Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 37

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Hey Ria thank you…I know you might be thinking why I’m saying like this actually what you reply back in your ff “I Love You” – A Twinj journey…brought a big smile in my face…actually yesterday I was very sad because I thought something and it didn’t go with my expectation and I thought to quit writing but your words really healed my wounds THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a big appreciation….I know I should reply back in your comment but I thought maybe these word would not reached to you so I wrote over here only and once again thanks for cheering me up and motivating me to write today’s episode….luv you 🙂
Hey Romaisah thanks to you also because yesterday’s comment was a big achievement for a non writer like me…..
Hey Sayeeda, what to say to you because your every comment bring a big smile on my lips…..you always make me blush….thank you so much….I don’t know it’s my talent or not but I like to play with creativity and it doesn’t matter what the field is because I want to do many things in my small life as I don’t know when my heart beat will stop but one of the most important thing I want to do in my life is to make my parent proud of me…..
Hey Krystal, if you’re reading it then plz do update ur ff….actually I read your “love in enmity can it happen” but as I was late so I didn’t comment…..And if you don’t mind can I say something….if you say yes then only I’ll say….
So let’s begin the Sidmin’s show….

The episode starts with Twinkle holding her head and crying bitterly……
Kunj comes and sits beside Twinkle and hold her by waist and from other hand he removes her hair and kissed on her neck and says….
K (Romantically) – Good morning my love……
T (Teary eyes) – Kunj, what happened yesterday night????
K (Controlling his laughter and romantically) – Twinkle yesterday night…. (Acts to blush)
T (Keenly) – Yesterday night…..
K – Twinkle I’m feeling shy to say what happen between us….. (Blush)
Twinkle becomes very upset and holds his collar….
T (Tears rolling on her cheeks) – Kunj please tell me what happened between us last night???
And she breaks down……
K (Tensed) – Twinkle….Twinkle….. please calm down nothing happened between us….I was just playing prank on you….please stop crying…. actually last night we got drunk so we didn’t left this place as it was dangerous…. please stop crying…. please….
Twinkle starts beating him…..
T (Teary eyes) – Why Kunj??? Why have you done like this????
Kunj holds her hand and pulls her toward himself….
K – Twinkle Shshshsh……
Both of them place their head against each other…..
K – Twinkle I’ll never do anything against your wish ever……
Now Twinkle eyes get teary listening to Kunj’s word and she immediately hugs him….. (Ban jogan main nach loon plays in BG)
K – I think we should leave else your family may think wrong and I don’t want anyone points finger on you…..
He breaks the hug and wipes her tears…..
He leaves and Twinkle get freshen up…….
They both reached Taneja’s mansion…..
Twinkle again went back to her room from balcony…..

Next Scene
Kunj is busy on his laptop when he got some mail….He checked it and had a bright smile on his face……He calls Twinkle….
K – Hello Twinkle….
T (Sleepy tone) – Hello Kunj…
K –Twinkle tu abhi tak so rahi hai….sab theek hai na??
(Twinkle you are sleeping at this time…is everything ok…?)
T – Yah I’m fine. You don’t worry…and by the way kabhi kabhi der tak sona chahiye sehat k liye achcha hota hai….
(Sometime we should sleep till late as it is good for health)
K (Thinks) – Haaye meri Siyappa Queen!!!
K – Achcha listen Mr. Sanjeev Goenka one of the known businessman of Kolkata son is going to be engaged day after tomorrow so he approached us for their son’s engagement party….
T (Excited) – Really….
K – Yup… So pack your dress we’re going tonight and yah we’ll be there for a week….
T – What for a week???
K – Yes…Do you have any problem???
T – I don’t have any problem but ma….
K – You don’t worry about that I’ll manage everything….
T – Ok fine then meet you tonight….
K – Yup…
T – Bye Kunj…
K – By Twinkle….
They end the call…..

Next Scene
Kunj went to Bebe’s room….He knock the door….
B – Come in…
Kunj enters….
B – Kunj puttar (Smiles)
K – Bebe I want a favor from you…
B – What favor puttar???
K – Bebe actually we got an assignment for wedding planning…
B – Great Puttar, but what you want from me…
K – Actually Bebe I want to spend some time with Twinkle so I thought that we extend our trip for a week…
B – But puttar you are also going to engage after 9 days and we have to do shopping for both of you….
K – For shopping you don’t worry because we can shop over there as well but the main problem is that how to convince Leela ma…
B (Smile and rubbing her hand against his hair) – Don’t worry I’ll convince her…
K (Smiles brightly) – Really Bebe…I love you bebe…
He hugs her and gives a peck on her cheeks….
He leaves from there…..
Bebe calls Leela….
L – Hello Bebe…
B – Hello Leela Ji….aap kaise ho?? (How are you??)
L – Sab changa… (Everything is fine)
B – Maine aapko Kunj aur Twinkle ke waaste phone kiya hai….
(I called you to talk about Kunj and Twinkle)
L (Surprised) – Kunj and Twinkle…
B – Yes…actually I was thinking that both of them are going for a business trip. Why don’t we extend their trip…It’ll be better for them to understand each other…what say???
L – But Bebe they are going to be engage after 9 days and if they don’t come earlier then how we’ll do shopping???
B – Don’t worry about that…they’ll shop from there only…
L – Ok Bebe….
Bebe (Smile) – Then I’m telling Kunj to extend their trip….Rab rakha…
L – Rab Rakha…

