Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 2 & 3


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So lets begin the show

scene 1
The episode starts with TANEJAโ€™S mansion…
A girl is blow drying her hair then she is putting kajal on her eyes and pink lipstick on her lips. Then she wears earrings, palm ring and finally bangles (all are junk jewelry). She is wearing ripped denim and white crop top with leather jacket. Girlโ€™s face is shown on the mirror and she is none other than our punjabi pataka Twinkle. She was getting herself ready for her college.
Her phone rings and it flashes YUVI on it…she picks it up.
T- Hello uv main bas nikal hi rahi hoon
U(fake anger)- yaar…where are you Iโ€™m waiting for u since half an hour and u are in ur house only….iโ€™m waiting for u cm fast
T- Iโ€™m sorry uv… โ€˜m coming in just 10 mins bye bye bye
U- bye (smiles)
Twinkle in hurry went out of her house and starts her bike and reached the destination.
scene 2
U- yeh koi waqt hota hai aane ka…I was waiting for you since one hour and you donโ€™t even bother
uv turns his face in anger (fake)…Twinkle turns his face towards her and make childish face and holds his (uvโ€™s) ears
T- Iโ€™m sorry…ab bachche ki jaan loge kya
They both laughs……
It was their everydayโ€™s work to do bike race and whoever loose will have to fulfill winnerโ€™s one wish….as always Twinkle wins the race
T- dekha bachchu aaj phir main jeet gayi
She laughs and uv was mesmerize with her beauty and get lost in her…..
T- uv…uv…uv…
He was lost in her so twinkle shakes him
T(louder tone)- uvvvv
U- haan kya hua itna chilla kyun rahi hoon Iโ€™m not deaf
T- oh really then where are u lost???
U(lower tone)- in u…

T- did u said sumthng???
U- yes I was asking wat is ur wish??? apka gulam apke liye hazir hai and he takes a bow
Twinkle thinks sumthng and with a naughty smile
T- ummmm tttuuummhhheee lllaaadkiiyyooo se
U (broad smile) โ€“ what Iโ€™ve to do with girls ???
T โ€“ uu have to wear rakhi from them
U (thinks) โ€“ oh f*** I love her and she want me to be her brother….before she does smthng uv bhaag le yahan se
and he starts to run nd twinkle behind him
U- twinkle are u gone mad then I wonโ€™t be able to marry anyone and Iโ€™ll bโ€™cm bramhachari then
T- toh main kya karoon ???
she falls on the ground
T- aaaaahhhhhhh

uv runs towards her and start scolding her and she smiles and makes him wear RAKHI and laughs
U(angry)- wat have u done….
and he leaves….
T- uv wait plz donโ€™t go…..ok baba Iโ€™m soorry its just a frndship band yaar
but he donโ€™t listen to her….
scene 3
next day
T (to Payel) โ€“ Today is the most special day of my life….finally today Iโ€™ll get the degree for event management (smiles)
Pa โ€“ yes di Iโ€™m very happy for you finally your dream to bโ€™cm wedding planner will come true…. (back hugging Twinkle)
both having some sis conversation then Twinkle phoneโ€™s ring and it flashes YUVI on it
T- hello uv main bas nikal rahi hoon
man- sorry madam main uv nahi hoon actually the personโ€™s phone from which Iโ€™m calling met an accident so I called you to inform….
the episode ends with Twinkle shock face…

……………….- episode 2 ends -……………..

I hope u guys liked it plzzzzz do cmnt ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The episode starts with Twinkle shocked face
T- no this is not true u are playing prank on me right (crying)
man โ€“ no maโ€™am itโ€™s not a prank
Listening to this Twinkle phone was about to fall when she heard voice frm other side of the phone
man โ€“ maโ€™am Iโ€™m taking him to TEI hospital
Twinkle rush to said hospital while driving her Mercedes she informs his parent about the accident. She reached the hospital.
T (to receptionist) – UV….I mean the person who met accident where is he now????
Receptionist checks the register
R โ€“ yes maโ€™am that patient has been taken to OT
T โ€“ where it is ???
R โ€“ maโ€™am 1st floor first room
Twinkle rushes to first floor and stands near OT room. Doctor comes out of the OT
T โ€“ Doc how is he???
Doc โ€“ are you relative of that person????
T โ€“ ( panicked) no sir Iโ€™m his frnd and his parents is out of station so you can tell me
Doc โ€“ He had lost his many blood so plz arrange blood for him. His blood group is O- which is rare i.e. why our blood bank donโ€™t have enough this blood group.
T โ€“ OK doc
Twinkle calls all her friends and ask them to arrange O- blood for UV….
After sometime their friends group arrive and the blood was arranged….finally the operation starts as his face was badly injured with glass pieces pierced in it….

After 2 hours.
Doc comes out of the OT
Friends โ€“ Doc how is he??? Is he fine???
Doc โ€“ Calm down…he is out of danger but
Friends & T โ€“ But what Doc???
Doc โ€“ His face was badly injured so maybe he wonโ€™t look same like earlier he was but nowadays plastic surgery is solution is there for this type of situation
Everyone was shocked and sad. At that time only UV parent arrives….listening to this UV mother faints
T โ€“ Aaaauuunnnty
On time Twinkle holds her and makes her sit on the chair
T โ€“ Nothing will happen to UV as he is a fighter…plz donโ€™t cry aunty u have to be strong
Twinkle wipes her tear…..

After 2 days….
Twinkle is sitting beside UV and she notices movement in UVโ€™s finger….
T โ€“ (Teary eyes & smile) UV
He slowly slowly open his eyes and says
U โ€“ Twinkle
T โ€“ UV Iโ€™m with u donโ€™t worry nothing will happen to you. Youโ€™ll be fine very fast (smiles)
U โ€“ Twinkle what happened to me…why my face is all covered with bandaged…plz donโ€™t hide from me
T- (cups his face) nothing happened to you….uโ€™ll be fine and yes ur mom is outside Iโ€™m sending her in
U โ€“ Hmmmm
DOC comes to check him.
Twinkle went to gurudwara to pray for his friend. She collided with a middle aged lady. The lady was mesmerized with her beauty…
T โ€“ Iโ€™m so sorry aunty
Lady โ€“ (thinks) she will only become my bahu and smiles
Lady โ€“ Koi nae puttar
Twinkle smiles and leave.
The lady went to priest. The priest addresses her as Neelam ji (yes guys she is none other our lovely BEBE)
Priest โ€“ Neelam ji you here
N โ€“ Yes, Monu ke khairiyat waaste ardaas karne aayi hoon ( for welfare of Monu) . Achcha woh sodi kudi kaun hai??? (pointing towards Twinkle)
Priest โ€“ She is Leela Tanejaโ€™s daughter. Badi sanskari bachchi hai
N โ€“ Leela kaun???
Priest โ€“ Tanejaโ€™s Diamond unhi ka hai
N โ€“ Oh ha ha
She prayed and left.
The episode ends on Bebe praying…..

……………-3rd episode ends-………….

Credit to: Shamz

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  2. Awesome but wanted to ask that is this Twiraj ff.

    1. It’s a twinj ff only ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
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    1. It’s a twinj ff only
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  8. Yes guys UV will be the villain of my ff ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yahh Salma it’s his destiny….and thanks for reading my ff ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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