Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 53 & 54)


Well now 4 u 53 & 54

But unfortunately usha called kunj andd told them to arrive at home as early as possible ..

And they board a flight and returned back .

At home

Usha = so guy you returned back . So how was your tour .

Kunj = ma leave all this tell me why you called us so much urgently.

Usha = do you really want to know ?

Kunj = offcourse mom

Usha = so listen I have fixed alliance .

Twinkle standing behind kunj get shocked . And tears was about to drop from her eyes but she somehow managed to stop it .

Kunj = what ( in shocked manner )

Usha = they are nice family . And they firstly came with the invitation and you know I really liked them .

Kunj = but how can you do this mom ( usha gets shocked ) I don’t want to marry anyone . I love someone and will marry only her . If not her then none .

Usha and twinkle gets shocked .

Twinkle ( thinks ) = that means in kunj’s life their is already someone . So how can i I make a space for me . He doesn’t love me . I should not tell him that I loved him more than a best friend and a partner .

Usha = have you got mad . I was talking about alliance of mahi . ( naughtily ) so that means their is someone in your life .

Kunj blushes and left from their .

Twinkle felt bad . Usha noticed the face of twinkle .

Usha = hey twinkle what happened to you .

Twinkle = nothing aunty g . Anyway congratulations for mahis alliance .

Usha = what congratulations you are like sister to her . So you have to do all work in her marriage like a sisterr. ( usha noticed twinkle wass not paying heed to usha’s words ) twinkle what happened to you , you are not concentrating on me .

Twinkle = thats nothing like that . I was thinking when will my memory come back . And when will I will get my life partner .

Usha = why are you talking like this .

Twinkle = aunty g during marriage there are so many ceremonies and in each ceremony their will be no. Of guests .each guest will ask about me . Then what will you tell to them whom I am ?

Twinkle leaves . Usha left behind thinking .

At night

All was there at the dining table except twinkle . Kunj was feeling restlessness due to unable to feel his lady love .

Kunj = ma where is twinkle ?

Usha = I don’t know . She was looking upset when she came . May be she slept . Let me go and check.

Kunj = ma i will check you just relax.

And he went upstairs . While climBing stairs he thinks .

Kunj ( thinks ) = whu twinkle was acting weird even I felt it . ( suddenly he remembers he spoke that he loves someone in front of her ) oh my god that s why she was behaving weird .

He opened the door of her room . Twinkle was sitting on floor and was crying vigorously.
Kunj sat next to her .

Kunj = Twinkle why are you crying ?

Twinkle gets irrtated ( stood up and stand near the window ) = why it matters to you . You go and enjoy with your lady love …

Kunj = twinkle but why are you feeling jealous if I love someone .

Twinkle = I i am not at all jealous . I am just feeling that you should have told me first as I am your partner .

Kunj = I don’t think you really want to know .?
Anyway I can tell you the name of the girl if you want .

Twinkle = I don’t want to know just go from here and leave me alone . First mahi got fixed alliance now you are going to be married soon . Even both of you don’t think to tell by your own mouth .

Kunj keeps finger on her lips .

Kunj = how much you speak but you know what I love your this habit .

Twinkle was shocked at this action of kunj . But kunj without paying any heed to her reactions keeps murmuring .

Kunj = you know what .. You are so clear heart that I don’t need to ask you once that you love me or not . Your jealousy prooves you …. ( he kept coming close to her and kissed her eyes )

Twinkle was really standing numb at this action of kunj . Kunj shakes her .

Kunj = what happened twinkle .

Twinkle = do you really love me ?

Kunj = why are you asking this thing . Yes offcourse I do love you .

Twinkle ( started beating with cushion ) = then why didn’t you tell me earlier you …. You made me cry .

And he started roaming around whole room and twinkle behind him .

Kunj hides behind curtain . Twinkle saw him and also ran behind him . And they got entangle in curtain . Suddenly lights got off.

Twinkle at once got shocked and started shouting .

Twinkle = kunj where are you I am really scared please .

