tashan e aashiqui (Episode 9)


Thankew all my readers . and i think now all ur doubts have cleared except about past of twiraj . that will also be revealed soon .

episode 9

Twinkle and usha was busy in watching t v .kunj leaves for office . Just then mahi comes .

M = twinkle u r very sweet . (hugs her )

T = I m not a sugar . ( sweetly )

Usha and mahi both laugh together .

Mahi leaves for the class (practise for fashion show ) . After watching TV when twinkle stand up . She got blurry vision . She immediately sat down , holding her head . Usha noticed her . And panics .

U = what happen twinkle ?

T = aunty g my head is aching , and I m getting blurry vision .

U = many times I told u take rest but u never listen me , come I will take u to ur room and take rest .

Usha took twinkle to her room . And make her lie on the bed . After few mins she got in sleep .

Its evening ,
Kunj and mahi enters .

M = ma where is twinkle?

U = actually she was feeling weak and was telling that she is having head ache . So I advised her to take rest .

Then twinkle came running and sat in temple .and she started crying bitterly .

All look shocked . Mahi and usha also ran after twinkle and holds her .

U = what happen dear .

But twinkle didn’t respond .

M = twinkle speak up .

Twinkle hugs usha tightly and made her sit .

T = (crying and sobbing ) aunty g I saw a lady was trying forcefully to remove my sari . There was so many people around me . I was pleading and begging her , to not do it . But she didn’t listened and she removed my sari forcefully and due to force my blouse also got torn . ……… a

Mahi , kunj and usha all left in tears ………… usha try to console her .

U = beta may be it was a bad dream

T = ( still crying ) n…..oooo… no aunty g I feel like it have some connection with my past and one more thing I was callling her ……………………. (she became silent )

U = what u was calling her ………

T = (sobbing )I was calling her mummy g .

All looked shock .

T = no she can’t be my mother . A mother can’ t do this with her daughter . (Cries ) tell na aunty g she can’t be my mother right na ……….

U = ya , a mother cant do this with her child . It was ur bad dream .

T = nahi aunty g , it was not bad dream …………………. It was some thing from my past ………

U (consoles her ) = stop crying ……………………. Tomorrow we all will go to temple …….. To pray for u ………………so that god gives u power ….

T = but…………….

U = now stop it and now don’t cry ……….. Become a naughty child like morning ……….

T nods ……. They all were still feeling bad for twinkle but doesn’t show her .

M = now get up twinkle and see what I have brought for u ….

T = (sobs) mahhii plzzz

M = no no I told u to stop in the morning but u didn’t , so I now I will also not .

T = k

M opens her bag and shows her a gift .

T = what it is ? (twinkle opens it quickly and found nothing inside her .)

Funny tune plays ..

Twinkle shows if she got angry . Mahi makes puppy face started laughing .

M = m sorry actually I don’t know about ur likes so I brought this. ( and again start laughing )

T don’t say anything to her , just hugged her . Mahi get surprised .

T = I m happy that I got u . (breaking hug ) Will u become my friend .

M gets astonished and now it was time of mahi to give twinkle hug .

U = now enough of ur drama . Kunj and mahi u both go and come 4 dinner .

They both leave .

Vuvi has became lifeless. He Is sitting on chair.and plays a melodyorsweet tune on guitar. A girl comes
and says
Bhai u are always playingthistune, p1
Uv = stop it chinki ,u know it was favorite melody of twinkle and she always said that she love mythis
tune a most.
Chinki =okeywell I came to inform u that mom is callingu down ,as some guesl5 have came.
U=ok Iwill be there 1n2 mins
She leaves.
Uv comes downstairs he forgot to keep guitar he brought it with himself downstairs.
He greet everyone (there was an old couple)
Man noticed guitarin his hand and says= u playguitar. Can u playa songforus.
liv firstly resist. But was unable to resist aftermuch insistence. 11e plays
Aye mere humsafar ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi ham manzil pyar ki (x2)
(He remembered twinkle singing)
Jiskoduaaon mein maanga
Tu hai wahi rehnuma
Tere bina mushqil hai
Ek bhi kadam chalna (x2)
Bin tere kahaan hai manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ikzara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki
(He comes out of imagination).
Naa hum bewafaa ham
Naa pyar hai kam darmiyaan
Par apni taqdeerein
Ham bilkul hi judaa (x2)
Phir kaise milegi manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyar ki

The song ends.

precap = Pandit ( priest of temple ) = I just want to say that the time is near when u all will be tested by lord . Don’t loose faith on him (lord )………………….just remember him(lord) .


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Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Awesome…. Eagerly waiting for the next….

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    Update next soon pls.
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  4. It was really really nice……bt want to ask one question…..that in end it will be a twinj aur twiraj ff….????

    1. Thanks but your question will only be answered by the episodes .

      Have patience

  5. Awesm…nyc epii… eagerly waiting 4 ur next epii…luv u

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  6. Is it twinkle and yuvi’s story

    1. That will be revealed soon

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  7. Amazing epi dear eagerly waiting for d nxt update asap plzzzzzzzzz

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  8. Hi mannat. The episode was nice but twinkle’s past… it was really sad. Just one request that please do re-check after you had written an episode. There are slight mistakes. Sorry if you felt bad but it provides a big distraction for me and maybe some other readers too. Keep up the good work. Take care

    1. Thanks saya . I do agree with you even i felt bad when i read the episode .
      Can u plz pardon me

      1. It’s ok mannat … I know sometimes it happens. I also sometimes make mistakes. ??

  9. sprb yr bt same question cums 2 my mind also purnima u r crct pls tell mannat pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls tell

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  11. Dear Mannat waiting for ur next episode. I also have same question is it a twinj ff or a twiraj??

    1. It’s getting interesting day by day. Loving it

    2. Thanks anushka
      But plz ur question will be revealed soon .

  12. awesome and intresting epi

    1. from where u are?
      in which grade u study? and i know u are commenting right now so i ask

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