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The episode starts with Kunj and Twinkle are sitting near fish pond.
K – Your smile is very beautiful….
T (Blushes) – Thank you and by the way I know my smile is very beautiful…..
K – (In a low voice) Ms. Attitude Taneja
T – What did you address me right now???
K – Ms. Attitude Taneja so what.
Twinkle fumes and look at the pond and then at Kunj….
Kunj understands her intensions and said….
K – No Twinkle…..NO….NO….
Twinkle threw water on him from ponds. Kunj runs and finds pipe and smirks….
Twinkle looks at him….
T – Kunj no….no…..
Now Twinkle runs and Kunj was behind him. Kunj opens tap and showers water on Twinkle….Twinkle runs and he was behind him…..Twinkle also gets a pipe and shower water on Kunj….Both of them plays with water and both of them were drenched with water…..and puddles all over….Twinkle was running and Kunj was behind her….He was trying to hold her but his leg slips and falls on the ground. Twinkle look at him and starts to laugh….
K – Aaaaahhhhh……
Twinkle forwards her hand to help him to get up but Kunj pulls her and she also falls on him…..their eyes meet (Bheeg loon from Khamoshiyaan plays in BG). They break their eye contact and she lay on the side of Kunj and both of them were laughing at their childish behavior……….
Twinkle and Kunj went inside the house. They were all drenched as well as covered with soils. Meera and Neelam were giggling at their condition but control them….
M & B – Oh my God what happened to both of you???
Twinkle and Kunj signs each other.
K& B – Tum log dono decide kar lo kiske wajah se yeh hua hai phir hum log ko batana. (And both of them smiles).
Twinkle and Kunj was embarrassed and they leave from there.

Kunj comes out his room in jogging dress and was going out when he listen aerobic song To Brazil and follow the song and land up near a room which was closed. He opens the door a bit and was amazed to see someone……the camera now shows the room. A girl was dancing very gracefully and she was none other than Twinkle…..
She was all over sweaty and looking damn hot in her grey sporty and black gym pant. She notices Kunj staring at her. She went near to him. She asked him what happen with her eyes and he nods in nothing. She smiles and takes towel from his hand and wipes her sweat. He looks at her.
T – Are you going out for jogging???
K – (Staring at her) Yes.
T – If you don’t mind can I join you???
K – Yah sure.
T – So let’s go.
K – You will go like this.
He was looking at her dress. Twinkle also stares at her dress.
T – What’s wrong in my dress??
K – Nothing. But if you’ll go like this then others won’t be able to work out.
Twinkle laughs and understands his possessiveness….
T – Wait a min.
She went inside her room and bring jacket and wears it.
T – Now is it ok.
K (Smiles) – Yup.
Both of them went for a jogging.
Twinkle and Kunj are jogging when some men starts to follow Twinkle. Kunj notice this and went behind Twinkle. Kunj crosses men and all of the sudden pull Twinkle towards the tree and hugs her. Twinkle was shocked at his behavior. Before Twinkle could say something…..
K – Some ppl are following you…..
Twinkle looks at them and starts to make the hug a passionate one to show them that they are couple……she caresses his hair and it looks like that they are kissing each other…..men saw them and leaves from there.
T – Thank you so much….but you could have fight with them also……
K (Smiles) – Your welcome….I would have fight with them…firstly I would have beat him then he would have beat me back then I would have return his favour then you would come and tell me that why have you done all this….and by the way you are not wearing sari or dupatta that you would have tear it and dressed my wounds…… (Laughs)
T – (Attitude look) very funny…….
K – (Smiles) ok sorry…..now I think we should go home and already we are jogging for past 2hrs.
T – Yah we should leave.
Everyone was on the breakfast table. Twinkle and Kunj arrived.
Twinj – Good Morning everyone. I think we should take shower first.
L – Yah beta.
Twinj left.

Twinkle and Kunj comes down. Chinki, UV and his mom (Rinki) also come to Taneja’s house for Twinkle’s hand.
L – Namaste ji
Rinki (R) – Namaste.
They all went to sit on sofa. Twinkle sits beside Rinki and Kunj stands behind Twinkle. Bebe, Meera and all the family members also come there.
R – Bachcho ne toh aapko to bataya hi hoga ki woh dono ek dusre se pasand karte hain……usi silsile mein main aaj baat karne aayi hoon.
Bebe was shocked to listen that Twinkle loves someone whereas Meera, Payel and Geet was sad.
L – (Smiles) haan ji Twinkle puttar mujhe bataya tha aur mujhe koi aitraaz bhi nae hai lekin ek gal hai ji
R – Woh kya hai ji????
L – Twinkle se badi Prachi hai pehle uski shaadi hogi phir Twinkle ki…….
R – Ji koi gal nae….agar aapko aitraaz na ho toh kya sirf un dono ka roka kar diya jaye jab aap chahe
L – Changa hai ji lekin abhi Priya ki shaadi hai uske baad hm in dono ka roka kar denge
R – Theek hai ji……ab mujhe ijaazat de jane ke liye
Rinki leaves but Yuvraj and Chinki stayed because Choreographer Prince was coming to teach them dance for sangeet……..
The episode ends on UV and Chinki’s face……….
………………………….-15th EPISODE-………………………..

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Credit to: Shamz

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