Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 57 & 58)


In hospital .

All was worried about Twinkle. Twinkle was admitted . Mahi was also worried as after all Twinkle waa her best friend . And for one person and one situation she cant leave her friend like this .

All was in utter shock . Leela was inconsolable but somehow chinki was managing and was consoling her .

Doctors came out of her ward .
Kunj = doc how s she is fine na …

Doc = Mr. Sarna she is unconscious. Due to utter shock as her brain was not able to tolerate so much pain . So that’s why it stopped working and she got unconscious .

Kunj = doctor now…

Doc = she is unconscious. But you have to check it . You will not repeat this mistake again . ….

Leela = we will never . Just make her well .

Doc = we are trying our level best .

And he leaves .

Usha = Leela ji we don’t know whether you are twinkles real mother or not . But when twinkle came in our life . I made her my own daughter . And then I have promised her that until she will not get her memory back . She will be mine daughter. And after her memory she can choose where she want to go .

Leela = usha ji I don’t know how to repay your debt of keeping my daughter safe . I can understand that if I would have been on your place then I would have also not been trusted you blindly .

Usha = but atleast I can give you one chance that you can stay with us till she get alright or she accept that you are her mother .

Leela joins hand before usha = thank you

Usha catches her hands = don’t do this .. it was all my duty .

After few minutes

A nurse came .

Nurse = only 2 persons can stay here others can go home …

All was ready to stay… somehow in end it was decided to let Leela and Kunj stay .

Leela = kunj you love my daughter?

Kunj = yup but … how can you prove that you are her real mother .

Leela = A mother doesnt have to prove that she is the mother of her own daughter .

Kunj = you are the mother of yuvi . How you …

Leela = yuvi was son of my friend after Twinkle ….. Yuvi’s mother left chinki and yuvi … so they accepted me as their mother and I accepted them as my children

Kunj = okey . Well i and Twinkle love each other a lot . When I propsed her she told me that she will marry me as now we cant wait for her memory gain always . And now …

Leela = you are in delimma whether she … …( She became silent for sometime ) kunj if she will gain her memory back I will not force her to choose her marriage . If she will choose you then I have no objection. … But one thing I want to tell you before you expect anything form her …. that Twiraj marriage was also love marriage .

Kunj became shocked and nods .

Just then doctor arrives .

Leela = how’s my daughter .

Doc = she have gained consciousness but ….

Kunj = but what doctor

Doc = you go yourself and check .

Leela andd Kunj went in Twinkle s room .

Leela ( hugging Twinkle) = how’s you daughter
You know I was very much alonee when you went. Leave it . Just tell me how’s you .

But Twinkle doesnt utter a single word . Leela looked at Kunj confused.

Kunj = hey Twinkle see your mom is asking something respond it .
But she didn’t speak anything .

Leela = speak something daughter .

Doctor = she can’t due to utter shock shee is still in shock . She has fear developed in her heart. She is unable to trust anyone . So she went into this state .

Kunj and Leela became shocked . Leela’s eyes filled with water .

Leela = doctor when did she will become alright .

Doc = cant say . .. well I want to talk you in personal. So can you please come in my cabin.

In doctors cabin .

Doctor = due to utter shock . Some of the veins of her brain have shrink and stopped working . Moreover she have gained a fear in her heart may be due to she can’t trust anyone . And that made her put in this state . She can see you , hear you but cant speak with you because she have fear . You have to gain her trust again . Take her home . Shower love on her . Show that you people her own . Don’t try to force to think her past . Give her time . Gain her trust may be she will become normal . …..

Kunj = but if …

Doctor = then the end option is too give shock ….

Both became shocked .

Leela started sobbing…

Doctor = pls … calm down . You can take her home … But you all have 3 days .. make her senses awake… because her brain’s nerves are shrinking with effect of another veins … so after 3 days we have to give her shock … her brain can damage if I will give you more than 3 days .

Kunj and Leela came out of doctor’s cabin .


At home .

They brought Twinkle at home . Kunj and Leela have told everyone about Twinkle. So everyone decided no one will try to force her to remind her past .

Kunj And usha was sitting in a room .

Kunj = ma where is mahi .

