tashan e aashiqui (Episode 6)


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episode 6

(few months later )

A hospital is shown . Doctor is coming out from OT . A guy is standing out . He is wearing white colour shirt with black colored coat and pent . His shirt is filled with red color spot symbolizing blood . When he sees doctor coming out , he hurriedly goes to him and asks

Man = is she alright?

Doc = actually she got severe injuries on brain . 24 hrs are critical for her if she gain consciousness with in it then she will be out of danger .

After few hours

Doctor = sir she has gained consciousness . But there is one bad news that she has lost her memory

sir = what …… but now how we will come to know who she is , you knew that how she met me

Then that guy reminiscises a flashback


A girl suddenly comes in front of that person ‘s car . She got badly hit by his car because he was driving on very high speed .
The place was outside of the city and also isolated .he comes out of car and lifts her in his arms and placed him at the back seat and drove to the hospital .

Flashback ends

Doctor = I understand its difficult situation but u need to handle ur self and also her.
boy = u r right .

he enters her room . And the girl is none other than twinkle . She is conscious
T = hello
B= hi
T = do you know me ?
B = nope
T = then who can tell who was I ?
HE remains silent .
T = what happened to me
B= (tells her all incident of accident )

T ( gets tensed ) = now where should I go .
B = u will come with me and stay with me in my house till u gain ur memory back .
T = but how can I stay with u .
B = y not plz come , it will help me to overcome my guilt .
T nods

After 2 days twinkle got discharged .

BOTH in car . A complete silence . So she herself broke it .
T = where are we going ?
B = delhi
T = delhi ……..
B = my home is in mumbai , I know accident took place outside amritsar but I will wait till u gain ur memory .
T = k
B = can u please play the songs.
T = ya sure why not . Where is the CD ?
B = there in the dash board .

Twinkle opens the dash board . She found a pic of OF THAT BOY WITH A Lady .
T = she is your mom , right .
B= ya , I told her everything about accident . She told me to bring u at our house .

She played the song.

And finally reached at their destination .

A car started going inside a big mansion . On the gate of it the board is put on which it was written SARNA’S PALACE .

Then both of them came out of the car and kunj opened the door of the house. He went inside , twinkle followed him awkwardly . Then he goes to usha ,who was watching tv hugged her from behind .

Usha = son u came

And hugged him properly and kisses her forehead . Then she noticed to the twinkle , who was standing at the door .

U = why are u standing there come inside , come near me

Twinkle came inside and says NAMASTEY (way of greeting) by folding her hands.

U = namastey . Think this house as your only and live happily . Okey.
and don’t think much about your past ,god always do good with every one . Okey

Twinkle nods .

Usha = u both go and freshen up ,then come for dinner . Twinkle I will show u ur room . Andyou(pointing at boy ) mahi is waiting for u and she is very much angry .

boy = don’t worry I will see her

He leaves .

Precap :

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Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Awesome kunj and mahi should be brother and sister

    1. Thank u verrry much

  2. Nice episode…. Waiting for the next…. N having to many questions…

    1. Thankew sadaf khan

  3. Nice episode…. Waiting for the next…. N having to many questions… Like where is uv?? How did these months went?? N all…

    1. It wiilll be revealed soon

  4. Really nyc episode….

    1. Thankew hima.s

  5. it was nice mannat..

    1. Thankew tara

  6. So much suspense, I love it! Can’t wait to keep reading!

    1. Thankew jaya

  7. Amazing hope twinj will b togthr n loved d epi do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thanks zikra

  8. Twinju(bhavika)

    where is uv and how come usha do not know twinkle plzzz reply mannat…btw episode was-

    1. That will be revealed soon

  9. Twinju(bhavika)

    where is uv and how come usha. kunj dont know twinkle plzzzz reply mannat an episode was

    1. Thankew twinju

  10. Twinju(bhavika)

    but how come usha n kunj dont know twinkle

    1. Thankew so much twinju

  11. hiii mannat.. jst awesome

    1. Thankew yashu

  12. It’s very interesting

    1. Thankew so much

  13. hi mannat. I guess the boy is kunj and maybe that girl is his fiance…I know it’s really a wild guess. but I thought this only ?. the epi was nice and will wait for the remaining flashbacks ?

    1. Thankew saya

  14. hey! how usha came to know about twinkle’s name
    epi was superb

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