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So let’s start the show……
The episode starts with Twinkle is on the Kunj. She looks at him and slowly slowly her eyes are closing and she falls on him and they are in a hugging position….Kunj gets stressed.
K (Panicked) – Twinkle open your eyes….Twinkle….
He puts her on the ground and madly moves here and there and again comes near Twinkle and rubs her hand then her feet….pats her face….Kunj’s tear falls on Twinkle’s closed eyes.
She opens her eyes and saw (Blurred) Kunj and then closed her eyes…..Kunj hugs her very tightly and cries holding her….
K – Twinkle I won’t let you happen anything….you’re my life if anything happens to you then I won’t be alive please Twinkle wake up….Twinkle…
He kisses on her forehead and lays her on the ground and went infront of one car and finally that car stops and helped them….
Kunj rushes to hospital with Twinkle in her arms……
K (Scream) – Doctor…..Nurse……
He puts her on the stretcher and they take her to ICU….
Kunj is outside the ICU and peeping through small window…Taneja’s arrived and all are panicking seeing Twinkle in the ICU…..
After sometime Doctor comes out of the room….
K (Desperately) – Doctor how is Twinkle??? Is she fine????
Doctor is mum…..
Kunj’s desperation crossed the limits and holds Doc’s collar…
K – Doctor nothing should happen to Twinkle or else I won’t leave you…… (Cries)
Doc – Calm down sir…….sometimes it happen when prayers and true love are proved more effective than medicines and science’s invention…..
Kunj moves back in shock and falls on his knee…..on the other hand Leela faints…..Kunj walks from their towards entrance of the hospital when he hears something and turns….he went to a lady holds her and asked….
K – What did you said just now???
Lady – Yahi agar koi xyz mandir khali paer (Leg) jaye aur uski seediyaan ghutno ke bal par chadhe toh uski har kaamna poori hoti hai aur wahan ka jal bohot pak hai sabhi kehte hai ki agar sachche man se koi kisi beemar ko pila de toh use har bimari se raahat milti hai….
K (Desperately) – Where is that mandir????
Lady – Beta that mandir is quite far from here…
K – Where is that mandir….shaking that lady.
Lady – It’s in the outskirt of Amritsar.
Kunj opens his shoes and starts to walk bare feet….
The song Ik tu hi tu hi plays from Mausam….
Jab Jab chaha tune raj ke rolaya
Jab Jab chaha tune khul ke hasaaya
Jab Jab chaha tune khud mein milay
Ek tu hi tu hi tu hi…..
Jab jab chaha……
He is walking on the road……after a while he is running on the road and a car from behind pushed him…..
Mainda toh hai rab kho gaya
Mainda toh hai sab kho gaya
Teriyan mohabbata ne lut put saayaan
Teriyan mohabbata ne sachiya sataayan
Khali haath moli na tu khaali haath aaya
Mainda to hai rab kho gaya……
And he falls on the ground and had a cut on his forehead but then also his determination doesn’t lessen…In fact he gets up with more determination and starts to walk toward his destination….while walking the sun sets and it was night and the roads become silent as if roads were also resting and one can only hears the voice of gushing wind as if he is a security guard of nature and keeping an eye on everyone….Kunj is still walking on the road and he is badly exhausted but his love for Twinkle don’t let him feel the pain, thirst, hunger or anything else except his love for Twinkle….Kunj is walking on the road and now bird’s are chirruping….(Yes friends he was walking whole night without resting for a while)….he is nearer to his destination…..it’s 10:30 am when he finally reached the said mandir….he looks at the mandir…..the camera shows the mandir but it could not be seen from down only stairs is seen (Friends you can imagine how much stairs are there that one cannot see the mandir standing at end of stairs)…this also failed to break his determination……he kneels down and starts to climb the stairs on his knee….
Kaanch pe chalna aanch mein jalna
Jitne bhi dard hai maaye seh na sake yeh jindadi
Zeher ko pee ke sooli pe jee ke
Nikle dum kabhi to in dard se chotte jindadi
Yoon waqt kate meri jaan ghate
Armaan sabhi tukdo mein batein……
Kaanch pe chalna……..
His body is really exhausted and blood oozing out of his knee….
Teri judaaiyan aage dukh saare chote
Teri judaaiyan aage sukh saare khote
Finally he reached at the top of the mandir and rings the bell…..
Pal pal hote mere kaleje tothe
Mainda toh rab kho gaya…..
And again he sits on his knee and goes near the idol and prays for Twinkle’s health……
Dil ki gaaar se saath saagar se
Chalke to kyu ye paancho dariyaan v hairaan ho gaye….
Saaj tan man ke sone se khanke
Saath mera tha ab to ye vaila ho gaye…….
He fills holy water and hurriedly heads back to hospital….while walking back to hospital something pricks Kunj’s leg
K – Aaaahhhh
He takes it out and again starts to walk and finally that night he reached the hospital….he runs towards Twinkle room
Tere gham ko mitaawan kaise
tujhko bhulawa Kaise
lagiya nibhawa Kaise
bichde ko pawa Kaise………….
And everyone is crying badly and he was confused to see them in that state but ignores everybody and went inside the room and the heart monitor was not showing anything (Twinkle was declared dead)….Kunj hurriedly went near Twinkle and makes her drink holy water…..but she was not giving any response….
Teriyaan mohabbatane haq bhi diye hai
Teriyaan mohabbatane dukh bhi diye hai
Tere liye lakh bar mar kar jiye hain
Mainda toh rab kho gaya…….
K – Twinkle nothing will happen to you….get up Twinkle…get up….you are a fighter…you can’t be coward….get up damn it….
Kunj shakes her and desperately pumps her heart….
K (Yelled) – Get up damn it…..
Kunj keeps his head on the bed and then he notices little movement on her finger……
K – (Yelled) Doctorrrr……Doctorrrrrr…..
Doctor and nurse came inside and didn’t let other family members to get in….
K (fumbling) – Doctor…doctorr….just now I saw Twinkle’s finger moving…
Now Twinkle’s heart monitor also shows feeble heart beat…
Doc – It’s a miracle….nurse bring heart reviving machine (I don’t know what it is said) fast…
Nurse brings that machine and takes Kunj out of the room and get inside again….
After sometime…….
Doc comes out of the room.
K – Doc how is she now???
Doc (Smiles) – She is fine…your love brings her back to life congratulation….
Everyone was very happy listening to this…..Bebe, Meera, Leela and everyone present there hugged each other….
Kunj is standing near the door of Twinkle’s room when everything looks blurred to him and he falls on the ground… (Guys from two days he didn’t have food as well as he lost so many blood and also he was very much tired) Everyone turns towards him and was shocked to see his pant stained with blood….Everyone goes near him and some ward boy picks him up and he was also admitted and some glucose and saline water was given to him through serine….His knees were dressed…..
After sometime Twinkle becomes conscious and finds Leela sitting near her….
L – Twinkle puttar (Tear of happiness falls from her eyes)
T (In a low and feeble voice) – Maa.
Leela hugs her.
The episode ends on Twinkle and Leela hugging each other.
……….- 22nd EPISODE ends -…………
PRECAP – Kunj and Twinkle wants to meet each other desperately…..
I hope you guys liked it……
Once again thank you so much for reading my fan fiction….
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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