Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 38


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So let’s begin the show…
The episode starts with Twinkle is packing her bag and her mom enters the room….
L – Twinkle puttar
T – Yes Ma…
L – Beta actually I was thinking that you and Kunj should extend your Kolkata trip and try to know him….
T – Ok ma…
They hugged eo and Leela leave from there….
At Night…. 7:30pm
Kunj enters Taneja’s Mansion…..
K – Ma….Granny….Twinkle….
P – What happen jiju???
K – Hey pretty woman I have brought papdi chat for you all…
P (Excited) – PAPDIII CHAAAATTT!!!!! Thank you so much jiju….
Payel hurriedly went to Kunj and took the packet from him and went to the kitchen…..
Twinkle, Meera and Leela also come down….
L – What happen Puttar????
Kunj comes towards them hold them by their waist and take them to the dining table and make them sit comfortably….
L – But puttar….
K – Ma… shshsh have some patient….
Everyone smiles….. Payel comes there with Papdi chat served neatly on the plate….
Everyone – PAPDI CHAT!!!! (Smiles and their mouth get watery)
K – Yes this is surprise from me before going to Kolkata (Smiles)
Kunj serves everyone…. Meera makes him eat from her hand…. Twinkle is gazing Kunj lovingly and she is falling more and more for Kunj but she is unknown to this feeling…..
After a while….
K – Siyappa Queen if you are ready then we should leave….
T – Don’t say this to me… I’m not Siyappa Queen…
Everyone smiles….
K – You are my Siyappa Queen…
And he runs from there…Twinkle is also behind him…She was running when someone behind the pillar pulls her….
Twinkle shows her fake anger to him…. and yes he is none other than Kunj….
K – I love you Siyappa Queen….
T – But I don’t love you Khadoos Sarna…..
Kunj becomes sad and leave her…..Twinkle was shocked at his behavior but then she smile and keeps her hand around his neck and moves towards him….This time Kunj was shocked at her behavior….his heart starts to beat very fast….
Twinkle goes near his ears and in a slow and sensuous voice….
T (Slow and sensuous voice) – I
You Mr. Khadoos Sarna……
Kunj was all shocked and stand like a statue in front of her and Twinkle smiles at his reaction….his mouth gets open in amazement as he was waiting for a long time to hear three magical words from his lady love……Twinkle closes his mouth and pinch him hard…..
K – Ouch…..
Twinkle laughs…..
Kunj forwards his hand towards Twinkle’s face to feel and makes himself belief that whatever happened just now was real….
Before he could realize the truth…Twinkle gave him another shock…..
Kunj’s lip was interlocked with another soft lip which made his eyes pop out…..
After realizing that whatever is happening was in reality and not his imagination he was very happy and responded back….
They had a long and passionate love kiss……
After a while they break their kiss and now both of them were breathing very heavily…..
Twinkle was about to run from there as she was very shy but before she could run from there Kunj holds her hand and pull her back to him making her hand land on his chest and her eyes gets closed…..Kunj holds her waist and pulls her more closer towards himself…. He kissed her eyes and she opens her eyes slowly…..
K – Why Twinkle you took so much time just to say three small words…. (Making puppy face) You know for how many days I was waiting for listening to these magical words…..
T – Awww….. My would be husband
The word “Husband” echos in his ears which made Kunj to blush….
She wrapped her hand around his neck….
T (Smiling) – Awww Kunj you are blushing…..and by the way you should be happy that I confessed it today only as I thought to confess on our special day……
Kunj hugs her…
K – Thank you so much Twinkle for making my night best…..
Someone is watching them and coughs…. Cough makes Twinj to break their hug and both of them compose themselves…..
T – Payel…..
K (In a low voice) – Saali log humesha galat time mein hi kyun padhaarti hai???
(Why sister-in-law does come in wrong time only)
P (Laughs) – Jiju I have come in right time only… hehehehehe If I would had not interrupted you then today for sure you guys would have missed you flight…. hehehehehehe
Kunj was hell embarrassed and hr could only smile at her…. Twinkle was also trying hard to control her laughter…..
P – Let’s go or else Ma and s*xy will also come and you guys have to answer them…. (Laugh)
Kunj takes her luggage and they left Taneja’s Mansion….
They reached the airport on time and boards to airbus….
Kunj was about to go inside and sit near the window seat but was stopped by Twinkle as she remembered her last journey….
A man leaned on Twinkle and she replied him back by slapping him and splashing juice on him….
Flashback ends………….
T – Kunj please let me sit inside….
K – Are you ok?? You are scared of height that is why last time you sat in the middle….
T (Sweating) – Yes…. I’m fine…..what happened to me…. I’m perfectly fine….
Kunj can feel her uneasiness so he holds her from her shoulder and politely asked…
K – Twinkle; please tell me why you want to sit over there??? You know me very well I’ll not leave you until you tell me the truth….
Twinkle after sometime spills out the whole incident which made Kunj furious but he controls himself and hugs her very tightly…..
K (Red eyes) – I’m sorry Twinkle I was unable to protect you from him….
T – Shshshsh Kunj calm down… that was not your fault and you know what whenever I’m with you I feel safe….
Each and every words of Twinkle was helping Kunj to calm down….Kunj enquired Hostess about the extra seat and he changed the seat of the man who was sitting with them and this man also agreed with him….
Kunj and Twinkle only sat in that row….Kunj holds Twinkle from her shoulder and after sometime Twinkle falls asleep and her head lands on Kunj’s chest…. After sometime Kunj also slept keeping his on her head……
Finally they reached Kolkata – The City of Joy…….
Both of them stayed at Hotel Hindustan International (HHI)
Both of them went to receptionist….
K – We want 2 rooms for a week…
T – Sorry we need only one room….
Kunj looks at Twinkle (With our fav one eyebrow up look)
T – What????
Kunj goes near Twinkle’s ear and in a low voice…
K – Twinkle; control yourself…after one month I’ll all be yours…
Twinkle slowly beats on his shoulder…..
The episode ends on Twinkle’s angry face and Kunj’s smiling face……
………….- 38th EPISODE ends -………….
PRECAP – Twinkle slaps Kunj…..
I hope you all are enjoying the episode……
Once again thank you so much for reading and commenting…..
Be happy and smile always……
Hey friend if you think right then please tell me your city and country so that I’ll try to bring Twinj in that state…as you all know they organize event so they have to go to different places then why not your places….. 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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