Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 30

Hello friends welcome back to Siddhant’s Tashan e world…….
I hope you guys are enjoying it…………
Thank you so much for your comments…..
Today I’m really happy as my parent are going to complete 27yrs of bonding and today’s date is also 27th….and I’m sad as well becoz today we are going to see Sidmin for the last time…
Thank you so much Kunali, Keerthana, Panchi, Rashi, Lama, Riya, Cutiepie, Zikra, Dreamer, Mitali, Tara, Anushka, NRK, Sam, Jaya, Srija, Romaisah, Fiona, Sheena and all the silent readers also…..
Hey Cutiepie thanks for explaining me all again…..
Hey Fiona you’re already my friend and don’t know how much but I’m very attached to you all….
Nowadays I’m more on laptop to bank episodes so that I can upload next epi on time…..
So let’s begin the Siddhant’s show…..
The episode starts with Twinj hugging each other….
K – Twinkle will you like to have a cup of coffee with me????
Twinkle breaking the hug….
T – Do you want to take me for a date???
K (In a low voice) – Something like that….
K – Let’s go….
They went for a coffee date…..
Twinj are sitting on the back seat of the car when Kunj spot flower shop on the road….
K – Driver ji please stop the car.
Driver stops the car and he gets out of the car and went to the shop…..and he bought a bouquet of red roses covered with rice paper and tied with a big bow…..
After sometime he heads towards the car and Twinkle was busy in her mobile so she didn’t see that Kunj had brought roses….Kunj gets inside the car……
K – Twinkle….
T (Still busy with her mobile) – Hmmm
K – May I have an honor to give you these beautiful roses bouquet to a beautiful lady on the earth…..?
Twinkle looks at Kunj and the bouquet…..she smiles
T – Of course I would love to have these beautiful roses…..
Twinj smiles at each other…..
Finally Twinj reached café
Twinj sat and ordered….
K (To waiter) – Excuse me plz bring 2 cold coffees with brownie and ice-cream on the top…..
Twinkle looks at him….
T (Self talk) – He remembered my favourite coffee…. I think he is perfect for me…..
She is lost in her thoughts when Kunj interrupts his thoughts….
K – Twinkle do you want anything else also???
Twinkle nods in NO whereas Kunj smiles at her…..
Kunj’s phone’s ring…..
K – Twinkle I’m coming in a min….
T – Yah sure….
Kunj went from there…..then only 2 cheapsters enter the café….They went near the Twinkle and sat near her…
One of the cheapster…..
Chpstr1 – Oh hello s*xy….why are you sitting alone join us….we are great company….
Twinkle ignores them but they crossed their limits one of them gave her flying kiss and other went to her and holds her hand and pulls her toward himself…..Twinkle kicks him on his mp….
Chpstr2 – Ahhhhhh
Chpstr2 falls on the ground in great pain…..Chpstr1 comes near her and twists her hand….
T – Ahhhhh
Then only someone holds chpstr1 hand and pulls him and punch hard on his face making him land on the ground…..and he was none other than our Kunj (Siddhant Gupta)…… Kunj starts to beat him as if he’ll stop his breathe forever……Twinkle was now tensed looking at infuriated Kunj…..she runs towards him and holds his hand to stop him….if he would have punch him once more then maybe that would be his last breathe in this world…..
T – Kunjjjjjj plz stop…..
Kunj looks at her….his eyes were red in anger….his grip on that man loosens and the man tries his hard and runs from their as his companion ran away looking at Kunj’s furious sight…..
Kunj was breathing heavily in anger…..Twinkle was tensed as how to calm him down and she struck with some idea and smirks….she moves towards Kunj and hug him tightly…..Kunj was standing numbed over there but after sometime he also reciprocates……. Twinkle smiles at his response….
T (While hugging) – So Mr. Kunj Sarna you are greater fighter I must say….the way you punch and thrash that loser I think next time he will think twice sorry sorry not twice but hundred times before harassing any lady…..
Now Kunj had calm down and breaks the hug…..he cups her face and lovingly…
K – Are you ok???
Twinkle smiles and nods in yes at him…..
Waiter comes with coffee in his hand…..
W – Sir, coffee
Kunj anger again crossed the limit seeing the waiter…..
K (Angrily) – How could you allow despicable men at your café??? And above that you all were standing over here and staring at her (Pointing towards Twinkle) being harassed…..be a man
Kunj holds Twinkle’s and took her from there…..