Kunj can sense her fear through her voice . He started finding her in the mid of curtains . And he found her . Twinkle feeling his touch . Just hugged him tightly .

Twinkle = kunj pls don’t leave me . I rrally love you . I am scared to depart from you .

Kunj hugs her and twinkle also responds . But to twinkle’s surprise he was trying to leave her .

Twinkle = kunj where are you going ?

Kunj = just coming you can also come along with me .

And he switched on the lights.

Actually when they were fighting kunj accidentally placed his hand on buttons and light went off . And when He was about to on the lights twinkle shouted and he ran to her . And forgot to on the lights .

Twinj were in each other’s embrace now at present .

Kunj = twinkle will you eat for now ?

Twinkle = yeas offcourse but only with your hands

Kunj became shocked = but this is not possible .

Twinkle in the manner of hugging put her arms around kunj’s neck . = my dear partner people even can die in love and you even can’t make me eat with your hand’s.

Kunj = so you are challenging me .

Twinkle nods . Kunj = then I will show you what I am

Kunj went and twinkle bites her lower lips and blushes .

Kunj came down and saw usha and mahi havent started their dinner as they were waiting for twinj.
Kunj sat on his chair .

Usha = what happen kunj why she did nt came ?

Kunj = actually she was feeling low . So i said to sleep .

Usha and mahi started their dinner along with kunj started their dinner.

Usha = kunj I have selected a groom for mahi. I want you to meet him and check . Then I will allow mahi and him to meet and choose whether they are made for each other or not .

Kunj nods. = but how you got this alliance .

Usha = actually one day one lady called me and told that she read my article for the alliance of mahi . She told me that her son can have an alliance for her . And then she sent a pic of boy on email and told me about his age . I liked him but they told me that for more details we can meet that boy and he have came to Delhi for an urgent work and will return day after tomorrow . So i I want you to meet him tomorrow itself .

Kunj nods and all have dinner left .

Then kunj came and pick a plate and kept all food for twinkle . And went towards her room .

He knocked but the door was open . So without listening any thing he went inside and found . Twinkle was not there . Kunj kept the plate on table . And looked around . He went and closed the door. Just then he heard a knock of a door opening . He looked back and our twinkle was in bathrobe coming rubbing her hairs which was wet . Kunj was mesmerised seeing her . Twinkle without realising kunj’s presence . Went towards her ward robe and pick a nightpiece. … kunj was lost in her beauty . Then she opened the knot of her bath robe and was about to remove it. ..

Kunj = hey …. wait ( and moved his face to either side ) .

Twinkle turned back listening kunj voice . And covered herself and again tie knot of the bathrobe .

Twinkle = when did you came ?

Kunj = first just tell me you have wore proper clothes ?

Twinkle ( blushes ) = ya offcourse now turn back and answer me .

Kunj turned back and was mesmerized to to see her beauty . He started moving towards her . Twinkle felt it awkward .

Twinkle = Kunj what are you ….. ( before she can speak anything kunj placed a hand on her lips)

Kunj = you know I love you a lot and i want to make you mine as early as possible but not without your wish. I will not even touch you without your acceptance . …. Just trust me …. I will always love you and will not even try to think to cheat you . But you are only mine . I will never leave you in mid . And will always stand by your side whatever the situation be . And I will always love you.

Twinkle s eyes became red andd tears rolled down her cheeks . Kunj noticed it and cleared it and nods in the manner of saying no .
Twinkle hugs him and says = Kunj I am lucky to have you in my life . I love you . …

Kunj hugs her back and they were in the arms of each other and was having peace. And they started departing thenselvess from each other . When they were aboit to depart . Kunj held Twinkle and ..

Kunj = hey I brought food for you . ( pointing towards food ) Now I want my reward .

Twinkle = reward …. what you want now …

Kunj = a dance with me .

Twinkle = okey but after eating food . And let me go and change

Kunj nods . Twinkle went to change her clothes. Kunj till then placed plate in balcony . Twinkle came wearing a nightpiece of sky blue colour . Kunj cover her eyes with his hands .

Twinkle = Kunj what ….

