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Hey Sheena thanks for your concern but I think that if I’m writing on a social site then my techniques as well as writing will be copied and I’m used to it becoz my innovation were always copied by my classmates or neighbours and seriously I’m happy that someone copied my style and scene as these shows that my ff is really different from others….and I’m glad that for the first time you commented on any ff and that too on my ff……I’m really overwhelmed….. 🙂 🙂
Recap – Priya’s wedding celebration and Kunj realisation of love for Twinkle…Twinkle’s to be engage to Yuvi but due to accident he died…Twinkle is in the hospital and very serious and she was almost dead but Kunj’s love brought her back to life and twinj went for a street food date….
Hey Sidmin(Twinj) I would say that you should read the episodes as you’ll love it as there are many cute and intense twinj scene and maybe you read my 20th episode last…you can Google it written update of Tashan E Deewanagi epi 21 and further…. 🙂 🙂
So let’s begin the show…..

The episode starts with Twinj staring each other…..
K – I think we should change or else we’ll fall ill
T – Hmmm
Both of them went on opp. direction to change their dress…..
After sometime Twinkle has changed her dress but Kunj was busy trying to wear lungi (Fiends he was NY return so he never wear lungi in his life)….
As she changed her dress she turns towards Kunj and saw him struggling with lungi……
T – May I help you??
Kunj turns and looks at her for a while and starts to laugh….
K – (Laugh) tum….you’ll help me haan…. (Laughs)
T(Attitude) –What do you think that I won’t be able to do I’m Miss Twinkle Taneja I can do anything Mr. Kunj Sarna…..
K – Pehle khud to seedhi kapda pehen lo….
Twinkle looks at her dress….she was wearing inside out….
Both of them start to laugh as both of them wearing dress in a funny way….after a while she wears her dress properly and goes near Kunj….and he was moving back….
T – Kunj why are you moving back???
K (Lost in her) – Kyu ki tum aage aa rahi ho…
T – Ok main rukh gayi ab tum bhi rukh jao…
He stands still looking her in dim light….
Twinkle takes lungi from him and ties it properly….
T – Done.
Kunj looks at his lungi and smiles….
K – Let’s take some selfie….
Both of them took some selfie…….
Kunj crossed his hand and stand with a gap btwn his feet….
K – Twinkle meri ek pic aisi pic lo…
Twinkle took her pic….
T – Kunj…
K – Hmmm (Busy in checking his pics….)
T – Kunj ek hi bed hai aur sofa yah mat bhi nae hai….
K – No problem we’ll share our bed……
Twinkle widens her eyes listening to his word….and soon Kunj also realized what he just said….
K – I mean you sleep on the bed….and by the way I’m not sleepy….
Kunj was about to go out of the room when Twinkle holds his hand….he surprisingly looks at her….
T – Kunj you can sleep on bed with me…
Kunj was shocked hearing her….
K – Twinkle tu kya bol rahi hai tujhe pata bhi hai….
T – Kunj I mean….
K – You mean???
T – Mera sir aur tumhara pair (Leg) and mera pair……
So they slept in opp. direction….
T (Smiles) – GN Kunj…..
K (Smiles) – GN Twinkle….
Both of them are sleeping….Kunj was looking so cute while sleeping that sun was also unable to resist himself to kiss him in the form of his rays….Kunj wakes up because of sun…..He stretches his arms and sits on bed and looks at Twinkle….
K (Thinks) – Twinkle tu humesha itni cute kaise lag sakti hain….jab bhi main tujhe dekhta hoon meri life ki aadhi problem khatam ho jati hai…..main wada karta hoon ek din tu bhi mere liye aise hi feel karegi….main bhi Kunj Sarna hoon most eligible bachelor of India…. (Smiles)
The lady enters room and sees Kunj staring Twinkle while she is sleeping peacefully….She coughs and Kunj comes back to reality….
M.W – Beta I brought breakfast for both of you….
K – Thanks Aunty…
Twinkle also wakes up…..
T – Good morning….
Both of them have their breakfast and leaves from there…..
Twinj went to Taneja’s Mansion…..
Twinj enters Taneja’s mansion…
L – Twinkle puttar where were you last night…..
K & T – Maa actually our car get stucked so we had to take shelter in nearby house….
L (Smiles) – Koi nahi puttar….Kunj puttar jab tak Twinkle ke saath hai mujhe koi chinta nahi hai….mujhe pura vishwaas hai Kunj puttar par…… (While she says this she runs her hand on Kunj’s face)
Kunj smiles and holds her hand…..
K – I won’t break your trust ever…..
Leela kisses his forehead…..
K – I think I should leave now…..
