Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 39


Hello friends welcome back to Sidmin’s Tashan E World….
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So let’s begin the Siddhant’s show with a bright smile….
The episode starts with Twinj reached HHI and Kunj asked receptionist to give key for two rooms but Twinkle interrupts him and asked to give one key only….Kunj eyes her naughtily and teases her making her angry…..
T – Give us two separate keys….
And she leaves from there taking one key….
K – Beta tu toh ab gaya….waise meri siyappa queen gusse mein bahot cue lagti hai…haaye!!!! (Smiles)
(Kunj you’re gone…by the way my siyappa queen looks cute when she is angry….)
Kunj also leaves from there and heads towards Twinkle’s room….
He reached Twinkle’s room and knocks her door…
K – Arre yaar Twinkle please open the door I’m so sorry….If you want me to hold my ears then I’m holding my ears but please don’t be miffed with me as I can’t see you away from me please…. Twinkle…. Twinkle…. Twinkle….
Twinkle inside her room was laughing and as well as people crossing Kunj were also laughing at his helplessness….. Kunj gives a death glare to them….
K (Emotional blackmail) – Ok you will not open the gate then I’m going to cut my wrist and then don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you…..
He looks here and there and finds a glass vase on the table. He went near the vase and brings near Twinkle’s room and threw on the ground from a distance making loud sound….Twinkle was afraid listening to the voice and she immediately opens the door and her eyes popped out and she immediately runs towards Kunj and holds his hand as he was about to cut his wrist with a broken piece of vase….Tears were flowing from Twinkle’s eyes….and then a voice is heard…. CHATAAK!!!!!!! (Yes Twinkle slapped him…) Kunj was stunned at Twinkle’s behavior and he stands there in a shock….Twinkle cups her face as she comes back into senses and thought what she have done…..She immediately pulls him inside her room and locked the door…. Kunj is still in a shock….Twinkle again gives him another shock….Twinkle’s soft lips were sucking Kunj’s cheek where she….Now Kunj comes back into senses and push her hard and tries to leave the room but Twinkle holds his hand and pulls him with all her energies making Twinkle falls on the ground and Kunj above her….Twinkle holds Kunj’s shirt and pushes him and she comes on him….Kunj was ignoring her and looking here and there….Twinkle sensually moves her finger on his face making Kunj shiver inside…he controls himself to get melted by Twinkle’s act….But Twinkle is also Punjabi Pataka and she didn’t back off….she thought something and smirks….
She moves her hand near his shirt buttons and unbutton his third button (already his first two buttons were open) making Kunj shocked once again….Twinkle smile at him and she moves towards his face lock her lips with his lips….now Kunj gets melted and went with a flow….both of them shared a soft liplock….and they break their kiss….
T (Still above him) – I’m sorry Kunj… (She holds her ears)
Kunj smiles at her and removes her hand from her ears and she also smiles back to him…Twinkle was about to get up but Kunj holds her waist tightly….
T (Trying to free herself) – Kunj please leave me….
Kunj tighten her grips and pout asking her to kiss….
T (Shouts) – Chooha….chooha…. (Rat)
Kunj gets frighten and leave her immediately. Twinkle frees herself from him and ran out of the room. Kunj lays on the floor and smiles brightly cherishing all the moments he spends just now with Twinkle…..
Next Scene
Twinkle is standing near a table and smiling when someone pats her from behind and she turns and find out he is none other than Kunj….
T – Kunj…
K – If you are done with your blushing then get ready we are going to explore this city….
T (Smiles) – Ok…
Twinj room
Twinkle went to freshen up…after sometime she comes out wearing high waist black denim and neon green top…she went near mirror and tied her hair in ponytail and puts light pink lipstick on her lips and kajal and eye liner on her eyes….she is looking very pretty….and finally she wore black wedges…..Twinkle was all ready…..
Kunj enters the room and was mesmerized by her beauty….
K (Lost in Twinkle) – Today you are looking very pretty….
Twinkle turns towards him and narrows her eyes….
T – What do you mean by today I’m looking very pretty…according to you I don’t look pretty everyday…..??
K – No… no… I don’t mean that….
T – What do you mean???
K – I mean….that…..every time you look hot but today you are looking pretty…. (Smiles)
Twinkle blushes….
K – Let’s go….
They left the hotel….
Twinkle entangling her hand in Kunj’s arms…
T – Kunj, where we are going???
K – Ummmm….We are going to visit Victoria Memorial Palace
T (Excitedly) – Palace!!!! Wooow….
They walk keeping their hand in hand….Finally they reached the palace….
Twinj inside Victoria Palace….
T – Oh my God!! It’s so beautiful….Kunj look this sculpture, how beautifully it is carved…..
K – Hmmm it’s so beautiful (In her ears) but not more than you… (Smiles)
T (Blushes) – Kunj you are becoming very naughty….
K – If yours would-be wife is so beautiful then automatically that person will become romantic and I’m not naughty….
T (Blushes) – Kunj…..
Kunj smiles at Twinkle…
T – Let’s go upstairs…
They went to balcony and the view from the balcony was epic
T – Kunj let’s take some selfie…
Both of them wear their glares and started to take some pics….Now Twinkle is kissing Kunj’s cheek and in the background whole park was visible and it was their best picture clicked…..
Both of them roamed in the park and then they came out of the palace ground….On the exit there were many vendors selling street foods….
T (Screams) – PANI PURI!!!!!
She drags Kunj towards pani puri vendor….
T – Bhaiya Pani puri dena… (Bro give us pani puri)
Vendor (V) – Yahan Kolkata mein pani puri ko puchka kehte hain…
(In Kolkata we say puchka and not pani puri)
T – Bhaiya puchka dena…. (Smiles)
Vendor gives them puchka….
T (Mouth filled with puchka) – It’s so tasty and different from our state….
K – Hmmm….
T (While having) – Bhaiya, how you have made it??
V – First we smashed boil potatoes and add all the spices and tamarind juice in it and mix it well and add some matar also…And water we make it with curd or Tamarind with water…..We fill potatoes inside the puchka and then dip puchka in the water….
They have many puchkas as they were really very relishing….
Twinkle eyes went on Papdi chaat vendors….They went over there and enjoy the food…one by one they tastes all the street food….
T – Kunj….horse
K – Do you want to ride???
Twinkle nods in yes….they went for horse riding….they also sat on the horse carriage…..
Horse Carriage….
Twinj are sitting on the carriage….cool breeze are passing them making environment romantic….Kunj keeps his hand on Twinkle’s shoulder….Twinkle looks at him lovingly (Sajna Ve plays in BG)
The episode ends on Twinj in the carriage…….
…………..- 39th EPISODE ends -…………
PRECAP – Twinj to meet Goenka…..
I hope you guys enjoyed it…….
Hey Calcuttans please do reply as do you like the description of your city and please do suggest one romantic place and one horror place of Calcutta…..
Once again thank you so much for reading it…..
Luv u alll………….
Be happy and keep smiling 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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  1. Loved it !! ?????

