Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 12

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The episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj are lying unconscious on the floor. Twinkle gets conscious and gets up and finds Kunj lying unconscious. She panicked and starts rubbing his hand then she went near table and brings water and splash on him. He regains consciousness.
T – Kunj, are you fine? I’m so sorry that I brought you here….I’m so sorry.
K – Its ok Twinkle you have not done anything wrong but you helped me to get rid of her. Thank you so much.
They both get up and leave the hotel. Twinkle and Kunj are walking on the parking space…
K – I’m so sorry Twinkle.
Twinkle looks at him with questioned face…
K – Actually when you came at my place to tell me the truth about her I behaved very rudely with you and today also because of me you got hurt I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for not trusting you and trusting that creep.
T – It’s ok whatever you did was human nature if I were in your place then I would have done the same. You and Alisha were together for past 3 years and we hardly know each other. (Smiles)
K – (Smiles) Friends.
Kunj moves his hand towards Twinkle. Twinkle readily shakes hand with him.
T – Friends.
Kunj notices cut on her forehead .
K – Come with me.
T – Where???
Kunj holds her hand and takes her to his car and took out first aid box from his car and took out ointment and starts to apply on her cut…..
T – Ooouch
K – I’m so sorry….
Twinkle smiles at his care…. Kunj blows on her cut and Twinkle closes her eyes…..
K – Done, now you can leave.
Both exchanged smiles….and they left in their respective cars.

Twinkle and her family are on the breakfast table.
Leela – Twinkle Beta, from tomorrow onwards wedding preparation has to be start so you should start your preparation.
T – Yes mom.
M – Twinkle I want Neelam ji’s family here so today itself you go and invite them here.
T – Ok s*xy.
Payel – Di plz drop me to my school as today is my first day in my school after vacation.
T – Earlier you don’t like me to come with you then why today?
Payel – Plz di.
L – Twinkle beta le ja na.
T – Ok mom.
Payel smiles and they leave.
Twinkle and Payel reached SSY School and on the other hand Geet and Kunj also reached there as Geet will continue her studies in same school.
Geet and Payel looks at each other and winks.
Geet calls Payel.
Pa – Hello Geet. How are you?? Is everything ok??? You called me so late at this time of night.
G – Yah everything is ok. Actually I called you for a help.
Pa – Help???
G – Yah. Actually my bro used to love Alisha but she used him and Twinkle di helped him to get rid of her. I think they both are made for each other. I don’t know for how many years I was trying to bring her real face infront of my bro but failed and Twinkle sort it out in 1 day only. Babaji also want them together. So I have a plan that will make them closer to each other.
Pa – Actually I also think same. I’m with you. So tell me the plan.
G – Tomorrow our school is going to start so I’ll ask my bro to drop me and you’ll ask your sis and then….. (The plan is muted).
Flashback ends.

Payel goes to meet Geet and pretends that they co incidentally met each other.
Pa – Hello Kunj bhaiya. How are you???
K – I’m fine. You, here.
Pa – I’m from this school only.
K – Wow. It’s great. Now Geet will have friend now (Smiles)
Kunj looks at Twinkle who was busy in starting her bike but it was not starting.
K – You girls talk I’m coming in a min.
Pa&Ge – Ok Bhai.
They giggles and do hifi.

Payel went near Twinkle’s bike and takes out petrol from it so that she won’t be able to come back from school in her bike. She calls Geet.
Pa – Geet, work done (Smiles)
Flashback ends
Kunj went near Twinkle.
K – Hi!
T – Oh hi! You are here??
K – Actually my sis got admission in this school only.
T – Oh.
K – Any problem.
T – Yah I’ve to go to your house but my bike’s petrol has exhausted. Don’t know how. Yesterday only I filled petrol.
K – If you don’t mind I can give you lift as you are going to my place only.
T – But my bike….
K – Don’t worry my driver will fill your bike and keep it at your place. (Smiles)
T – Ok.
They head toward Kunj’s car.
Kunj (To driver) – Driver ji I’ll take this car on my own you take that bike fill petrol and keep it at Taneja’s house.
Dri – Ok sir.
Kunj goes and open the gate of car for Twinkle and went to driver seat for driving the car. The car stops in the traffic. A small boy knocks the window of his car.
Boy – Uncle gulaab le lo na apni Girl friend ke liye… (Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other awkwardly) ladkiyon ko phool bohot achcha lagta hai plz…subah se ek bhi bony nahi hua hai…meri behen abhi tak bhooki hai.
Kunj gets melted to see the love of small boy towards his sis so he bought flowers and give him rs.500 to him.
Boy – Uncle sirf rs.150 ka hai.
K (Smiles) – Koi baat nahi aap rakh lo meri taraf se gift samajh kar.
Boy (Smiles) – Thank you sir. Aap log dono humesha ek saath rahe happy happy. And he runs from there.
Traffic signal gets green and they left.

While driving…..
K – If u don’t mind can I give you this rose bunch to you bcoz what will I do with this and that boy also told that girls like roses.
T – (Smiles) I won’t mind to take this bcoz he said right that girls like roses and I too like it a lot….
Twinkle smells the roses…..
K – If you don’t mind I would like to ask one more thing.
T – What????
K – Will you like to come with me for a coffee now? Actually I want to give you treat for helping me as well as express how much I’m feeling guilty for that day.
T – It’s ok Kunj. You don’t need to do so much thing and by the way we are friends now so in friendship no sorry and no thank you. Well for coffee I won’t reject because I love coffee so yes we can go for a coffee but not for your guilt but for our friendship. (Smiles)
K (Smile) – Ok.
They went to a coffee shop.
Kunj and Twinkle sits at the end near a wall. The wall was decorated with famous pose of bollywood superstars Raj Kapoor’s, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, etc. They order cold coffee with brownie and ice-cream. While they were waiting for their order, Twinkle starts to take selfies and dualfies with Kunj.
The episode ends on Kunj and Twinkle. Both of them are taking dualfies.
…………………..- 12th EPISODE-……………………..
Precap – Twinkle is in kunj’s arm and both of them are lost in each other
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