Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 21

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The episode starts with Kunj lying near the river and whole night he is there only….
The sun rises….birds are chirruping and flowers nearby river are spreading their aroma’s all over……and Kunj is lying on the nature’s green bed….still is in his sleep…….
K – Twinkle I love you…..I love you Twinkle…….Twinkle….
He wakes up and finds himself near river and his eyes are swollen up as he was crying from evening…….
Kunj enters Sarna mansion…..his hair is all unset…..his one-side of shirt is out….and unable to walk properly as if his leg betrayed him to walk….he walks a bit and falls on the floor…..
Bebe was coming down and saw Kunj like this and shouts….
B – Kuuuuunnnnjjjj puuuttaarrr……….
She runs towards him and listening to her all the family members also comes down and takes Kunj to his room….

Kunj’s Room
Kunj is lying unconscious on his bed and doctor is checking him. After sometime doctor says
Doc – Nothing to worry he is just very much stressed and he was unable to handle it…..
Doc leaves from there leaving everybody confused…..
UV and his mother (Rinki) come with pundit for Twiraj engagement….
Leela greets them and asked them to sit and they discussed for engagement….pundit looks at their kundli and tells them that tonight is very auspicious for engagement…..everyone is very happy listening to it but granny and Payel were very disappointed….UV was very happy because finally his dream was going to be true…..
Rinki – achcha hume ijaazat de jane k liye taiyariyan karni hai…..
L – Ji…Ji….hume v bohot sari taiyarriyan karni hai sabhi ko bolna hai…..

A lady is shown sitting on the arm chair and a man comes in…..the camera shows the lady and she is none other than Alisha and the man is the same man to whom she asked to spy on Twinkle….
Man – Ma’am there is good news for you…
A – What????
Man – Twinkle Taneja is going to be engage to Yuvraj Luthra tonight….
A – Now you can leave.
The man leaves from there…..
Alisha went to a room where there are pics of Twinkle….She went near to one of her pic
A – Baby, you snatched my Kunj from me and going to engage with Yuvraj haan do you think I’ll let you be in peace…not at all baby…if I’m not with Kunj then you also can’t live happily with your aashiq…..and she laughs evilly……

Kunj is lying on the bed and Bebe is sitting beside him….in unconsciousness state Kunj is chanting Twinkle’s name and Bebe hears it…..and gets tensed as she knows that Twinkle is getting engaged with Yuvi……suddenly
K (Shouts) – Twiinnnkkllleee……
And sits on the bed….Bebe goes near him and hugged him….Kunj too hugs her back…..Kunj is crying….
K – Kyun Bebe Kyun hamesha mere saath hi aisa hota hai jab jab yeh dil kisi ko chahta woh humesha is dil ko kyun chod deti hai…kyun bebe….kyun….. (Crying bitterly)…..pehle is dil ne Alisha ko poore dil se imaandari ke saath chaha lekin woh mujhe chod kar mere hi best ke saath chali gayi par maine haar nahi mana maine socha koi baat nae shayad meri zindagi mein usse bhi zyada achchi likhi hogi….(sobs) maine kabhi nahi chaha tha ki mujhe Twinkle se pyaar ho….par nae iss dil ko humesha usi ko chahna hota hai jo uski kabhi nae ho sakti……pata hai Bebe maine bohot koshish ki usse door rehne ki….yahan tak ki maine shaadi wale din hi usse door chala gaya…socha maine ki yeh sheher chod doon wapas NY chala jaoon airport bhi chala gaya par yeh kambakht paer (legs) ne mera saath chod diya….Bebe main mar jaoonga agar woh mujhe nae mili toh….
Bebe rubs her hand against his hair…..
B – Shaant ho ja puttar Twinkle toh sirf teri hi ho ke rahegi…..chal mere saath…..
K – Kahan Bebe??? (in a low tone as he was crying for a long time)
B – Tujhe apni Bebe par bharosa hai na toh chal mere saath….aaj tu Twinkle ko apni dil ki baat bataega mmain bhi dekhti hoon ki yeh Yuvi meri bahu se kaise engagement karega….
Kunj looks at his watch and says
K – Bebe, raat ke 10 baj rahe hai abhi tak to unki engagement bhi ho gayi hogi…..
B – Agar ho bhi gayi hogi toh kya gal puttar shaadi toh nae hui hai na aur jab tak shaadi nae hui tab tak humare paas waqt hai samjha puttar ab chal mere saath….
Bebe drags Kunj and they reached Taneja’s mansion. They reached Taneja mansion. They enter and were shocked to see something……
Now the camera shows Twinkle who is crying badly and everyone is consoling her…..Bebe and Kunj went to them….Bebe asked the matter to Meera ji…
Twinkle is coming downstairs and wearing beige lehenga with light green and pink border and silverish gold blouse and her hair is tied in fish bone plates and some hair was left free…..she sits on the stage and waiting for Yuvraj to come…..Rinki comes alone and says…
R – UV beta aa hi raha hai keh raha tha ki Twinkle ke samne toh koi mujhe dekhega hi nahi isliye woh thoda late se aayega taki sab bechain (Eagerly waiting) ho jaye mujhe dekhne ke liye (Laughs)
Twinkle and everyone were waiting for the arrival of Yuvraj but someone calls Rinki…
R – Hello
Someone from other side says something and her phone falls on the ground and she fall on the knee and
Everyone gets shocked and runs toward Rinki….Twinkle picks the phone and was shocked to listen
Pa – (Panicked) Di yuvi ko kya hua????
Twinkle (Hell shocked) – Yuvi ka accident ho gaya…… (Cries)
Pa – Kya…..
Rinki madly runs towards door and Leela also goes behind her and went to hospital…..

