Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 1


Hello guys welcome to TASHAN E WORLD. Its a world of imagination……if u guys lyks my fiction then plz do comment b’coz according to ur reaction I’ll post further…. 🙂
So let the show Begins…..

The episode start with a bungalow is shown from outside where TANEJA is written on the name plate….now the screen shifts inside the house where a leg is shown (wearing blue jeans ) walking towards the room. She is we jeans ) walking towards the room. She is wearing black high heels shoes ( the camera is showing from back ) she is wearing pink top and her hair is open and flowing (now the camera is showing from front) it is revealed that she is an old lady in sixties and none other than MEERA TANEJA . She opens the room gate (dark room) and switch on the light and says –
Meera (M) – Sweethearts GOOD MORNING…its time to get up from the bed
Three girls are shown sleeping face covered with blanket.
All three girls – Only 5 min s*xy granny
Meera (M) – No 5 mins get up or else I’ll throw water on u all and I mean it
All three of them wake up and says “GOOD MORNING” and they widen their eyes and opens their mouth in amazement and says s*xY…..
M (blushes) – how am I luking ??
Prachi (Pr)– s*xy u are luking damn hot today… ppl are going going to be flat today (in a teasing tone)
M (broad smile) – Thank u puttar..I’m going to watch SHAH RUKH KHAN’S movie FAN and woh bhi first day first show.
Payel is still in a shock seeing granny in a high heels
Payel (Pa) – Somebody plz pinch me….
Priya – (Shaking Payel ) Its a reality not a dream…
M – Where is Twinle ?? I didn’t see her today
then only camera shifts to a room with a room where a girl is doing aerobics . Her moves is shown which is done very gracefully. She is sweating . the girl is wearing black sporty and a gym pant . Her eyes are shown . It is very beautiful and have the power to mesmerize anyone. Then her pink lips is shown and again from back her toned body is shown .
Meera voice is heard….

M – TWINKLE puttaaaarrrr
now her full face is shown . She is very beautiful and had a power to mesmerize anybody. She smiles (her killer smile will make ppl crazyy)
Twinkle (T) – OMG dadi u r luking damn hot
M (smiles) – I know that… aakhir daadi kiski hoon… nd u only tell if granddaughter is so beautiful then how can her daadi be left behind (laughs)
They both laughs
T(emotionally)- OOh daadi I love u….. u r world’s best daadi
They both hugs each other…while in hugging position
M – and u world’s best granddaughter… I luv u too puttar
T – itne hot bankar jaa kaha rahe ho aap ??? (teasingly)
M- I’m going to watch my SRK’s movie… I’m going or else I’ll miss my first scene bye take care of ur self
T- Bye

A showroom is shown where elegant as well as antique jewelry is showcased…everyone is seeing someone and greeting Good Morning…
Girl(G) – ma’am today u are having meeting with Mr. Khanna.
A lady with a plates is shown . She is wearing simple and elegant salwar suit and a pearl neck piece. She is none other than Leela Taneja
Leela(L)- at wat tym the meeting is ???
G – ma’am at 2 pm
L- I want meeting at Sarna’s hotel and make sure that everything is perfect over there
G- ok ma’am
she leaves…..
………….- 1st episode -…………….
I hope u guys lyk the episode…..plz do comment 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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  1. Shamz it was too good…. n the best part was dadi…lol…keep writing…☺☺

    1. Tysm Shatakshi I’m really happppyyyyy that u liked my fiction….once again ty

  2. Yup it ws jus amazing epi dear loved it do cont soon

    1. Tysm for ur comment I’m really happy that u guys liked my fiction thanks

    2. Tysm Zayb_zikra

  3. Shamz ur an amazing writer…… Loved it……

    1. Tysm Yukku for liking my fiction…and thanks for appreciation

  4. Nice keep.it.up

    1. Tysm Sam for ur comment

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    nice one….

    1. Tysm twinjfan(tamanna) for ur comment

  6. Awesomeeeee….fantastic…..fab…..loved it

    1. Tys Mitali for ur comment and support I’m really very happyyyyyy dat u guys liked my fiction

  7. very nice ?
    next one asap

    1. Tysm SRIJA for ur comment I’m really happyyyy dat u ppl lyked my ff

  8. Mh I must say that this story is really defirent frm othr so I give you 1000 /100 you will definitely rock dear keep it up

    1. Tysm Salma for ur comment u really made my day with your comment…. I hope that I keep it to your expectations

  9. Sorry guys we won’t b able to update next epi asap bcoz telly updates are having some sites nd server maintenance so they update new articles on or after 29th April…

  10. Sorry guys I won’t b able to update next epi asap bcoz telly updates are having some sites nd server maintenance so they update new articles on or after 29th April…

  11. it was very innovative i must say…keep it up dear

    1. Tysm Tara 4 ur comment…. I’m really happy dat u guys liked it

  12. I really loves it..but i didnt read the intro as i didnt use this telly update for a long time..

    1. Tysm Harna 4 loving my ff….I’m really happy that u all are liking my fiction

  13. ist episode is super duper hit
    waiting for next one

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