Usha = she is in her room.

Kunj = is she okay ….

Usha = no … She she is deeply hurt by yesterday’s incident. … as a normal girl she was also having many dreams regarding her engagement … andd and now her engagement had been broken …. She is hurt due to that .

Kunj = don’t worry mom I will try to calm her …

And Kunj went to mahi’s room . He was at entrance when he heard leela’s voice coming out from her room .

Leela = mahi I aam extreamly sorry for what happened. I was trying to make yuvi move on his life . As he was behaving like an abnormal after Twinkle. So i thought to make yuvi marry you . But I was …. not aware of ..

Mahi = it’s okey aunty it’s not your fault . It’s mistake of my only … And my destiny …

Leela feels bad = can I say you something to you .

Mahi nods .

Leela = mahi I know you are hurt . But now you can’t mourn for this loss for her life …. You know Twinkle neverr got love of a father . I loved someone and married him . And yuvi’s mother and me were best friends . One day Anitas husband betrayed him . And in explanation he told that she and my husband was having affair. That day was worst day for us . Her husband was trying to put his deeds blame on us and he became successful .
That night my husband done suicide due to false alligation from Luthras ( husband and wife ) . Anita and my friendship turned into rivalry . I also decided to end up my life . But somehow I came to know I was pregnant and then I decided to live for this child. …. So i was just telling you that if God snatch one thing he is always ready to give us in return back … …

Mahi looked her .. = aunty I know you are feeling bad for me but that was not in the hands of we people. That was in the hand of God.
Leave it now our main motive is to make mahi alright. Don’t take my tension I will become alright … I just need sometime

Leela nods = take your time but remember you have to spend limted time of life on this phase .

And she left …. mahi ( thinks ) = she is so nice … But now … I mean if she is Twinkle mother …. i gues… she is… Twinkle s mother….

Kunj noticed leela coming and quickly hides . And then she went to Twinkle room .

…. Leela triedd hard to make Twinkle speak or react but she don’t…

Like this 3 days everyone tried hard to make Twinkle react but if no use … And and usha mahi and Kunj was damn suŕe by seeing Leela taking care of Twinkle that she is her mother .

In hospital . ( kunj and Leela)

Doc = so she didn’t react even once .

Leela = no doctor .

Doc = so we have to give her shock .. ( he called nurse And told her to take Twinkle for giving shoock )

Kunj = doctor there is none other option .

Doc = I earlier also told you that there is no other option . Don’t worry she will become alright after this shock . Either she will gain complete memory gain or partial gain…

Leela = but doctor it can also happen that she lloses her memory again ..

Doc = ya but … it will be easy for you … because now slowly you can make her remember all things … earlier she was not having even a single thing which reminds her of her past … now atleast she will behave normal …

An doctor left …

Twinkle was given shocks … all family membet a came … mahi saw Yuvraj and eyes him rudely … Yuvraj tries to explain his helplessness… But before that mahi left from there …

After that ..

Doc = she is unconscious . When she will gain conscious… then we can judge her condition …

Twinkle got consciousness….

Doc = she have gain consciousness…
Doctors = she is alright…. you can meet her … when she will gain conscious…

When twinkle gain conscious…

All entered in her ward.

Twinkle = ma how s you ( to Leela) …

Leela = how’s you … ( hugging her )

Twinkle = m fine as always…

Leela = ya I know you are fine because you are mine daughter…

Twinkle = am sorry … I hade lost … My memory ..

Leela = don’t worry…. I know everything.. now you just take rest we wI’ll talk later …

Twinkle nods and all went out

Twinkle ( thinks ) = I know all are thinking whom i will choose yuvi or Kunj ..

Next day …

Twinkle came home .

Mahi was gossiping with Twinkle. …

Twinkle = shall I ask you one thing …

Mahi = ya offcourse..

Twinkle = do you love uv …

Mahi = please twinkle don’t start this topic now. I don’t want to talk about this now . Pls

Twinkle = mahi … okey I will not ask .

Mahi = hmm . You take rest I will go .

After few days…
At night .

Kunj came at night to watch her lady love as always he do so that she cannot see her and also by this he will get peace of seeing her safe . … Twinkle was sleeping as always . Kunj sat by her side . And hold her hand .

