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So let’s start the show….
The episode starts with Twinkle going to terrace when her mom stops her and introduce her to Mr. Chadda.
L – Mr. Chadda meet my daughter Twinkle and her partner Kunj is behind all these lavish arrangement. (Smiles)
C – Hello, Ms. Twinkle I must say in my life I have never seen such a beautiful combo of traditional as well as modern decoration….if you guys have time then I would like to hire you for my daughter’s wedding next month…..
T – Yah sure sir, we will be obliged to work for you… (Smiles)
Twinkle is very excited and runs towards terrace and her eyes are eagerly finding someone and she spot that person talking with waiter and yes he is Kunj. She runs to him and hugs him in excitement without thinking where they were standing and all the waiters stares at them while Kunj is hell shocked at her behavior as she had never hugged him like that before. The hug was very tight as if she doesn’t want him to go…..
K (While hugging) – Twinkle calm down….look everyone is looking at us…
Twinkle comes back into senses and finds everyone is smiling at her…She was hell embarrassed at her behavior….She looks down in shyness. Kunj notices and to tease her….
K (Smiling) – So what is the news that made you hug me so tight as today was my last day on this earth…
Twinkle cups his mouth….
T – Kunj plz don’t say like this……I just can’t bear it anymore….
K – Ok baba. I’m sorry but tell me the reason of your happiness.
Twinkle smiles brightly.
T – Actually we got a wedding contract from Mr. Chadda. He is very renowned person in India.
Kunj was very happy and this time he hugged her very tightly….
Everyone is putting mehendi on their hand……Twinkle comes down wearing light green lehenga and rani pink dupatta…..Her hairs are flying and she is wearing maang teeka and she is looking very pretty….
Kunj looks at her and his heart starts to pounds very fast and he was unable to understand the reason behind this so he removes his eyes from her and get back to work…..
Twinkle goes and sit besides Priya and looks at her mehendi (Mehendi hai rachnewali plays in BG)……..
T – Di your mehendi is very beautiful….
Some ladies took Twinkle’s hand and start to apply henna on her hand……
Twinkle was looking here and there to find Kunj so that she can say him that his phone is in her room and she was not bothered about her henna as well as her mind was all in finding Kunj….She spots Kunj and at the same time Lady putting henna on her hand asked….
LADY – Which letter should I write on your hand???
Twinkle doesn’t hear her and she calls Kunj and the lady was mistaken and writes Kunj on his hand….Kunj ignores her and moves from there as he don’t want to face Twinkle…..
T (Thinks) – Ab ise kya ho gaya hai????
She calls Payel.
P – Yes di.
T – Tell Kunj that his phone is in my room.
P – Ok Di.
Twinkle’s hand was covered with Henna……
Payel went to Kunj and told him that his phone is in Di’s room.
Twinkle’s Room
Twinkle’s blouse dori was open and she was struggling to hide her back as she was unable to tie it as her hand was filled with henna…..
Kunj is walking towards her room….He reached her room and her room door was opened so he see her struggling with her blouse so he walks inside without knocking her door and went near her and try to open the knot of the dori but in vain so he used his teeth to open her knot so he can tie her dori properly….his lips touches Twinkle’s bare back….This time Twinkle also feels butterfly in her stomach…He opens the knot and ties her dori and leave from there taking his phone without saying anything………
T (Thinks) – What’s wrong with him why is he behaving so weird with me…..firstly he ignores me and now he helped me and without saying anything went away……
She also leaves from there……..
Kunj’s room
K (Self talk) – What is happening to me????? Why I’m feeling awkward and what was that???
Kunj opening her knot and knowingly kisses her back….
Flashback ends……
K (Self talk) – This is wrong I can’t do this….I can’t do this…
In anger or rather say frustration throws vase on the ground…..
Next Scene
Twinkle is looking at her hand and is shocked to see Kunj’s name written on it and then only someone taps her shoulder….she gets scared at turns and he was Yuvi
T – You just scared me.
U (Smiles) – Ok leave all this and show me your mehendi….
Twinkle gets scared and hides her hand at back….UV noticed and struggles to see her hand and finally he was able to see her mehendi and was shocked to see KUNJ name written on it…..
U (Shouts) – How could you do this??
T – I’m so sorry UV but I don’t know how his name get written on my hand….I didn’t even told any name….
Kunj in his room and listen Twinkle and Yuvi voice and come out of his room and gets to know that his name was written on Twinkle’s hand….He smiles brightly……
K (Thinks) – Am I in love with her???
Kunj smiles. He looks at Twiraj and his smiles fades away seeing them together……
K (Thinks) – Why this happens with me only???? Whenever I love someone she loves someone else….WHYYYY??????
Kunj gets on his knees and cries…….someone pats his shoulder he hurriedly wipes his tears and turns…..She was none other than Geet her sister….He gets up and hugs her very tightly and silently cries…..Geet was all confused at his behavior…….
G – Bhai what happened??? Is everything ok with you??? And I’m seeing that you are not looking well….
Kunj breaks the hug and walk away like a dead body…..Geet looks at him going……
Priya and Rishi get married to each other……..but Kunj has not been found anywhere…..
Twinkle search for Kunj everywhere but there was no sign of Kunj anywhere……While she was searching for Kunj, she finds Geet and asked her…..
T – Geet did you see your bhai????
G – Nope. I don’t know from yesterday he was looking very low…I tried to ask him but he didn’t told me anything.
Twinkle keeps on finding him but he was nowhere….Twinkle went to Payel and enquired about Kunj. She told him that she saw him leaving in his car and he was looking very sad donno why…..
Twinkle leaves from there in confusion as she was unable to understand the behavior of Kunj……
Twinkle went to her sis Priya and jiju Rishi
T – Jiju meri Di ki aankhon mein kabhi aansoon aane mat dena.
She hugs her sister and cries bitterly…..
Newly wedded couple leaves and Taneja’s also leave for their home….
Kunj is sitting near some river and crying bitterly and asking God……
K – Why….Why….Why Babaji….Why???
He breaks down and faint over there only……..
The episode ends on Kunj lying unconscious………
…………………………..- 20th EPISODE ends -……………………………
PRECAP – Twinkle’s engagement…..
I hope you guys are enjoying it and refreshing yourself……..
Once again thanks a lot for reading……….
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Let’s see whether Twinkle’s engagement will be successful or not….. And if successful then to whom she will engage….. Keep guessing !!!!! 😉

Credit to: Shamz

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