He went from there……
Kunj is reading some documents when his mobile beeps…..He goes and checks it and was shocked to see….he hurriedly called someone…..
K – Hello, Twinkle….
T – Yah Kunj, what happen why are you so tensed….
K – Twinkle Mr. Chadda
T – Mr. Chadda????
K – Twinkle tu bhool gayi hume abhi Mumbai jana hoga Mr. Chadda ke paas unki beti ki shaadi ka saara arrangement toh hume hi karna tha…
T – Oh shit….main to puri tarah se bhool hi gayi thi…. (Panicked) Kunj maine toh packing bhi abhi tak nahi ki hai aur Mumbai ki flight toh din ki hoti hai….
K – Relax Twinkle…..rahi baat kapde ki hum wahi khareed lenge….tum jaldi se taiyyaar ho jao….aur haan maine flight ki ticket book kar di hain….
T – Kitni baje ki flight hai???
K – 2:00 PM
T – Whaatttt…..Kunj just two hours are left….
K – Haan Miss Siyappa Queen…you get ready and I’ll pick you up in 20 min.
Kunj reached Taneja’s Mansion and went inside…..
L – Kunj puttar….you here….
K – Yes maa actually we have to leave for Mumbai now only……
L – But why puttar?????
K – Maa Mr. Chadda gave us his daughter’s wedding contract to us….
L – Ok beta. Take care of yourself and of Twinkle also….
K – Yah sure aunty (Smiles)
Twinkle comes down wearing pink crop top and high waist black jeans and yah she was wearing scarf on her neck….leaving her hair untie….
T – Let’s go…..
Kunj is sitting on the window seat and Twinkle beside him and after her a man wearing floral print shirt and gold chain was sitting….
Twinj were reading magazine and the man beside Twinkle was eyeing her dirtily…..though Twinkle was feeling uncomfortable but ignored him… but as Kunj went to a washroom the man started to lean on her who wakes Twinkle’s bold nature and she stands up in anger……
T – Bhaiya what is your problem haan???? Didn’t you have mother-sister at your home???
Man – Yes I do have mother – sister but I don’t have wife in my house…. (Laughs)
Twinkle was fully frustrated and her anger crossed the limit….
T – Oh really you don’t have wife…..
She gives him a big tight slap on his face and the voice was so loud that everyone turns to see what the matter is and she threw juice on him……
T – Next time think twice to tease any girl….
Everyone stands up and claps for Twinkle’s courage….the man was hell angry….
Man (Thinks) – You have done very wrong and now you have to pay for it….
Some air host came and changed his place….
Kunj comes back and was unaware of all this and Twinkle also behaved normally like nothing had happened as she didn’t want Kunj to know about all this….
The flights land in Mumbai airport…..
Twinj are walking on the airport….
K – Twinkle I always wanted to visit this place but always something happened and I was unable to come here and finally today I’m here….
Twinj smiles………
K – Twinkle you wait over here…. I’m coming in a min taking our luggage from luggage counter….
Twinkle was standing alone….
The camera is showing someone legs approaching towards Twinkle and cups her mouth and drags her to an empty room and threw her on the ground…
T – Aaahhhh…..
Twinkle turns and was shocked to see someone and he was the same person who was misbehaving with her…..
Man – So now tell me what were you saying haan….?
The man approaches towards her and lean on her….Twinkle gives a punch on his nose… (According to some trainers nose is very delicate area if you punch hard on it….it’ll gives long lasting effects….)
Man – Aaaahhhh….
Man sits on the ground holding his nose…..Twinkle stands up and opens her sandal and keeps on her scarf and starts to beat him with all his energy and then she finds glass cold drink bottle on the table and breaks it on his head and ran from there and locked the door from outside….She runs as fast as she could and went back to same place where she was standing…..
Kunj arrives there with his suitcase…..
K – Twinkle why are you sweating???
T – Actually it’s too hot that is why….and she starts fanning herself with her hand….
Kunj gives her one eyebrow look….
T – Whatttt….
K – Did I say anything???
T – But you are staring at me like this as if….
K – As if???
T – Nothing…let’s go Aayat must be waiting for us…
K – Who is Aayat???
T – She is my childhood friend…now let’s go and enquire everything later on….
Twinj went out of airport….
A girl waves her hand towards twinj….
T – Here she is…
Twinj meets Aayat…..
The episode ends on Twinj and Aayat……
………- 25th Episode ends -……….
PRECAP – Twinj went to a hotel and something happens……
I hope you guys are enjoying it……..
Friends plz do comment on Twinkle’s fight as I want to know did you guys liked it…..as I just wants to give tribute to every girl who fights against harassment and gives courage other women who scares to voice against all this……
I would request my silent readers also plz do comment on today’s episode…..
Love you all……………
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