Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 13)

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Episode 13

Scene 1

In the mall

U = lets first go to buy some groceries.

M =not at all we will first go to buy clothes for me and twinkle

K =not at all i dont have much time . So first free to me

M = no Bhai first our shopping

K =no first mine

M = not at all first mine .

K = first mine

M =first mine

So they starting quareling .

U = enough . Mahi and twinkle you both go and choose ur clothes. And kunj u come with me , we will do rest of the shopping till they choose.

K=yes mom our full shopping will be done , then also we will get reply from them that much is left

Mahi fumes. They all leave .

Mahi and twinkle enters in the showroom of zara

M =watch twinkle , and choose according to your taste . And tell me also so that i can choose for u .

T =mahi i will choose for myself . U go and select for ur self as if that khadoos and aunty g came . Then we will not able to select properly .

Mahi giggles listening khadoos .

M = okey

She leaves .

T =thank god she left otherwise she would have made me buy so many expensive things.

Then twinkle started looking for the clothes.she choses some as it was in her hand

After 1 hour .

Usha and kunj have done almost of their shopping .

U = kunj u go and see if that girls have done or not . U know to mahi na .she will get angry if her billing got late

K = ok ma i will go and check

Twinkle have almost done with the shopping . Just then her eyes catches a beautiful saree .
She checked the price but that was not written . So she called a helper and asked for the price .

H = mam let me ask from anyone .

He leaves . Just then kunj entered the show room . He was unable to seek mahi and then he saw twinkle . He started moving towards her . Before he can call her . . Helper came

H = mam this sari is of 50,000

Twinkle get shocked .

T =so much costly . I will buy later ( with my money) .

She leaves . Kunj gets surprised . Twinkle started searching for mahi . But was unable to .

K = where these 2 girls have gone now ?

Just then he got hit by a girl . And due to un balance she was about to fall . But kunj hold her on time.when he hold her he noticed it was twinkle . They was lost in each other for few seconds . ?????

Just then mahi enters and they both composes themselves . That was a moment of awkwardness .

K = cant u see and walk

T =cant ,u see and walk . As it was ur fault also

K = my fault ha u fell in my arms

T = what

K = i mean u fell . And due to it my arms are started paining u r so much healthy.

T = i m not fat ur brain is fat .

K = what . ……………. still i have brain doesn’t matter it is fat or thin but ur brain less.

T = u…………(before she can speak anything)

M = enough u both its mall not wrestling field.

M = my shopping is done and what about u twinkle

T = my is also done

M = so lets do billing . Bhai u do billing till then me and twinkle will go to ma .

K nods . They went to usha and they see usha waiting for them .

Scene 2

At Luthra’s .

Its morning

Yuvi got up and look at photo . It is decorated with garlands.yuvi stand up and placed a hand on the face of that , lightly .

Yuvi start talking to the photo = Hey i havent expected this from u . I havent expected …………..Twinkle u will leave me alone.

Then he started crying . Just then Chinki enters . yuvi start clearing his face . He keep 1 hand on photo for support but that photo fall down . Yuvi got shocked .

Y = It cant happen . It cant happen (He start murmuring )

C = Bhai plz understand .

Y = Its all because of u if u havent came then this wouldnt happened .

C = Bhai plz…

Yuvi hold chinki’s hand .and throw her out of his room . Chinki started weeping. And started knocking his Room’s door.

C = Bhai plzz open the door.

Inside Yuvi was not able to control his tears . He started crying bitterly .

Then he remincises a flashback


Twiraj left their home . And they were walking on streets , twinkle covered with cloth . Both was unable to utter a single word . Both in confused state . Many questions in their mind but voice got somewhere missing . They were walking without looking to each other .

Just then a person collides with uv . He came to senses and took a look at the person .

Uv = Madhav Uncle you
U r madhav uncle , who was working for my father

M = ya and i was not working for ur father , Iam still working for ur father .

Twiraj gets surprised .

M = Tell me what are u doing here ?

U = Uncle she is my wife TWINKLE (pointing Towards tWinkle )
Twinkle joined her hands in the manner of greeting .

Then Yuvi tells him The wholle incident , How they left their House.

M = NOW where will u both go ?

Uv =Dont know .

M = Then come with me live in my house . My wife have gone to meet my children . I m alone u come with me.

First they refuses but after his much insistence .,they agreed .

And they came in his House

Scene 3

At billing .

K = put these 2 lots in seperate bags

Biller = sir 1 lot are put in these 3 bags and another 1 in this 1 bag.

K = k , how much amount i have to pay .

B = sir these 3 bags amount is 50 k and of this q bag its 5 k . So total u have 2 pay 55 k

K = ok

He pays the amount .

Precap =

Twinkle sang a song .


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