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So let’s start the show….
The episode start with Twinkle went to her room. Granny and Payel are relieved that she doesn’t love Yuvi, so they have a chance to make Twinkle and Kunj Twinj…..
Twinkle is in her room wondering that why she was smiling. Then only her phone rings and it flashes Kunj.
T – Hello.
K – I know you were thinking of me only but plz stop because I’m having hiccups.
T – (Unknowingly) how do you know??
K (Smiles) – Really you were thinking of me only.
Twinkle comes into senses.
T (Lies) – No I was not thinking about I was thinking about Uv.
K (Teasingly) – Ohhh someone is deeply in love.
T (Innocently) – Really
K – Yup.
T (Thinks) – No this can’t happen. I can’t love Kunj. I’ve already given my commitment to someone.
Twinkle was not responding to Kunj.
K – Twinkle…Twinkle…
Twinkle comes out from her thinking
T – Kunj if you don’t mind can we talk later as I’m very tired and weird thing is happening so I think I need a good sleep.
K – Ok bye.
They end the call.
Everyone is on the dining table.
B – Tomorrow we have to go Sarna’s house as they invited us on their daughter’s wedding.
Manohar – Sorry Bebe I and Anand won’t be able to come tomorrow as we are leaving for New York for some important work.
Usha – I’m also going as they are going for 10 days and I know them very well they won’t be able to take care of themselves. Sorry Bebe.
Tanvi (Anand’s wife) – Sorry Bebe me too won’t be able to go as I’ve to go Mumbai for charity event.
B (Sadly) – Then no one will go.
Geet – Why are you sad Bebe?? Bhai and I will go with you. Tell bhai you are coming with us na??
K (Confused) – Ok.
Anita – Bebe you didn’t asked me to come with you….
B – I didn’t ask you because Surjeet is coming back from Delhi.
Payel is on the terrace and walking left right as she was very much tensed because of Twinkle word. She calls Geet.
G – Hello Payel, is everything ok???
Pa – No nothing is ok.
G – What happened????
Payel narrates whole story what Twinkle told to Geet.
G – Don’t worry we are coming tomorrow to stay with you all and guess what.
Pa – What???
G – Bhai is also coming with us to stay at your place.
Pa – Wow, it’s great news.
G – Yah. I’m sleepy Bye.
Pa – Bye.
Taneja’s are on the breakfast table.
Twinkle phone’s ring and it flashes UV’s name.
T – Hello UV.
U – I’m very happy today.
T – Why???
U – Mom is ready for our marriage. She said yes and now its your turn to ask your mom.
T – Ok. I’m asking. Bye.
U – Bye.
T – Mom.
L – What happen Beta???
T – Mom, actually (long pause) UV had proposed me.
She closed her eyes in fear.
L (ANGRY LOOK) – What……
T (Still her eyes are closed) – I didn’t said yes or no to him. We want yours acceptance and if you all agree then only we will proceed.
L (Smiles) – I don’t have any problem if you love him then who am I to stop you because at the end you both have to live together not me. And by the way how many years we are going to live.
Twinkle gets emotional and hugs her mom….
T – Mom…..I love you.
Leela cups Twinkle face.
L – I love you too Beta and your happiness comes first.
T – Mom today UV’s mom is going to come to ask my hand for his son.
L – Ok beta.
Meera and Payel get sad whereas Priya and Prachi is very happy for Twinkle.
After sometime Bebe, Kunj and Geet arrived.
Meera (Smiles) – Neelam ji namaste. Aaye aaye ander aye. Shrishti (Daya) Lassi le kar ana…..
Daya – Ji main abhi le kar aayi….
Kunj and Geet was awww at first looking at Meera because she was wearing red long skirt till knee and black top.
G (To Kunj) – Bhai yeh log to humlog se bhi zyada modern hai.
Meera listening to Geet words says…
M – Yah puttar I’m very modern because I have no other choice if her granddaughters are so s*xy then how can her granny be so old fashioned.
Kunj and Geet looks at each other in surprised.
M – Beta I’m modern but that doesn’t mean you forget your traditions (Smiles). Won’t you take elder’s blessings?
K & G – Yah….yah….
Both of them touch Meera’s feet.
K & T – Pairi pona Daadi.
M – Beta plz don’t call me daadi call me Granny or s*xy.
Everyone laughs. Twinkle also comes down and greets Bebe and touches her feet. Payel and Geet hugged each other.
Pa – Geet come with me I’ll show you my room and if you like it then you can sleep with me. What say??
G – Ok (Smiles)
PAGEE (Payel & Geet) went upstairs.
M – Twinkle puttar Kunj ko apna ghar dikha. Neelam ji aaye hmlog thodi gappe kare.
T – Ok s*xy. Come Kunj.
Meera winks.
B – Yeh dono ek saath kitne achche lagte hain na…
M – Haan.
Kunj and Twinkle are walking on the lawn. She shows him small pond with fishes.
T – Look Kunj this is my favorite place…whenever I’m very sad I always comes here and spend some time with them and feel fresh.
K – So you like fishes….
T – Not like but love (Smiles)…I remember when I was small I always bring fishes and secretly keep them in my bathroom but one day I was caught and got scold from my mom. (Laughs)
Kunj looks at her and was mesmerized at her beautiful laugh.
The episode ends at Kunj looking Twinkle and she is laughing….
………………………….-14th EPISODE-………………………
I hope you are enjoying it………
PRECAP – Twinj cute fights and embarrassments
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Credit to: Shamz

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