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So let’s start the show….
The episode starts with Kunj leaving the room and Twinkle is staring at him. Kunj leaves and Yuvraj enters the room. Twinkle turns her face in anger….
U – I’m so sorry Twinkle.
He folds his hand. Twinkle without turning his face…
T – I think you are not my culprit….if you want me to be normal with you then apologize to Kunj and to that man.
U – Ok Twinky if you want me to apologize to them then I’ll do but plz don’t be angry with me….
Twinkle leaves from there and went near Kunj. UV also comes there. He apologize for his bad deed. Twinkle and Kunj smiles. Kunj was about to leave when Twinkle stops him and went with him. Uv looks at them going sadly.

Twinkle’s room
Twinkle is sleeping. The camera shows his room which was filled up with bouquet, chocolates and cards of different size. Twinkle wake up and stretches her arm and opens her eyes. She was amazed to see her room. She went near to one card and opens it….
I’m sooooo sorrryyy Twinkle for yesterday’s behavior….I know I was bit possessive but I promise from now onwards I won’t do anything that would hurt you….
Twinkle reads and smiles. She went for a bath and after some time she comes out in pink bathrobe and went near mirror. Someone knocks her door.
T (Still in bathrobe) – Come in.
Kunj gets inside and was shocked to see Twinkle in bathrobe.
K – Twinkle (In a low voice)
Twinkle turns and was shocked to see him and she was about to shout but Kunj cups her mouth…..
K – Plz don’t shout otherwise everyone will come and if they see us like this then they will think something….now I’m removing my hand so plz don’t shout and I’m leaving…and yes when you are ready plz meet me I’ll be in terrace.
He removes his hand and leaves from there.
T (Thinks) – He is so gentleman and I always misunderstood him. (Smiles)
The camera shows terrace and it is beautifully decorated with yellow and white flowers, mirror lace and Chinese lamps hanging…..there were some white artificial pillars which was decorated with colorful flowers to enhance the beauty of terrace and beauty of auspicious haldi ceremony….
K – Bhaiya wahan par thoda aur phool laga dijiye…..
Twinkle comes on terrace and was really surprised to see the arrangement because it was looking damn beautiful……
T – Oh……my……god….
Kunj turns towards Twinkle….
K – (Confused) didn’t you like the arrangement????
T (Smiles) – It’s awesome……..you had done mind-blowing decoration……I think our business will flourished if you are there with me….
K – (Smiles) thanks for the appreciation
T – By the way why did you called me here???
K – Actually I want you to check is everything fine and if you need any changes then you can do…
T – I don’t think any changes is needed….did you secretly done event management course haan????
K (Smiles) – Don’t flatter me so much or else I’ll become fat and no girls will look at me….
Both of them laugh……

Kunj is getting ready….He is wearing Yellow kurta with white salwar and dupatta….as always he is looking damn hot……..
Twinkle is wearing white ghagra with yellow corset and chunri and looking very beautiful….She has done silver eye makeup with light pink lipstick on her soft lips….She is wearing jhumka and her hairs are left open……and yah since it’s a haldi function so she wraps flower garland in her wrist…..
Bride is wearing yellow and gold sari and she is also looking very beautiful…….
Groom family and guests are started to arrive…….to welcome them Twinj had made the arrangement of some waitress wearing traditional Punjabi attire and welcoming the guest by showering rose petals on them…..
A gentleman arrived and gets impressed by the arrangement….
Leela goes and receives him by addressing Mr. Chadda
L – Hello Mr. Chadda….I hope you didn’t find any difficulties in reaching here….I’m so obliged that you came all the way from Mumbai to bless bride and groom….
C – No….no…Mrs. Taneja no problem at all….and your person was very kind…..By the way I’m really impressed by the decoration….I’ve went in so many parties but this indo-western combination is very different and very new….if you don’t mind can I get the number of the event company you have hired….
L (Smiles) – Actually my daughter and Kunj have done all this decoration and this is their first assignment…..
C (Surprised) – I’m really impressed…..and from nowhere it is looking that some newcomer had done this….
Bride is arriving at the venue with her sisters…..
Bride sits beside the groom but in between them there was a flower veil so that they couldn’t see each other….
Firstly the elderly ladies puts haldi on them and everyone puts haldi on them….

Now starts the masti…..
Kunj is talking with some guy when Twinkle comes from behind and put haldi on his face….Kunj’s cheek was covered with Haldi….Kunj turns towards her and shouts
K – Twinkle ki bachchi I won’t leave you today….
And he runs behind her and she walks down the stairs and hides in her room…..Kunj tip toed enters her room and starts to find her without making any noise…..Twinkle is hiding in her balcony behind the chair and breathing heavily……Kunj went to her balcony slowly slowly moving towards her and holds her from behind…..
K – Where will you run now???
Twinkle is very much tensed as he will put haldi on her but she noticed that he is not having any haldi on his hand and she starts to laugh………
K – Why are laughing???? Do you think I’m joking with you???
T – (Laugh) oh really you’ll put haldi on me but first bring some haldi then hold me…..
She pushed Kunj away and was about to go When Kunj holds her hand and pulls her towards himself (Hua Hai aaj pehli baat…. From sanam Teri kasam)…..Twinkle back was facing towards him and both of them were very close to each other…..no air can pass from between them…..Kunj sensually moves her hair to one side and move his face closer to her face…..Twinkle and Kunj closed their eyes and he keeps on moving until his face touched soft cheeks of Twinkle…..He rubs his cheeks on Twinkle’s cheek and then move towards her ears and says…….
K (In low voice) – Look I had put haldi on you…..
He leaves from there while Twinkle eyes are closed…..
She opens her eyes and find no one……she gently puts her hand on her cheeks and find haldi on it…..she smiles and leave from there……..
…………………………..-19th EPISODE ends-………………………
PRECAP – Kunj’s realisation for his love and some romantic twinj scenes……..
I hope you guys are enjoying and loving Tashan e deewangi……
Once again thank you soooo muchhh for showering your love on my fiction…….
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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