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The episode starts with Twinj is in the coffee shop taking selfies and becoming crazzyyy for selfies. They start to take close pics without realizing that they had come so close to each other then they start to mimic the pics where one pic was of Raj Kapoor and Nargis where she was in the arm of Raj. Twinkle calls waiter and ask him to take their pic where they were mimicking Raj Kapoor and Nargis. Twinkle falls in the arm of Kunj and their eyes meet (Sajna Ve plays in BG) and they get lost in each other eyes and waiter took their snaps.
Waiter – Ma’am your phone.
Both of them are lost in each other so they didn’t answer the waiter.
W – (Louder) Ma’am your phone.
Twinkle gets up and they compose themselves. They went back to their seats and look here and there. The waiter brings coffee for them. Still they are not speaking to each other and having their coffee. Twinkle notice froth moustache on Kunj’s face and starts laughing.
K – Is something there in your coffee???
T (Laughing) – No. Actually your face… (Laughs)
K – What happened to my face???
T – Wait.
She takes her phone and click Kunj’s photo and shows him. Kunj also starts laughing and wipes his face but some froth was there at the side of his lips.
K – Removed now??
T – No.
And she sign him but he was unable to remove it so Twinkle takes napkin and starts to remove it. Kunj looks at her.
T – Why are you looking at me like this???
K – Actually I was thinking how filmy it’s looking that a boy is unable to move and his girl friend is helping her and they share an eye lock.
Twinkle firstly stares at him for his words then starts to laugh.
T – But I’m not your girl friend.
K – (Doing his fav one eyebrow look) so you are my boy friend.
Both of them laugh.
T – Kunj I think we should leave now because I have to many work.
K – What work??
T – Firstly I’ve to invite your family for marriage then I’ve to look after all the preparations of the marriage function as this is my first wedding assignment. Actually I did Event Management course…
K – Wow great.
T – Great???
K – Actually we are starting SARNA’S EVENT here in India so we were looking an event manager. So if you don’t mind will you like to be a part of our business?
T (Smiles) – Why not.
K – So Deal.
T – Deal.
Both of them leave for Sarna’s Mansion.

Twinkle and Kunj arrived. Bebe was telling his servant to make Kunj’s favorite food aloo ka paratha with lots of cream. Bebe was very happy because she came to know about Kunj and Alisha’s breakup. Bebe saw them coming.
B – Kunj aur Twinkle puttar tum dono yahan aur woh bhi ek saath. Main koi suhaana sapna toh nahi dekh rahi hoon.
K&T – Bebe aap bhi naa.
Bebe (holds her head) – main koi sapna hi dekh rahi hoon Kunj aur Twinkle bina jhagre itti der tak kabhi nahi reh sakte.
Kunj and Twinkle stares each other and starts to laugh. They both went near Bebe and give her peck on her cheeks together and says
K&T – Bebe yeh sapna nae hai sach mein aisa ho raha hai.
K – Hmlg ab frnds ban gaye hai…in fact hmlog dono ek saath business bhi shuru kar rahe hai.
Bebe becomes very happy because now Twinkle and Kunj will spend more time with each other and will get to know each other.
Bebe was lost in her thoughts when Kunj interrupts
K – Bebe ab aashirvaad bhi de do taaki hamara yeh business hamare saare business ki tarah safalta ki oochaayi chume.
T – Haan Bebe aashirvaad to dena padhega.
Kunj and Twinkle both touches Bebe’s feet.
B – Zindagi mein humesha saath raho aur safalta prapt karo. Waise bhi meri aashirvaad tum dono ke saath humesha hai.
Bebe kiss Kunj and Twinkle’s forehead.
T – Main toh bhool hi gayi bolna jiske liya main yahan aayi hoon.
B – Ki hua puttar??
T – Bebe my big sis Priya DI’s wedding function is going to start from tomorrow so my granny want you with all your family members to come and stay with us till wedding gets over.
B – (Smiles) Lak lak Badhaiyaan tum logon ko…we all will come so you tell your granny that start the preparations Sarna’s are going to come tomorrow for staying with you all. (Smiles)
T – Thank You so much Bebe. I think I should leave now.
B – Aise kaise tum jaa sakti ho aaj maine special khana banvaaya hai tumhe khaa kar jana padhega.
Twinkle give up as she can’t disrespect elders so she sits on the lunch table.
Kunj smells.
K – Aaloo ka paratha…thank you so much Bebe I just love it
B – I know puttar you like aaloo ka paratha that is why I asked servant to make all your favorite things. (Smiles)
Kunj thinks for a while (and make one eyebrow pose)
K – Bebe, is my b’dae today???
B – No, puttar.
Twinkle smiles seeing their bonding.
B – Twinkle puttar, you are not eating anything.
T – I’m eating Bebe. (Smiles)
After some cute moments between Kunj and Bebe…………..
T – Bebe I think I should leave now.
Twinkle turns to leave but
B – Wait Twinkle puttar, Kunj will drop you at your place.
K – Yah sure. I’ll drop you.
Kunj and Twinkle leave. They reached Taneja’s Mansion. Twinkle gets out of the car and went near Kunj’s gate
T – Plz come in.
K – Not today and by the way I’m coming tomorrow.
T – Ok. Then bye and take care. (Smiles)
K – (Smiles) bye.
Twinkle gets inside her house and Kunj look at her going and he also left.

Twinkle comes with smiley face. Payel and Meera (Granny) look at her and smiles.
Pa – Someone is smiling.
Twinkle listen her and asked…
T – Who is smiling???
Meera and Payel laughs
Pa – Di you are smiling.
T – Are you mad?? Why will I laugh without any reason???
Pa – I think you are in love with that guy.
T – Stop it. I was with Mr. Towel Sarna…I mean Kunj and how come I love him…no ways I won’t love him and I’m already in a relationship.
Payel and Meera were shocked to hear that.
M & Pa – Whom???
T – Actually I don’t know whether I love him or not but he loves me and he proposed me also…
Pa & M (Sad) – Who is he???
T – Yuvi.
Pa – Di did you accept his proposal??
T – I said him that if our family members will be happy then we will marry each other.
Payel and Meera get relieved….
The screen freezes on Twinkle, Payel and Meera’s face.
………………………….-13th EPISODE-…………………….

Precap – Kunj and Twinkle cute talk…..

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Credit to: Shamz

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