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So let’s begin the show…

The episode starts with Alisha taps UV shoulder and UV turns
A – Hello, Actually I want to say sorry to you once again.
U – It’s ok. (Smiles) How many time you will say sorry to me for such a small mistake. By the way I’m Yuvraj Luthra.
A – (Smiles) I’m Alisha Kapoor.
She calls Kunj whereas UV calls Twinkle. UV and Alisha introduce themselves to Kunj and Twinkle.

Twinkle and her sis are busy in preparation as Rishi and his family is invited for a dinner before starting wedding preparations……

T – Oh my god! I don’t have any dress for today’s dinner.
Prachi – Why are you so tensed??? Let’s go for a shopping.
Payel – Even I was thinking to go for a shopping.
T – So let’s go for a shopping.
They all went for a shopping. They bought traditional dress for the evening get together. After shopping all of them were exhausted and hungry.
Payel – Di, I’m very hungry. Let’s go CCD Express.
All of them agreed and they went to CCD Express.
Twinkle and her sis orders drinks for them when Twinkle saw someone and goes near them and she was none other than Alisha with some other guy kissing each other. Twinkle was shocked to see her like that. Twinkle went to her and asked…
T – How could you cheat someone when you are already in a relationship???
A (Hell angry) – Who the hell are you to teach me what to do and what not to do haan??? And by the way he is just a time pass for me and Danish (The guy she was kissing) already knows this. And by the way he (Kunj) loves me but I don’t love him. If you have seen everything then listen one more thing that I love his money. I’ll marry him and then divorced him and asked huge alimony from him.
She laughs evilly. Twinkle gets frustrated and leaves from there and went to her sis.
Payel – Di, why are you so angry?? Is everything Ok???
T (Coldly) – Yah I’m absolutely fine. Actually I’ve to leave. Some important work has to be done.
She leaves from there and her sis looks her with questioned face.
Twinkle reached Sarna’s Mansion. She went inside and rushes to Kunj’s room. She opens Kunj’s room door and went inside the room.
T – Kunj I know we are not friends but I want to say something that Ali….
Before she could complete her sentence Kunj pinned her toward wall and holds her shoulder very tightly.
K (Angry) – Who the hell are you to interfere in my life haan??
Twinkle was puzzled listening to his words.
T – What are you saying haan???
K (Hell Angry) – What am I saying??? How could you stoop so low??? What did you told Alisha that she is cheating on me? What’s wrong in hugging your best friend and by the way I know Danish very well he is my best buddy.
Twinkle was shocked listening to this and could not utter any word. She jerks him off and went out of his room. Alisha was standing outside his room.
A – Chu chu chu chu so sad Twinkle you went to save him but he didn’t listen to you baby awww.

Alisha comes to know that Twinkle knows Kunj’s family so she went to Kunj’s room crying.
K – Baby why are you crying? Did somebody tell you something??
A (Fake crying) – Actually Danish had come today so we met each other in CCD cafe where Twinkle was also present and she saw us hugging and mistaken that I was cheating on you. She told bad words to me. She hugs him.
Kunj was hell angry listening to this.
Flashback ends

A – What do you think of yourself that you are very smart that you will come here and destroy my plan? No baby I’ve given my three years to him and he blindly trust me so leave him and enjoy your life.
She leaves from there.
T (Self talk) – What do you think of yourself Alisha?? This is true that today I failed to bring your truth in front of him but I challenged you that in two days your truth will be in front of him.
Twinkle also leaves from there.

Everyone is having dinner then the guest leave from there. Twinkle is on the balcony talking on her phone.
T – I want you to keep an eye on her and you’ll tell me if she goes in any hotel or restaurant.
And she cuts the phone.
Twinkle calls Kunj.
K – Hello. Who’s this?
T – Hello Kunj. Please don’t cut the phone. Actually I called you to say I’m sorry for yesterday. I really don’t know that they were friends.
K – You should say sorry to Alisha not me.
T – Ok no problem I’ll tell her also.
K – I’m giving her phone so say sorry to her not me.
Kunj’s hands phone to Alisha.
A – Hello.
T – I’m so sorry Alisha I was highly mistaken. Please forgive me.
A (Fake Smiles) – It’s ok Twinkle.
Alisha hands over the phone to Kunj.
K – Ok bye.
T – Kunj wait I want to say one more thing.
K – What??
T – Friends.
K (Smiles) – Friends.
They cut the phone.

2:00 PM
Twinkle gets a call.
T – Hello did you get any info.
Man – Yes ma’am she went to hotel 5 stars.
T – Great. Follow her and see where she is going.
Man follows Alisha.
Man – Ma’am she went to room no 226.
T – You keep an eye on her and don’t let her go from there.
Man – Ok ma’am.
She cuts the call and calls Kunj.
K – Hello, whats up.
T – Actually since we are friend now so I thought lets go out today.
K – When??
T – Now.
K – Ok. So where you want to go Ms. ATTI…I mean Twinkle
T – Hotel 5 stars.
They reached Hotel 5 stars.
K – You didn’t get any better place than this.
T – Stop it Kunj. Let’s go.
They went inside the hotel. It is very cheap hotel.
K – Seriously you want to come in this hotel.
T – Yah. Wait here I’m coming in a min.
She went to meet that man.
T – Woh log abhi bhi yahin hai kya??
Man – Yes ma’am.
Twinkle goes to Kunj.
T – Come let’s go.
K – Are you sure you want to go??
T – Don’t waste time come with me
They head toward room no 226.

Inside room no 226 Alisha is making out with Danish.
Twinkle and Kunj reached room no 226.
Danish – I asked room service to bring wine for us.
He went to open door (He is not wearing shirt). He opens the door and shocked to see Twinkle and Kunj over there. Kunj was also shocked to him like that.
A – Baby, kitna time lag raha hai wine lene mein.
When she didn’t get answer from Danish then she also comes there wearing short lacy, off shoulder net night gown. She was also shocked to see Kunj over there.
A – Kuunnjjj….. (In a low voice)
Kunj was hell shocked to see Alisha in that state. His eyes was not able to stop his tears.
A – Kunj this not true….
He went towards Danish and gives him a big tight slap and he falls on the table. His lips get a cut. Twinkle and Alisha cups their face in fright. Kunj beats him blue and black.
K – How could you betray me?? I always treat you like my brother and you stab me on my back.
Kunj was about to beat him with metal vase but Twinkle holds him but he jerks and she falls and get hit with side table.
T – Aaaahhhh.
She faints. Kunj looks at her and from back Danish attacks him with vase and he also faints. Alisha and Danish runs from there.
The screen freezes on Kunj and Twinkle who were lying on the floor.
…………………………- 11th EPISODE-……………………………..

PRECAP – Twinkle and Kunj went on a coffee date…..

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Credit to: Shamz

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