tashan e aashiqui (Episode 8)


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episode 8
Then at break fast table . All were there except mahi .

T = aunty where is mahi ?

U = In her room she will b sleeping till now .

T = I will wake her ,

U = are u sure ?

T = yeah (and she went up stairs in mahi’s room )

T = mahi wake up

M = let me sleep

T pulls her blanket . But mahi got no effect .

T (shaking her ) = mahi wake up

M = yr let me sleep

Then an idea got struck in her mind .

T = mahi wake up otherwise ……………

Mahi = otherwise what …………

And she played songs (nachaan farrate maar ke from all is well ) on the music player , kept on the side . And just then she watch the woofers and played it also .

Mahi wakes up instantly and start pleading twinkle to turn it off .

But twinkle didn’t listened instead she jumped on bed and start dancing . And she start dragging mahi also to dance initially she resist but twinkle agreed her .

With the noise of music and woofers kunj and usha came 2 check . They got shock when they saw both the girls dancing on the bed .

Kunj (angrily to usha ) = what is this ma ? Tell this bewkoof ladki ( idiotic girl ) to show some manners and at least don’t jump on bed .

U = u have noticed what she have done but u haven’t noticed that her this act made our mahi so happy and cheerful .

Kunj realized . He leaves . Then mahi and twinkle noticed usha standing on door .They drag her also and forces her 2 dance . Then our triplet enjoy the moment .

U = now leave it , mahi u get ready and come 4 breakfast .

M = ok ma

U = twinkle u come with me .

T = g aunty g

When twinkle and usha was passing through corridor . She noticed a room was locked and usha ‘ s steps start getting slower .

T = aunty g why this room is locked ?

U = actually its its …………

k = it was the room of my dad .( he was standing behind them )

He came in front of them .

K = my dad has died in an accident .( he got emotional as it can be noticed from his heavy voice )

U = and after him we all skipped in depression . Then kunj decided to put all his belonging in 1 room .so that we can forget what happened . So this is that room . (she also got emotional and tears rolled down from her eyes .

Kunj noticed this and became angry on twinkle . Twinkle also notice this.

T = aunty g u r crying for the person who have left years ago but still he would be here then won’t able to see you crying . So if u want that uncle g should feel bad then I will not stop u from crying .
Usha immediately clean her face .

U = I will never cry . Twinkle u r so different from other people . Lucky to have u .

She went down .

K = due to u today mom cried . ( in angry tone )

T = what ?

K = if u would not asked she would not have cried .

T = enough mr . Sarna . U know due to you aunty g cried .

K = what ?

T = yes , because of u . U think that escape from problem is the best way of happy life . If u have made her face this problem she would not have cried .

She leaves .

Kunj was left in deep thought .


Precap =

twinkle remembered something ………………..

Credit to: Mannat

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