tashan e aashiqui (Episode 7)

so today no bak bak

episode 7

At dining table

Kunj come and sit . Then twinkle come , kunj was completely mesmerized to see her . She was wearing off whit colored salwar suit . And kunj was wearing white colored shirt and trouser . He was completely lost in her . Usha came and sit beside the kunj as he was sitting at head seat . Thentwinkle came and sat at the front of usha , beside kunj

He came 2 senses when usha asked her ,= where is mahi ?

Kunj = ma when I went to her room she was sleeping .

U = ok let her sleep , and we will eat .

Some one hugs kunj from behind .

Kunj = woke up

Mahi = ya, but I am angry with u .
She leaves him and sit at the side of usha

K = but what I have done .

Mahi = remember urself

K =I can’t

M = (shows angry ) I hate u

K = baby now tell me

Mahi didn’t give reply .

K =now tell me na .

M = bhai , okey I told u that I want to participate for fashion show . For that I need money . And without giving me money u went outside . ( yes mahi is kunj’ s younger sis .)

K = oh I forgot , but numerous times I have told u na u can withdraw from our account.

M = and numerous time I have told u money from ur hand , feels as a blessing to me .

Kunj feels blessed

U = enough u both of u . And mahi meet our guest ( pointing at twinkle ) .

M (looks at twinkle and smiles )= hey hlo , what’s your name ?
T = my name…………………………
(she looks here and there , and mahi feels something fishy )
M = what happen
( then usha tells her whole story about accident ).
M = then what happen , we will keep ur name . So what ur name should be …………………………….. I gues ……………………………..
mahi hurrriedly replies = twinkle , her name will be twinkle because her eyes are very much twinkling.
you like this name……..
T = ya
M =then final we will call her twinkle . So hi twinkle my name is ……..
T = mahi , I heard from aunty and ……………….
M = I think u don’t know bhai’s name . Bhai u haven’t told her ur name (in the manner of pulling kunj’s leg )
K = actualy I I I I I I I I I I I

Usha and mahi giggles

U = what is this I I I I I I I I iiii ( pulls her leg )
K feels shy .
M = okey don’t worry , his name is kunj sarna .
K = now shall we eat food, I m feeling sleepy

They have dinner and left for their respective rooms .

Next morning

Usha came in twinkle room and found her upset . Twinkle was totally lost and looking outside . Then usha put her hand on her shoulder . Twinkle came out of her dream world .
U = what’s the matter

T = nothing aunty g

U = tell me

T = actually I was thinking , till how many days I will stay here . I don’t even know how was I and where is my family . I will become a burden on ur family .

U = don’t think like this . May be god want u to forget all your harsh memories and start a new life .
God has given u a golden chance , don’t miss it . And about being a burden accept me as ur mother , it will become less .

T winkle becomes very much happy and hugs her .

U = now come down fast , for breakfast and I have ordered some clothes 4 u . There it is . Come down after changing .

T = ok

At breakfast

Usha was working in kitchen . Twinkle enters .

T = mummy g let me help u

U = arre no never , u r the guest of this house

T = what , in morning u told I m ur daughter now guest

U = oh sorry

T = now may I help u

U = okey , u make juice

T nods happily

Twinkle and usha start working in kitchen , usha got a good company . Twinkle make the juice .
And was pouring to juice jar . And by mistake the jar got tilt , spreading many on floor . She ignored thinking she will clean it later . And she leave the place and came to usha .

A few moments later kunj entered . He was coming to take blessings from usha so that he gets the contract. And he accidently put step on the spilled juice . And he slipped . Usha and twinkle shocked .

Usha ran towards him and help him in standing up .

K = who spilled juice on the floor .

(twinkle looks tensed and murmurs )

T = siyappa

(kunj listen this )

k=(angry ) so u have spilled juice on the floor

T = actually by mistake it happens.

K (gives his 1 eyebrow up look ) = by mistake .

T = (speaks so fastly ) ya by mistake actually I was making juice some got spilled on floor , then I thought to clean it later after completing all work .

K = what .

T = why u never commit any mistake . (usha and kunj get surprised by her answer )

Kunj got angry and leaves .

T = khadoos (silently )

U = so this is my twinkle . A bold one . (twinkle gets surprised ) . I loved this twinkle ( twinkle smiles ) always smile like this only .

Precap :

twinkle and mahi breaking the bed by jumping and dancing on it ……….


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Credit to: Mannat


  1. Saya

    Oops… so my one guess was wrong. Never mind. Liked today’s epi. All the best for your exams ?

  2. Twinju(bhavika)

    wait mannat u dont answered me i asked u that why dont usha and kunj know twinkle tell me dear i am really confused btw episode was

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