Kunj = (with tears in eyes ) Twinkle thank God you are safe . I always I pray for your safety . I know you want to see me but I am unable to face you. As it will only give pain to both of us . Please understand that . And you know I xan able to stop my such stupid heart so . … came to see you at night . I really love you twinkle . .. but can’t see you in pain. So … Twinkle… ( cries bitterly ) … twinkle please … Please understand that I don’t want to make your choice difficult … so it would be better …. ( after deep pause ) I think now I should leave. by meeting you my heart get peace . Twinkle I should leave.

He turn to move but twinkle hold her hand . .

Twinkle = ( with lots of water in eyes and eyes completely red ) you thought of yourself Kunj but not mine . You know I was dieing to see you Kunj. ( kunj havent moved a bit ) kunj please talk to me . What sin I have done . Speak please . Kunj I always loved you and when I got to know who i am that doesnt mean i will forget who I was . Please .

( ek Teri Khair mang di song plays from baar baar dekho ) …
don’t do this to me. I really love you. I just need your help . … ( she keeps her head on his hand and stated crying ) kunj listen to me once please ( her tears made Kunj hand wet also his heart )

Kunj = ( hugs her ) stop it now . Don’t cry . …. just be silent .

Twinkle nods and they remain in that position for half an hour . … both were getting immense peace that no word can describe .

Kunj tries to leave . Twinkle was not ready to. …

Kunj = twinkle i should leave now …

Twinkle = please don’t leave me .

Kunj = Twinkle you are married . And this relationship have to end here only like this .

Twinkle cries bitterly … Kunj also have red eyes .. but stand to move but Twinkle hold his hand again

Twinkle = please Kunj…. Please don’t say like this … Please.

Kunj = Twinkle…

Kunj leaves . Twinkle cries .

In morning …

Usha came out shouting Kunj name ….

Usha = Kunj….

All got worried after hearing usha voice all ran towards hall .

Kunj = what happen Ma. Why are you shouting in morning .

Leela = usha ji … what happen pls tell us .

usha hand over a note to him .

I am going …. where there is some peace and
…. where i don’t have to choose … pls don’t try to find me …


Kunjs eyes became wet after reading this … he ran and drove off in the car .. yuvi read the note … and was about to ran …

Leela = stop … yuvi …

Yuvi = ma .. Why are you stopping me ?

Leela = you are asking me this question .. can’t you see she have gone because she don’t want to be in confusion …

Yuvi = ma she is my wife …

Leela = ( shouts) enough of this rant… that she is my wife.. you have made her way tough … she have married but now she is in love with kunj and kunj is also equally in love with her ..

Yuvi got shocked …

Leela = yuvi you will never be able to understand what true love is … and who is your true love .. when Twinkle loved you … you haven’t reciprocated… and now when mahi loves you ..you are not trying to understand it ..

Yuvi ( feels guilty and has tears in her eyes ) = mahi… loves me ..

Yuvi look toward’s Mahi she was having Tears in her eyes . He walks towards her . And sat on his knees and held his ears …

Yuvi = sorry …

Mahi ran towards him and hugged him . = do you love me…

Yuvi = mahi .. ( separating himself ) I don’t know but I don’t want to loose a person who loves me so deeply . And I know your love will eventually make me fall in love ..

Mahi got a smile on her face and hugged him .

Kunj came to a park . And started finding Twinkle.

Kunj = Twinkle where are you I know you are here i can feel you . And I know whenever you are sad you come in this park . Pls Twinkle don’t play with me … Twinkle your kunj is here …

Just then his eyes got her . She was playing with children of about 2 – 3 years … .

Kunj ran towards her and hugged her tightly .

Kunj = have you got mad . What are you doing here .

Twinkle = Kunj…

Kunj = shut up now . I love you. And you will be with me all your life .

Twinkle nods . And hugged him tightly ….

Guys now you all know …

Yuhi and twinj got married . And twiraj gave their partners a gift on their marriage that was their dad . ….

So in end love got victory upon all boundaries …

The end …….

Sorry guys have to end it … Sorry…

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