Both of them sitting on the car and didn’t utter a single word…..after sometime Twinkle breaks the silence
T – Driver ji stop the car
Driver stop the car in a jerk bringing Kunj out of his thought….
K – Driver ji, why did you stop the car????
D – Ma’am told to stop the car…
Kunj looks at Twinkle…..
T – Get out of the car….
K (Confused) – But why??? Is everything ok???
T – I said get out of the car….
Kunj gets out of the car without uttering a single word followed by Twinkle….she holds his hand and drags him to candy floss vendor….
T – Bhaiya one candy floss please…..
Vendor gave her pink colored candy floss
T – Bhaiya, give white one (Looking at Kunj) as we need white one…..
K (Coldly) – If you are done then we should leave…..
Twinkle gives a peck on his cheeks making Kunj shocked as he never thought she will kiss him and too in a public place….he smiles
T – Thank God you smiled….I thought whole day I’ve bear your Kharoos Sarna look….. (Smiles)
Kunj smiles back…..
K – I think we should leave now……
T – Yup (While having white candy floss)
Twinkle forwards candy towards Kunj but he nods in no…Twinkle forcefully makes him eat…..
T – Kunj….
K – Hmmm….
T – Our hotel is in walking distance if you don’t mind can we walk till our hotel….
K (Smiles) – Ok
Twinj while walking (Holding each other’s hand)……
K – Twinkle you are a great company….whenever I’m with you I feel relaxed and especially your smile is stress relief tablet for me….keep smiling always as I can’t see you in pain….
Twinkle blushes….
K – You look more beautiful when you blush like this…..
Now Twinkle blushes badly……
Both of them reached the hotel……
K – Twinkle; pack your back as we have to leave in an hour as flight has been proponed…..
T – Whaatttt….
She runs here and there to gather all her belongings so that she can pack her bag on time……
K – You pack your belongings. I’m coming in a min….
T – Ok….
Twinkle while packing eyes Kunj’s T-shirt left unpacked….she went near it and looks here and there to see whether Kunj has come or not….and then slowly she picks it up and smells it and kiss on it….she hurriedly kept it in her bag……as she keeps his T–Shirt in her bag Kunj also enters the room…..Twinkle was sweating thinking that is he saw his T-shirt or not…..Kunj went near her and sit beside her…..
K – What happen??? Why are you sweating????
He cups her face and says…..
K – Twinkle; please flush out all your bad memory from your mind and start fresh….. (Smiles)
Twinkle also smiles back but not only for his words but because she was not caught…..
T – Kunj….
K – Hmmm
T – Thank you…..
Kunj looks at her with our fav one eyebrow up look…..
T – For everything……
K (Smiles) – Is your packing done????
T – Yup…..
K – We should leave…..
Twinj check out from there…..
Twinj reached Amritsar heads towards Taneja’s Mansion…..
Taneja’s Mansion
Twinj reached Taneja’s Mansion and went inside the house…..Meera comes and hugs her tightly and tears were rushing out of his eyes as she was unable to control it….
M – How are you beta???
Twinkle breaking the hug….
T – I’m fine s*xy….when Kunj is with me I don’t need to fear…
Kunj smiles listening to her words…..Meera comes near him and kissed on his forehead……
M – Kunj puttar if you can bring your family tomorrow then we can have a talk on your weddings……
K – Ok granny….
Kunj left…….
Screen freezes on Kunj leaving and Twinkle eyeing him lovingly….
…………….- 30th EPISODE ends-…………….
PRECAP – cute thoughts of twinj….
I hope you guys are enjoying……
Thank you so much for your love and support…..
I hope that my ff Kunj helps you to imagine Sid and bring smile on your face….. I promise that I’ll try my level best to write all those stuff what we want from Twinj but not happened so that we can atleast imagine him with Twinkle and be happy……

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    Coming to episode it is as awesome as always d more I read the more I become crazy to know what will happen next…. love it…

    1. And yah wishing ur parents a Happy anniversary ….may they always stay happy forever ….nd plzzz thank them from my side to give us a awesome ff writer nd a good human being too nd congrats to u for completing 30 episodes ….wish it completes infinite episodes….

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  14. shamz there is no place for sorry and thank u in friendship so don’t u dare to say sorry to me again

    episode was marvellous and i am also feeling two emotions
    sad as sidhant sir is leaving tei
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