Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 16

Hello friends welcome back to Tashan E World…….
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So let’s begin the show…….
The episode starts with a room showing pics of Twinkle and all the pics are crossed with red marker………
A girl is shown from back going towards one pic of Twinkle and cut it with knife…..now the face of that girl is revealed and she is none other than Alisha Kapoor……
A – I won’t leave you Twinkle Taneja…..whenever I get any chance to destroy you I swear I won’t leave you.
A man enters that room…….
A – I want know each and everything about her….when she eats, when she sleeps, when she goes out of her house and with whom….everything……..is that clear
Man – Yes ma’am.
A – Now get to your work.
Tha man leaves……..
Choreographer Prince enters the mansion with his dance partner…….
M – Good afternoon beta. Actually you have to teach us dance for sangeet and make sure that ladkiwale hi jeetein…..ok beta.
Prin – Don’t worry aunty you all will only win…..so let’s make group then we’ll start practice ok.
Everyone comes and meet him……..
Prin – So Geet and Payel will be together, Prachi will give solo performance, Meera aunty and Neelam aunty together, Chinki and Yuvraj will dance together, Bride will dance with her mom and Twinkle and Kunj will dance together Ok.
UV gets angry because he wants to dance with Twinkle and not with Chinki…..
U – Prince if you don’t mind can I dance with Twinkle as we’ll be engaged soon…..
Prin – Sorry bro….I think you can gel up better with Chinki than Twinkle.
UV was fuming but before he could say anything Payel interrupts…..
Pa – Oooohhh UV bhai being possessive haaan haaan….. (Just to shut UV)
U – No….no….why will I be possessive ok I don’t have any problem….If you think I look better with Chinki then fine.
Payel winks at Geet.
Prin – So Geet and Payel you will dance on Radha (From SOTY).
G & P – Yup.
Prin – Prachi you will dance on chudi jo khanke haaton mein yaad piya ki aane lagi hay bheegi bheegi raaton mein (From Falguni Pathak’s album) and then you’ll dance on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo title track which will be joined by Payel and Geet.
Prachi – Yup.
Prin – Meera aunty and Neelam aunty you will be dancing on Aunty Ji (From EK MAIN AUR EK TU)
B & M – Theek hai puttar.
Prin – Chinki and Yuvraj you guys will dance on Aivayi aivayi (From Band Baja Baraat)
Chi – (Very excited) ok….
Prin – UV don’t you like this song???
U – (Fake smile) No…No…It’s ok.
Prince smiles
Prin – Twinkle and Kunj you will dance on Gala lag ja (From De Dana Dan) and then you’ll dance on Piya O Re Piya (From Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya)
Twinj – Yup.
UV fumes from inside because both the song was very romantic…..
Prin – And at last everyone will join on Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye (From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). So now let’s start the practice…..
Everybody – Yup.
Prince starts with Geet and Payel and he shows some step to them….then one by one he shows the steps to everyone and finally he shows some romantic moves to Twinj…..
Prin – You can do it but first I think you should take out your awkwardness then both of you’ll rock (Smiles)
Twinj also smiles but then also their awkwardness didn’t go…..
Prin – I think I should help you out with this problem…..so now do what I’m saying ok.
Twinj nods in confirmation……
Pri – Close your eyes.
Twinj – What???
Prin – I said nah do as I’m saying…..
Twinj closes their eyes….
Prince takes Twinkle hands and kept on Kunj’s shoulder and then takes Kunj’s hand and keeps it on Twinkle’s waist and made them move slightly to each other. UV sees all this and leaves in anger and Chinki went behind him. Bebe, Meera, Payel and Geet smiles seeing UV left from there.
Prin – So now you imagine that both of you love each other whole heartedly…..
Twinj – Hmm….
Twinkle is wearing silver backless off shoulder blouse and pink chiffon sari and Kunj is wearing loose white colored pant and pink shirt whose first three buttons are opened and of course his chest is visible and everywhere there is snow and small open hut is there which is beautifully decorated with pink and white flowers and there is a table decorated with flowers. Both of them sit on the chair and songs starts to play. Kunj forwards his hand and Twinkle readily gives her hand and both of them starts to dance sensually…….
Twinkle and Kunj’s eyes are still closed and they had become comfortable with each other…..
Prin – Now open your eyes.
Twinj opens their eyes.
Prin – Look now how easily you are dancing….do one more time then you can leave and 2nd dance I’ll teach you tomorrow and by that time you guys practice this one.
Twinj – Hmmm.
Prin – Start the music….
Gale lag jaa plays……
Kunj holds Twinkle waist and Twinkle keeps her hand on his shoulder….Both of them are too close….Both of them swing….then Kunj twirls her and lift her in his arm and then slowly lands her on the ground……Kunj keeps his chin on her shoulder and one hand on her stomach and from other hand he runs it on her hand from her finger till her shoulder sensually and again he twirl her and she falls on her arm…..their eyes meet and both of them gets lost in each other (Dil Ibadat Kar Raha hai plays in BG) and Bebe, Prince, Granny, Payel and Geet smiles seeing them.
Pa – They are looking so cuteeee together….
G – Yah I wish both of them be always like this…
Pa – Yah I too wish….
Payel and Geet cough….
Twinj get up and they composes themselves
Prin – Look how much my imagination helped you….after song gets over then also you were in the character too good (Smiles)
Twinj were embarrassed and leave from there.
Bebe, Granny, Payel and Geet laugh……
Prin – I think I should leave now. Bye.
Meera and Bebe go behind Prince…..
B & M – Thank you so much Prince Beta for your help if you haven’t helped us then we could not have done…..
Prin – It’s ok aunty and I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to make two love birds together. (Smiles)
Bebe called Prince…
Prin – Hello Prince here….
B – Hello beta main Bebe bol rahi hoon
Prin – Bebe….Pairi pona aap kaise ho???
B – Main theek hoon lekin mujhe tujhse ek madad chahiye…
Prin – Kaisi madad Bebe???
B – Tu aaj Taneja’s k ghar dance sikhaane jaa raha hai na…
Prin – Ji Bebe
B – Toh meri ik gal sun aaj jab tu wahan jayega na to wahan Twinkle aur Kunj ka jodi banana aur unlog ko romantic song par dance karwana…..
Prin – Bas itni si baat hai main zaroor karoonga (Smiles)
Flashback ends……..
Prince leave from there……
The episode ends on Bebe and Granny face……
………………………………-16th EPISODE-…………………………..
PRECAP – Surprise!!!!!!
I hope you guys are enjoying………
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Obviously we’re enjoyin !! 🙂 im eagerly waiting for precap

  2. Sidmin(twinj)

    Super se upar wala epi shamz…I loved it…I hv a request dont make UV to b villian in twinj love story…jst make him fall fr chinki let UV n chinki b pair so tat he doesn’t cum in bw twinj…its jst my suggestion sry if I hv hurt by saying dis

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    After reading ur ff first thing came in my mind was Maza agaya full paisa vassol.
    Thanks fr updating regularly.

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    and you are very good at describing things
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