  2. Hey Shamz! You described Kolkata very nicely. I must say. I was able to imagine my hometown in front of me. I started missing the place. Okay, back to the point. The episode was amazing ofcourse. Romantic place…umm… they can go to the shores of Ganga.. Horror place I’ve no idea. Actually I never stayed there so.. anyways, the description was super duper.

    1. Hi5! even i am from kolkata

  3. Hey everyone I have written an OS name You can’t run away from your distiny Twinj Is plz do read that also as a compensation for not uploading yesterday….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Ramzaan Mubarak to my lovely readers….

  4. Super……. duper… episode… missed u a lot yesterday… I had become so habitual to wake up in the morning nd immediately checking to tu page nd finding ur ff …yesterday I felt something was missing..
    Though I had never been to Kolkata but the way u described it I felt like I’m roaming their only… nd ur slap scene wah…slap mein bhi romance…. wooww
    Happy Ramzan….to u nd ur family..

  5. Sidhant♥Lover (isabella)

    Romantic epi..
    Nice description
    Like it

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    U just can’t imagine he eagerly I wait every mrng fr ur ff
    U really r a fab writer…..and sry fr nt commenting
    I usually will not b able to cmnt but I read all twinj ff’s on TU
    Hw much ever busy I’m I spare time to read them
    And pls don’t feel bad bcoz I just can’t cmnt regularly I’ll surely try to cmnt from now on,….but cnt promise
    Nd thank u once again fr such a lovely ff

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  15. Yaar shame u should’ve been the director of TEI. Ur FFs r really worth to read. And ur explanation of pani peri and papdi chaat, really made me drool. Yaar u have to understand yaar today is Ramadan. And it was really hard for me to control my hunger after reading ur FF dude.

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  19. shamz just luvd it and plzz post d nxt one asap and about the romantic place i would suggest Prinsep Ghat as dat is literally one of d most romantic places in Kolkata, the bridge in floatel is also one of d romantic places in kolkata people also call it “romance by the lake” and Millennium Park situated by the ganges it is one of d best places for couples in Kolkata and about d horror place i would suggest the national library becoz dis year when i visited India my brother went there and he was telling me dat when he was reading a book he could feel as if someone was sitting in front of him and some footsteps were heard and even the screams of little girls. and d nxt one is Putulbari or the “House of Dolls” situated near the Sovabazar jetty, over dere u will find scary dolls {scarier than annabelle(as it is known as one of the most scariest dolls used in any film)} in a large quantity thrown over here and there with spiderwebs and even blood marks. deep in the nights many people are even said to witness a shrill laughter or even clinking of bangles and anklets!

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  22. Awesome epi… loved it to the core yaar…

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