Next Scene
Bebe went to Kunj’s room and he was busy in making presentation….
B – Kunj puttar…
K – Yes Bebe…
B (Teasingly and making sad face) – Puttar…. Leela Ji…..
K (Sadly) – She didn’t agree…
B – Let me tell….Actually puttar Leela gave her confirmation…
K (Super Excited) – Seriously….
He walks towards Bebe and hug her tightly….
K – Thank you… thank you….thank you…. Bebe
He gave peck on her cheeks and went to book flight for them….
Bebe leaves from there….
Kunj is in the balcony….
K – Hello Twinkle
T – Yes Kunj…
K – Be ready I’ll be coming at 8:00pm and yah your mom gave the permission for a week trip……
T – Really (Smiles)
K – Yup….

The episode ends on Twinj smiling faces……..

…………….-37th EPISODE ends -…………….

PRECAP – Twinj in the city of joy…..

I hope you guys enjoyed the episode…..
Thank for reading and please do comment and shower your love like always you do………..
Be happy and keep smiling………
Sorry for short update but it was necessary to end the episode over here…………

Credit to: Shamz


  1. Well, I was born in kolkata….i live in Kanpur though…..i can’t wait to read about Kolkata…..thanku so much Shamz!!!

  2. Rashi

    Wow…..awesome episode….shamz wow…pehle Mumbai and now Kolkata….hame poora India ghuma De….loved it….

  3. Sayeeda

    Shamz I don’t know what reason made u upset that u thought to quit writing but u won’t did it ….that’s really good as we can’t see u to leave us. And yah may Allah bless u wid a long healthy nd prosperous life nd I will pray to Allah that u reach the sky nd shine like a Sirius ( brightest star in earth’s night sky) in ur parent’s life …continue writing like this only ….we all love u nd their to support u ….All the best..

  4. Krystal

    shamzz yaar m dying to listen what u want to say yaar plssss reply me back epi was toh as usual awwssuumm n yeah u r the only writer i think who posts on tym n in a vry short span of tym uh completed 37 episode love uh n plssss do say wht uh want to

  5. Regular writer haan………………very nice writing………awesome………..ur a fabulas writer…..keep writing………next part asap

  6. Keerthana

    Hey shamz don’t get upset yaar… There will be critics for every piece of work… Even William Shakespeare had critics for few of his novels… Despite having negative comments he still continued his work.. In the same way u too continue ur ff… There r many lovers to this ff… Hope u don’t end this story and be strong and continue writing and posting… We will support u shamz…..

  7. tara

    hey shamz… what an episode.. m excited to read about my city… lets see how u portray it.. post as as possible..
    idk what happened to u..bt plzz dnt get sad..we love ur ff..nd love u too

  8. dreamer

    Yes really Shamz….u urself donno how superb writer u r.
    I m really glad that u didn’t stopped writing bcoz I m addicted to it.
    4 whatever reason u were sad….idk..but remember always sadness and unhappiness r 4 sumtime….today It didn’t was as per your expectations but 2morro it surely will be.., , have faith.
    And u dare not stop writing bcoz v luv it . Don’t b sad
    Anyhow I m very happy that u didn’t stop.
    Luved the epi.
    Ctd asap and be hopeful, happy and….

  9. Ria

    I really don’t know what made you so upset but, please don’t stop writing. I love your ff a lot. And, since you’re my inspiration and yous stop writing then might be I also will discontinue my ff. I’m really glad that my comment made up your mood. And, you can always reply back to my comments on my ff. I always check all the comments and reply back to them as I really want to know how I’m going. The episode was very nice and cute.
    And, if you wish to you can read the third chapter of my ff. I’ve uploaded it.

    • Krystal

      hey pali plssss post ur ff asap yaar m really waiting for it plssss post asap yaar plsss

    • pali

      hey krystal and tamanna ..yes guys soon u willsee an update frm my syd till cmng mondy so stay tuned..love u all..missd this really 🙂

  10. Sheena

    Hey Shamz I don’t know what made you so upset but plz don’t stop writing your ff as we all are addicted to your ff….please don’t stop it….
    Love u as well as your ff…..

  11. Romaisah

    Am gonna shower my love y does ur ff always make me smile?? Yaar gr8 epi can’t wait for the next one sry for comemtinf so late btw

  12. Cutie pie

    Sry for reading late as i was bsy nyc part bt lil short bts its fyn excited 4 nxt part posst soon yea i ll comment 2morrow early as its sunday i ll read n commnent fst bt plzzzzzz post

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