai Bebe

Scene 2
Black & Golden Gate is shown…and it’s written SARNA’S MANSION on it…..
The gate opens and the screen shows a beautiful lawn with colourful flowers and fountain in the middle….and now screen shifts inside the bungalow gate….there are big golden vase with red flowers and red carpet in the entrance…..the whole setup is in combination of golden and red. Its looks like a Palace….
Bebe is shown sitting on the golden sofa….
B – Surjeete….Anitaa….come fast
A lady is shown coming down from the staircase….staircase is also golden and red carpet on it….Lady is wearing simple yet elegant anarkali with minimum jewelry. The lady is very smart and she is none other than Anita Sarna…
A – What happen Bebe why did you call us so early in the morning….?
B (smiling) – Monu is coming back to India forever…
A (Surprised) – Whaaattt?????
B – Why you are not happy to know that they are coming back?
A (Fake smile) – No bebe I’m very happy to know this….actually I didn’t expect this news i.e. why
B – Then why are you standing over here go and starts the preparation ….and I don’t want anything to be wrong so you’ll do everything personally (smiles)
Bebe went away….
A (Self talk) – If veer ji comes then whole business will be handled by him and we have to be under him and i won’t let this happen….

Everyone is having their breakfasts….
Twinkle (T) – Mom, today I’ll be late.
Leela (L) – Why?
T – Mom (pause) actually UV is not well and her mom is not at home she went to gurudwara for his betterment prayer i.e. why I’ll be there for helping him…
L – Ok you can go but one condition is there…
T – What mom???
L – You’ll take car and not your bike and ya take driver ji also with you.
T – Ok mom
They all have their breakfast and left for their respective work…

At night
Twinkle went to UV’s place. She makes soup for him and makes him eat….
They spent some time with each other….the clock struck 12 am
T – I think I should leave its late and ya I’m keeping water jar over here so at night you don’t need to get up from your place and she smiles
U – Bye… (Lovingly)
Twinkle is on the way to home but her car gets stop near a mansion.
T – Driver ji why did you stopped the car? Is everything ok?
Driver (D) – Ma’am I think there is a tire puncture
T – Ok plz change it fast we are already late

After sometime
D – Ma’am we don’t have any extra tire and there is no tire shop nearby
T – (Disgusted) what to do now??
D – Ma’am you can stay at that house and I’m trying to find some tire
T – It’s ok. I’m waiting over here only and you go and come fast
D – Ok ma’am.
Twinkle is waiting inside her car. It starts raining. After sometime there was thunderstorm and lightening. Twinkle gets scared so she went to the mansion.
T (To gatekeeper) – Bhaiya meri gadi kharaab ho gayi hai toh kya aaj main yahan rukh sakti hoon???
G – Wait a min ma’am….I’m asking to bebe.

After 5 min…..
Twinkle is totally drenched.
G – Ma’am you can come in.
Twinkle went inside the house. She was sneezing and shivering as she was fully wet. An old lady comes to her and she is none other than Bebe.
B – Beta tum….
T – Aunty aap….yeh apka ghar hai???
B – Haan puttar…..lekin tu itte der ghar se bahar. Beta itti raat tak ghar se bahar rehna changa nae hai
T – Actually (Sneezed) mere ek friend kaa (sneezed) accident ho tha toh ussi ha dhyaan rakh rahi thi (sneezed) uski mom ghar pe nae thi
B (thinks) – She is so kind that she didn’t even thought of herself…now I’m sure that this girl will only be my Kunj’s wife (smiles)
B – Chal koi nae puttar…tu puri tarah se geeli ho chuki hai tu pehle apna kapda badal le (Smiles) main tere liye kapda bhej ti hoon
T – ji Aunty
B – Beta don’t call me aunty, call me bebe
T – ji Bebe
B – Changa hai
The episode ends on Twinkle and Bebe smiling faces

…………………….-EPISODE 4-………….
I hope u guys enjoyed it and refreshed yourself and plz do comment bcoz ur comments motivates me….. 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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  1. Nice shamz, plz continue.

    1. Tysm Cutie for ur valuable comment and support…. I am really very happy that u guys are liking my fiction 🙂 🙂

  2. nice epi and one good news to twinj fans while twinkle is taking pheras with uv kunj come and stops the marriage and twinkle says to uv that she will teach a lesson to him then kunj leaves mandap he thinks that twinkle is giving her a dhoka and both will fight and twinkle is walking alone on road that which we saw on the ajjtak

    i got the twinj good so i decided to share with u guys hope u r all happy by this news…..

    1. Tysm so much Zarmeen for ur valuable comment and support and thanks for informing about twinj reel update…. 🙂 🙂

  3. Yaar it ws amazing epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much update asap it’s a small request plzz

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  4. superb yaar..loved it..

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  6. Nice episode shamz 🙂

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  9. very nice
    it’s getting intresting day by day ??

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  10. it was superb
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