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The episode starts with Kunj lying unconscious on the bed after a while he regains consciousness and utter “TWINKLE”. He open his eyes and finds himself on the bed….He tries to get up but he was unable to get up as he was very weak but he again tries to get up then only nurse gets in…
N – Sir what are you doing please don’t get up as you are very weak and you need some rest…
She holds him and tries to make him sleep but Kunj jerks her hand off and says
K – I won’t rest until I look Twinkle once and see her that she is fine or not…..
Nurse had no option but to take Kunj to Twinkle’s room.
N – Ok I’ll take you to her room but plz wait I’m bringing wheel chair for you….plz sir…
K – Ok. But come fast.

Nurse went out of his room and brings wheel chair for him. With the help of nurse he sat on the chair and she takes him to Twinkle’s room.
Kunj enters Twinkle room. She was sleeping facing her back towards gate. Kunj goes near her and caresses her hair and smiles looking at her…He holds her hand and kisses her hand….
K – I’m very angry with you Twinkle….how could you be so selfish that not for once you thought about the people who loves you will live if anything would happen to you haan???
Again he kisses her hand and leave from there……..

TWINJ are sleeping in their respective room (In Hospital). Bebe and Meera comes to meet Twinj…..Bebe went to Twinkle’s room whereas Meera went to Kunj’s room.
Meera went inside the room and sit beside Kunj who is still sleeping. She went near him and kisses his forehead. The kiss of respect wakes Kunj up.
K – Granny, you here???
M – Yes beta….I came here to tell you something which is very important for you to know…I know very well that how much you love Twinkle…..I’m very proud that you will become my lil princess Twinkle’s prince charming but beta you know very well in past few days Twinkle have suffered a lot and above that Rinki ji’s harsh words have affected Twinkle a lot. She is broken from inside so I want you to mend her then express your feeling to her so that she can’t say NO to you (Smiles)……..
Kunj holds Meera’s hand and assures her…..
K – Granny I promise that very soon she will also feel same for me (Smiles)
M – (Smiles) Jind reh puttar….I’m proud of you
Twinkle’s Room

Bebe went inside her room and Twinkle already awakens by that time….
T (In a low voice) – Be…be
B (Smiles) – Puttar. How are you????
T – I’m fine bebe….
B – Puttar what have you done to yourself…..here you and there Kunj….
T (Tensed) – Bebe what happened to Kunj????
Bebe understands that Twinkle is very much tensed so to calm her down she tells
B – Nothing puttar, he just faint that is why he is also resting in another room….
T – Bebe I want to meet him. Where is he???
B – Beta, you are weak now so you can meet him afterwards…
T – No Bebe I want to meet him now only…
B – Beta you won’t listen to your Bebe….

T (Sadly) – Ok fine Bebe…
Bebe now went to Kunj’s room….
B – Beta Twinkle wants to meet you…
Bebe helps him to sit on wheel chair and takes him to Twinkle’s room….He opens her room door and Twinkle looks on surprised…and Bebe leave from there to give them some privacy….
T – Kunj….how all these happened???
K – (Joking) All because of you….
T (Tears in her eyes) – I’m sorry Kunj…Rinki aunty was right that I’m…
Before she could complete her sentence Kunj keeps his hand on her mouth and nods in not to say anything…….

Twinkle hugs him tightly (Ban jogan main nach loon…. plays in BG) and Kunj also hugs her tightly and both of them are unable to resist their tears to come out….
..while hugging…
T – Kunj plz don’t leave me ever…..

K – I promise Twinkle that I won’t leave you ever…
They break their hug and Kunj wipes her tears….and Leela was looking them from the door’s window and tears of happiness falls from her eyes…..Someone taps Leela’s back and she is Meera….
M (With emotional smile) – Kunj and Twinkle looks good together nah…..
L – Yah mommy ji
Bebe from back….
B – Agar aap bura na mane toh main aapki beti ka haath apne Kunj ke liye maang sakti hoon????
Leela and Meera smiles and the trio hug…….
B – We have to make them together……
Leela and Meera nods in confirmation……
Days passed and Twinj were recovering from their injuries……
Finally Twinj were perfectly fine and they were discharged from hospital…….
Twinkle room
Twinkle is looking her room and touching everything because after 20 days she returns to her room….
T – I miss my room….
She opens her wardrobe to take her dress but her eyes falls on RED DRESS…..she takes it out and sits on her bed and crying…..
T – I’m so sorry Yuvi….ye sab meri wajah se hua hai agar maine tumhe nahi kaha hota ki tujhe mujhse zyada hot dikhna hoga to aaj ye din nahi dekhna padta…..I’m so sorry…
Her phone rings and it flashes Kunj……
T – Hello

K – Hello siyappa queen how are you….???
T – Why did you called me Siyappa Queen and btw when did I do Siyappa???
Kunj laughs his heart out….
T (Angry) – Haaaaw you are laughing at me….
K – Hansu nahi toh aur kya karu…itna bada siyappa kar k ladki bol rahi hai maine kya siyappa kiya….tu jab hospital mein aaraam se soyi hui thi pata hai meri jaan hi nikal gayi thi….ek pal ke liye meri saans hi tham gayi…..
Twinkle was shocked to listens his words….
T (Innocently) – Tumhari saans kyun tham gayi thi????
Kunj realizes what he said…..
K – Tu…haan tu meri dost hai agar tujhe kuch ho jata toh meri life mein siyappa kaun karta… (Laughs)
T – How mean Khadoos Sarna…..
K – Now jokes apart…listen to me very carefully I’m coming at your place in 20 min so get ready….
T – But Kunj…
K – No but just get ready…

And he cuts the phone before she could say anything…..
After 20 min
Kunj is standing outside Taneja’s mansion….
Kunj calls Twinkle…
K – Twinkle where are you???
T – I’m coming in a min.
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle…..and finally his wait comes to an end….Twinkle comes out of her house….She is wearing red halter neck crop top and blue denim….she tied her hair into pony with a puff and as always looking beautiful…..
K (Self talk) – Kyu Twinkle tu har bar meri dil ko zor zor se dhadakne mein majboor kar deti hai….maine kabhi socha bhi nae tha ki main tujhse betahasha mohabbat karne lagoonga…..tune kab meri zindagi ko apna gulam bana lee pata hi nahi chala…….
Twinkle comes near her and snaps near her eyes and asked what happen through her mesmerizing eyes….
K – Nothing…chale
T – Hmmm
He takes her to a place where all kind of street foods was present over there….all were hygienic….
T – Oh my god Kunj…
K – Did you like it?

T – Of course I loved it….thankew sooo muchhh
In happiness she hugs him and he also hugs her and he was on the ninth cloud…..
K – So let’s go and try….
The episode ends on Twinj smiling face….
…………….- 23rd EPISODE ENDS -…………….

PRECAP – TWINJ pani puri competition and rain dance…….

I hope you guys are enjoying……..

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