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So let’s start the show…..

The episode starts with Twinkle is sitting on her terrace and Kunj also comes there…..
K – Hey tum yahan???
T – Yah actually before going to sleep I always see sky and then thanks babaji for everything he gave me and what he’ll give me and then stretch my arms and feel the air….it’s very refreshing try once…..(smiles)

Twinkle closed her eyes and prayed to Babaji and stretches her hand….Kunj also closed his eyes and stretches his arm but not full…Twinkle opens her eyes and see Kunj…She goes near him and hold his hands and stretch it straight and both of them were standing in a famous Titanic position (Bas itni si tamanna’s music plays in BG). After some time both of them opens their eyes and look at each other.
T – How did you feel???
K (Smiles) – Amazing really….
Twinkle hairs were loosely tied up so some of her hairs were playing on her face…Kunj romantically puts her hair behind her ears and Twinkle looks at her lovingly…..
T (Thinks) – What I’m doing….No…No this is wrong I’m going to be engaged with someone and I can’t cheat him….

Twinkle steps back and Kunj looks at her confused…
T – I think we should go to our room as we are late… let’s go
K – Yup.
Both of them went to their rooms…..
At breakfast table…..
Kunj and Twinkle are sitting beside each other and Payel and Geet are sitting opp. to Twinj…..
Pa – Kunj Bhai salad ka plate plz pass karenge
K – Yah sure.
Kunj was about to take the plate at the same time Twinkle also holds it and accidently Kunj hands was on the Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle suddenly moves her hand and Kunj looks at her and pass the plate….
Choreographer Prince, Yuvi and Chinki also arrived.

Yuchi – Hello everyone…
Yuvi goes and hugs Twinkle…..everyone looks at him. Twinkle also didn’t like it. Twinkle takes Yuvi from there….
Twiraj alone…
T – Yuvi what was that???
U – What????
T – You know everything…..I’m talking about hugging
U – Chill Twinkle….we are going to be engaged and what’s wrong in hugging you as if I didn’t hug you earlier…..
T (Angry) – You are just impossible….
She leaves from there in anger…..
U – Twinkle plz wait….Twiiiinkleeee……I think I have overreacted.
Prin – So let’s start the practice……

Twinj does some romantic steps on Piya O Re Piya (From tere naal love ho gaya)
Prin – I think you all have done great work. Now I should leave….
Next Day
AT 7:00 pm
Everyone is outside Taneja’s Mansion except Twinkle. Everyone is busy in keeping gifts, dresses for function, etc….
Meera notices Twinkle is not present and struck with some plan and smiles….
Leela comes to Meera.

Leela – Maaji…
M – Kitni baar bola hai tujhe Maaji mat bulaya kar mere standards se match nae karta mommy bulaya kar.
L – Ji mommy aapne Twinkle puttar ko dekha hai kahi dikh nae rahi hai….
M – Haan woh toh paili gaddi mein hi chali gayi hai…..
L – Oooh…..main toh pareshan hi ho gayi thi mujhe laga har baar ki tarah woh phir se late ho gayi hai….toh hmlog bhi nikalte hai….
M – Theek hai tu gaddi mein jaa kar baith main avi aati hoon….

Meera spots Kunj in his car and was about to leave for venue when Meera went to him……
M (To Kunj) – Kunj puttar can you do one favor for me….
K – Yes granny why not….
M – Actually Twinkle is not ready till now will you give her lift in your car as we have to go early otherwise Pavitra ji will be miffed with us.

K – Ok granny.
Meera leave from there smiling and Kunj went back to Taneja’s house….
Kunj gets inside the house and went near Twinkle’s room and knocked her door…..
K – Twinkle how much time you need to get ready….
T – Kunj, don’t disturb me as I’m already pissed off….
K – What happen??? Is everything fine inside???
T – Can you ask someone to come as I’m having difficulty in wearing my dress?
Kunj was about to leave then he remember that everyone had already left.
K – Twinkle

T – Hmmm
K – There is one problem….
T (Frustrated) – Now one more problem….what is it Kunj???
K – Actually no one is there in the house except me….if you don’t mind may I help you….
Twinkle widens her eyes…..but she had no other option left to take help from him….
T – (Helpless) Ok.
K – Wait a sec….
Kunj went to kitchen and find candle and matchstick. He lit the candle and went towards Twinkle room. He knocks the door. Twinkle opens the door and went near mirror….Kunj went inside and switch off the light….Twinkle gets scared….
T – What are you doing Kunj????

Kunj went towards her…..
K – Shshshsh….I know you’re feeling uncomfortable so I thought to make you feel comfortable.
He moves close to her….Twinkle can feel him coming closer so she closed her eyes.
K – Twinkle
T – Hmmm
K – Plz hold this candle….

Twinkle turn towards Kunj and her face was visible and she was looking very beautiful….The glow of light was nothing in front of her glow… (Jadoo hai nasha hai plays in BG)Kunj was mesmerized with her beauty…Twinkle holds the candle and her fingers meet Kunj’s finger and he comes back to reality…..Twinkle again turns around facing her back toward him….Kunj finds her zip and starts closing it and all the while he was looking at Twinkle’s beautiful face on the mirror……Now he moves his hand up and start to tie Twinkle’s blouse dori…..He tied her dori and was about to remove his hand but his watch stuck with Twinkle’s dori and once again dori gets untie…..Twinkle opens her eyes in shock….
T – What happen???

K (Stammering) – Ac…Ac……Actually…..my watch got stuck with your dori….
Twinkle gets relieved and turns toward Kunj and helped him to take out her dori from his watch and again turns so that Kunj can tie her dori….Kunj ties her dori and turn to leave….since Twinkle’s balcony door was opened so the candle blows off ….Twinkle goes near Kunj as she was scared but tripped and lands on Kunj due to her leg get stuck with her lehenga…..Twinkle was on the Kunj and holds her sherwani very tightly and her eyes was closed…..
The episode ends on Twinkle above Kunj…….
………………….-17th EPISODE ends-……………………….

Precap – Kunj nd yuvi’s fight……

Keeping guessing why they were fighting…….. 😉
I hope you guys are enjoying it……….

Credit to: Shamz

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