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So let’s begin the show………
The episode starts with Twinj meeting Aayat….
Aayat hugs Twinkle….
A (Happily) – Hey how are you???
T – Good yaar…after so many years we are meeting….since you shifted here you just forget us….
A – No yaar it’s nothing like that…..actually I’m really busy with my architecture studies and you know it takes 5 year from you and I don’t have time for family also….my mum always complain me for that and says that I have made her house hotel as I eat and sleep only whenever I get some time for myself…..
Twinkle laughs…
T – Oh I’m so sorry….meet my friend and business associate Mr. Kunj Sarna….
K – Hello….And forwards his hand towards her
A – Hello…..and she shakes hand with him
A – Hey both of you are going to stay with me….
T – I’m so sorry yaar we won’t be able to stay with you as we will be staying near Mr. Chadda mansion as it will be easier for us to travel and you know that in Mumbai distance are so long….
A – This time I spare you but next time you guys are going to stay at my place….
T – Yup…..
A – Okay I’ll leave you till your hotel….
Twinj and Aayat reached hotel….
Twinj – We need two rooms.

Receptionist checks on her desktop….
R – Sorry sir we don’t have any rooms but we have only one honeymoon suite left….as you know this is wedding season as well as holidays…..
Twinj are very tensed….
K – What to do now???
T – I think we should check another hotel…
A – There is no other hotel nearby….there is one hotel nearby but it is very cheap and that will take two hours for you to come…
T – I think we should book honeymoon suit before someone else books it…
K – Fine if you don’t have any problem….
T – Please book honeymoon suite for us….
R – Ok ma’am.
A – I think I should leave and you guys take some rest….call me if you guys need any help….
T – Thanks yaar…… and she hugs her
A – Plz yaar don’t do such formalities…

Twinj took the keys and proceed towards their room….
Twinj opens the door…..the camera shows the room….
The room was fully decorated with red and pink roses….the bed has red curtain and on the bed heart was made with rose petals and two swans kissing each other with towel…..side table have bowl with aromatic water and rose petals on it……and everywhere there were candles lit making whole environment romantic………….
H. Staff – This one is our best honeymoon suite……have a haapy married life….and he smiles and left from there before Twinj could say anything…..
K – I think we should rest and I’m really tired….
He went to the couch and lays on it whereas Twinkle was sitting on the bed when Kunj notice little torn on her sleeve and have blood stain on it…….he gets up and went near Twinkle….
K (Panicked) – Twinkle what happened to your hand???
Twinkle sees her hand and remembers what happened with her and tears dropped from her eyes….
Kunj was tensed now and he immediately sits beside her and cups her face from one hand and wipes her tear from other….
K – Twinkle will you please tell me what happened to you I’m really tensed…
T – Nothing…actually I went to washroom and got hurt with door…..
Kunj goes near drawer and took out an ointment and starts to apply on her hand….
T (Staring Kunj with teary eyes) – Kunj is so caring….whenever I’m in pain he just comes and takes me out from all the sufferings…don’t know but whenever he is near me I feel safe and happy…..
K – Done….and be careful next time…. (Smiles)

Twinj wake up and get ready for their meeting with Mr. Chadda.
Chadda’s Mansion
Twinj went inside Chadda’s Mansion….the house had combination of retro as well as modern look….and it was beautifully decorated with antique paintings and sculptures……
Chadda – Hello Mr. Sarna and Ms. Taneja…
Twinj – Hello Mr. Chadda
C – Please have a seat….
Twinj sit on the sofa….
C – I want all the functions to be done here from my house only….and yah I want the combination of Indian and Christianity traditions as groom are Christians
Twinj – Ok sir….and if you don’t mind can we see your house so that it’ll be easier for us to plan….
C – Yah sure. Go on….I want my daughter’s wedding to be the best wedding……
Twinj – Yes sir.
C – Plz call me Mr. Chadda….
Twinj went to see their house…..
Twinj are walking on the corridor when Twinkle’s leg slipped and was about to fall when Kunj holds her on time….
Twinkle is on his arms and she is lost in her thoughts……
T (Thinks) – Why Kunj you always come to save me from everyone….whenever I lost balance of my life you just save me….I don’t know what’s happening with me as I never felt like this with anyone….I feel some connection with you…..
Kunj is staring at her lovingly…..
K (Thinks) – I want this time to stop over here…..I want you in my arms always….Twinkle you don’t know how much I love you…I promise that from now onward I’ll never let you get hurt…..I love you Twinkle…..

Both of them are lost in each other thoughts and forget where they were…..
A girl comes over there and smiles seeing them in that position….
Girl – Soooo romantic I wish Stefan also holds me like him whenever I lose my balance…..
The girl coughs and Twinj comes out of their thoughts and composes themselves….
Girl – Hello I’m Sana Chadda
Twinj – Hello I’m Twinkle/Kunj.
S – You guys look so cute together….
Twinkle smiles from inside….
K (Keeping stone on his heart) – We are just friends…..
Twinkle doesn’t know why she gets upset when Kunj told that they were just friends….
Twinj – We are your wedding planner and if you want anything special in your wedding then please tell us so that we make sure that it is present…. (Smiles)
S – I don’t have any special preference but yes I want my wedding attire to be best and co-ordinate with Stefan (Blushes)
Twinj also smiles looking her blushing….
Next scene
A man calls someone and tells….
M – Hello ma’am Twinkle Taneja is in Mumbai for some business work and Kunj Sarna is also with her….
The man cuts the call…..
Kunj is making understands to workers as how to decorate and Twinkle eyes him lovingly and walking and didn’t see one stairs and falls down….
T – Aaahhhh
Kunj hears her voice and runs towards her and makes her stand…
K – Twinkle; are you Ok….what happened to you…where is your mind haan??? I’m noticing that you are lost somewhere. Is anything bothering you then plz tell me I can’t see you in pain….
T (Innocently) – Why you can’t see me in pain???
K – Because I lo…I mean I’m your friend and I can’t see my friend in any pain….
He picks her up in his arms and proceed towards room….he takes her inside the room and keeps her on bed and twist her ankle as it got sprained….
K – You rest over here…
T – But…..
K – No but…I’m the boss so it’s my order that today you won’t work and rest only….
T – But Kun….
Kunj puts his finger on her lips
K – Shshshsh….I don’t want to hear anything….you just rest over here….
Kunj shut the door and leaves from there and Twinkle smiles seeing his caring nature towards her….
The episode ends on Twinkle’s face…….

………- 26th EPISODE ends -……….

PRECAP – Wedding celebration and mysterious man….

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Credit to: Shamz

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