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The episode starts with UV waiting outside Taneja’s Mansion when Twinkle comes out of her house and UV was mesmerized with her beauty….
U – You are looking stunning.
T – (Blushes) thank you. Well someone is looking hot today and she smiles.
They both laugh and went to car and reaches HOTEL SID-A-MIN. UV comes out of his car and open Twinkle’s side gate and asked her for her hand. She readily gives him her hand. They walk inside the hotel and he took her in a room (dark) part of a restaurant. UV switches on the lights and Twinkle was stunned to see the room was beautifully decorated. The walls of the room were covered with Twinkle pictures. Floor was covered with rose petals and balloons with ribbons were hanging from the ceiling. The projector on the wall was showing Twinkle’s childhood pictures. UV snaps twice and some men come in and start playing violin. The whole environment was very romantic.

U – So did you like my surprise???
T (Excited) – Of course! It’s amazing.
UV claps and waiter brings a cake on which Twinkle’s photo was imprinted on it. Twinkle was overwhelmed with all the surprise she got so far.
T – How many surprises have you planned for me???
U – Many more to go first come and cut the cake.
They made each other eat.
UV again claps and something is shown on the projector seeing which Twinkle was shocked. Now camera shows the projector where Shah Rukh Khan is singing song which is specially made for Twinkle. Suddenly rose petal falls on her. She looks up and twirls in happiness. UV pulls her toward himself and kneels down…
U – Shall I have an honor to dance with a beautiful lady?
T – Sure.
She gives her hand to him and dances on Tum hi ho from Aashiqui 2. After dance UV again kneels down and takes out ring from his pocket and propose her by saying
U – Will you marry me??
Twinkle was shocked listening this as she never seen UV like that but she thinks
T (Thinks) – One day I have to marry someone and it’s better to marry known guy than unknown guy. UV is good looking and loves me and what more I want.
T – Yes
UV is very happy to listen an about to make her wear ring but Twinkle stops him.
T – Yes I do but before accepting your ring I want our family to know about this and if they are happy with this then only I’ll accept this ring. (She smiles)
UV gets up and hugs her.
U – I know they will accept us. So let’s celebrate.

Kunj and Alisha are also having dinner in that restaurant only. They are served with pastries.
K – We didn’t order any pastries.
Waiter – Sir, actually a person wants to share his happiness with everyone present here so he asked to serve this cake to everyone.
K – So sweet of him.
The waiter gives them pieces of cake where Kunj gets a piece on which Twinkle’s smiling lips is imprinted on it. Kunj saw that and lost in thoughts.

Twinkle is talking with Bebe and smiling. Her hairs are flying as winds are keen to touch her and rejuvenate their freshness.
Kunj was lost in Twinkle’s thoughts. Alisha snaps in front of his eyes and he gets back into senses.
A – Where were you lost???
K – (Unknowingly) TWINKLE
A – Twinkle???
He realizes what he just said and to make it up…
K – Twinkle Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky
A – What nonsense is this Kunj; are you out of your mind????
K- Baby I mean to say that you are star for me and you glow like a diamond (Smiles)
A – So sweet of you baby I thought that you were thinking of some other girl…
K – (Thinks) Baal baal bache. Yeh ladki (Twinkle) mujhse door reh kar bhi mere life mein siyappa kar deti hai.
Alisha goes to hug him with a juice glass on her hand and by mistake juice falls on Kunj.
A – I’m so sorry baby. I’m so sorry
K – Its ok baby calm down.

UV claps and a waiter brings champagne for them. UV opens it with tashan and pours in two glasses and offers one to Twinkle and they both cheers. Champagne spills on Twinkle’s gown.
U – I’m so sorry Twinkle.
T – No problem I’m coming in just two min.
Twinkle went out of her room and heads toward washroom. Twinkle is looking at her gown and walking from one side and Kunj is walking from opposite side and he is also looking at his coat. They both bumped into each other and Twinkle falls on his arm. They both shared a long eye lock (Bas itni si tamanna plays in the BG). Kunj gets lost in her beauty as she was looking very beautiful and hot. Twinkle breaks the eye lock but Kunj keeps on staring at her. She looks here and there so that he leaves her but he was not responding.
T – Kunj….Kunj
He was not in a mood to leave one chance to gaze at her beauty. Twinkle taps him and he comes into senses and pulls her up but then also he didn’t leave her hand.
T – My hand
K (Staring her) – What happened to your hand???
She shows him that he was holding her hand. To cover up his guilt (Staring at her and holding her hand)
K – Why do you have to fall near me only??? I know I’m very handsome and girls fall for me but control yourself.
T – You are highly mistaken dude. You and handsome hah. Do you really think that you have an effect on me idiot.
She turns to leave but Kunj holds her hand and pulls her toward himself and her hand rested on his chest. They are very close to each other. Kunj moves his hand on her bare waist and pulls her more close towards himself.
K – No effect on you.
T – No.
He runs his index finger on her face but she ignores and turns her face. He turns her face towards his face holding her chin and makes her hair behind her ears. She closes her eyes while he was does this. He sees her lips and moves towards her lips. Both of them closed their eyes and moves towards each other lips. They were few cm apart when suddenly Twinkle opens her eyes and pushes him and runs from there without saying anything. Kunj stand there…
K – (Self talk) what I was going to do??? I was going to kiss Ms. ATTITUDE QUEEN (He smiles but suddenly fades away) no…no…I can’t do this. I love Alisha and I won’t cheat her.
Kunj also proceed towards gents’ washroom. After sometime both of them comes out of washroom but ignores each other and leave for respective partners.

Twinkle comes there lost in thoughts what had happened with Kunj. She goes and sits on the chair.
U – Twinkle, are you ok???
T – Hmm, why are asking this question???
U – Actually you came after 15 min i.e.???
T (Fake smile) – I’m perfectly fine.

Kunj is also lost in thoughts. Alisha also asks same question to Kunj and he gives same answer.
Twinkle and Yuvraj is talking and on the other hand Kunj and Alisha is also talking.
U – Twinkle I’m coming in just two min.
UV comes out of his room and from other side Alisha is coming but busy texting. They both collided.
UV – I’m so sorry.
A – I’m so sorry.
They both went in opp. direction.
After some time UV brings chocolate bouquet for Twinkle. Twinkle was very happy as she loves chocolates. Twiraj leaves from there. On the other hand Kunj and Alisha also leaves.

Alisha saw ice cream vendor and drags Kunj there.
Twiraj are also walking on the road.
U – Do you like to have some ice cream your highness???
T – Yah sure. (Smiles)
They also went to same ice cream vendor.
U – Bhaiya do feast dena.
Kunj and Alisha were standing nearby. Kunj and Twinkle were lost in some thoughts so they didn’t notice each other. Alisha comes near UV and taps his shoulder. He turns…
The screen freeze
…………………..-10th EPISODE-………………..

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Credit to: Shamz

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