Leela and Rinki reached hospital……
L (To receptionist) – Abhi kuch der pehle jiska accident hua tha woh kahan hai???
Recep – Fourth floor last room.
Both of them rushes to fourth floor last room and was shocked to see the door….

Rinki falls down because her leg was unable to carry her load….Leela holds her but in vain…then only police inspector comes and says…
INSPEC – Aap log kaun hai???
L – (Pointing to Rinki) Yeh UV puttar ki maa hai…
INSPEC – Unki gadi ka break fail ho gaya…..tha aur woh khai mein gir gaya tha kisi ne time pe fon kar diya lekin I’m sorry hmlog unko bacha nahi paye aap log ander chalna hoga body identify karne k liye…..
Three of them went inside cold room and a person was about to pull the bed sheet from his face……then only body’s hand gets uncovered and he was wearing ring which UV used to wear….Rinki sees and cries bitterly…..Leela sees the face which was badly injured so she was not sure but when she black mark on his neck…..
L – Ji yeh Yuvi puttar hi hai….
And then she saw his dress and was 100% sure because it was same dress which she gifted him for engagement….
Rinki was also admitted in the hospital as she had a nerves breakdown……
Flashback ends…………..
Bebe and Kunj were hell shocked……
Kunj goes near to Twinkle who was now numbed…..Twinkle saw Kunj and runs to him and hugged him and Kunj lifts her up…..Twinkle cries bitterly and Kunj tries to calm her down.
Meera watch all this and from inside she was very happy that Kunj will always be there for her.

Rinki and some ppl were in the cremation ground….when Twinkle and her family and Kunj with Bebe come there….Rinki looks at Twinkle and goes near her and pushed her very hard and Twinkle was about to fall on the ground when Kunj holds her on time….and everyone was hell shocked at Rinki’s behavior…..
R – Tum kyun aayi…..chali jao yahan se pehle mere bete ko kha li ab kya mujhe bhi marna chahti ho….tum ashubh ho chali jao meri nazron ke saamne se…..
Kunj tighten his fist in anger….whereas Twinkle runs from there criyng….she is running on the road absent minded. Then only a truck was coming from behind and was blowing horn but then also Twinkle was not listening and she was running….The truck was about to stuck Twinkle when Kunj holds her and pulls her….both of them falls on ground….Twinkle is on the Kunj….
The episode ends on Twinkle is on the Kunj…..
…………………………- 21st EPISODE ends -………………………….
I hope you guys liked it……………..
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Credit to: Shamz


  1. Amii

    Nice episode ? ya as we all knw like ekta kapoor serials dead body wapas zinda Ho jaati h.. Achanak s Kisi n uv Ki dress le li hogi smthng lik that happens ?? but nyways I like this episode its superb.. Coz twinj will b together hope so.. Waiting for the next..

  2. nisi

    Wow shamz i luv d way u change ur dp acc 2d epi dis shows how perfect u want 2 be n cumng 2 dis epi it was very emotional

  3. Sayeeda

    Sahi hai yrr suspense pe suspense ….pr koi nai humbhi bahut smart hai hme Maloom hai ke kya suspense ke piche kya raaz hai…..
    Well about ur episode it was emotional one …awwww kunj feeling sad for him …I just Pray to Allah ke tumhara ff 100 cross kre nai nai infact 1000( hehhe mallom hai Kuch zayada bol diya) but what to do I’m so much addicted with ur ff. Love it yrr.

  4. Cutie pie

    N d supsense myt b uv myt hav not dead n cme whn twimkle will b alreay in liv wid kunj n is goin to marry her bt dis was was outstanding

  5. romaisah

    Yar 2 gud ?? such an emotional scene i luv emotional scenes irdky plzz post ur next epi asap sry for commenting so late ..

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