Kunj ( close to her ears ) = don’t speak much my siyappa queen. You trust me ?

Twinkle = More than myself …

Kunj = then just enjoy this moment .

Twinj came in the balcony . Kunj has placed a table in between with two chairs and with one candles in mid of table and that plate of food on right side of table . He bring Twinkle to table by placing hand on her eyes . He made her sit on one of the chair . And then slowly removed his hand from her eyes . ….

Twinkle was Amaze amazed to look at the view . she was feeling really lucky Tu have a man like him in her life . she blushes . Kunj came to the other side of the table and sat on one of the chair .
Twinkle = Kunj it’s really amazing u know I am I feeling like I am still in my dreams you know as not have you want for that I will get such an amazing partner .

drop of water came out Twinkle eye . Kunj saw that and cleared it off .

Kunj = I have not set this date for crying . I have set this candle light dinner so that we can spend some time together . I don’t want to see these water droplets again in your eyes. lets have food otherwise it will become cold and tasteless.

Twinkle moves her head in agreement . They have food together . They have their food without a single word because it was meant to be good religiously as well as medical

after having food they were holding glasses of water in their hands .

Kunj = Twinkle if you want to ask anything about me then you can ….

Twinkle = kunj k…… I know what you mean it by saying this ….

Kunj have gave him blank expression.

Twinkle = Kunj I have accepted your love …. ignoring all the facts that belong to your past ….

Kunj = Twinkle but still you need to know something about my past….

Twinkle = and that something I know …. Kunj… .. i know thats about your dad .

Kunj = ya . I think you should know about … my dad before coming into my life completely

Twinkle = I know about that how he died. Kunj no need to tell me ( usha had told her in one of my previous episode ) … well I want to know something about you .. May I ?

Kunj nods in agreement .

Twinkle = I have saw you caring mahi so much . I know you are always thinking she is small ….. ( before she can say more words it is intruppted by kunj )

Kunj = I know what are you thinking and what are you going to say but to mahi I have given the full space she deserves in her life . You know I have opened a branch of my company in Goa . But mahi showed disintress in my business . Then I told her that she can do whatever she want she chose modelling as a career and now you can see she has grown up as a actor as well as model. I am so happy to see her successful in her life I haven’t pressurized her to choose business as a career I supported her in her decision and today I am feeling proud of her .

Twinkle = Kunj I don’t mean that actually I have seen you somewhat possessive about her so I was thinking (before Twinkle can say anything she was interrupted by Kunj )

Kunj =Twinkle I will never pressure rise you for anything but about the things possessive. yeah I am possessive for you but for only when anyone will dare to call my Twinkle as her . I will not let anyone call might Twinkle as her.

Twinkle smiles and says = Kunj you know I also love you so much if anyone will dare to call my Kunj then I will die…

Kunj = pls don’t say about dying…

And they hug each other tightly . ( sajna ve plays in the back ground )

Next morning

All wass having breakfast silently . But our love birds was busy in staring each other . .. Now kunj who became naughty in love …thought something …

Past few minutes ( kunj and twinkle was sitting very close to each other kunj on main head seat and twinkle beside him )

Twinkle wass weraing white capry with white top and she was looking extreamly gorgeous . Twinkle was about to put a piece of bread alive with fork in her mouth . Before she can .. she senses something and due to it … she was about to skip food from her mouth .

Actually kunj was bare foot and with that he was sensouly touching twinkles legs which was smooth and twinkle with his touch was feeling butterflies in her stomach.

Just then…

Usha = kunj what are you doing

Twinj became shocked they thought as if their mistake have been caught.

Kunj ( stammering) = mom what happen ?

Usha = I told you na to go and meet the boy and you are wasting your time ….

Kunj = ya mom I totally forgot … I will go now only ..( he stood up from the chair ) hey partner will you please accompany me till the parking want to share some details of todays meeting ( Twinkle understand what he want to share …. but she agreely nods )

They came out of the farmhouse.

Twinkle = so what you want share .

Kunj = nothing just want to spend little time with my day love … Twinkle will you pls get ready at 8 tonight ?

Twinkle = is there any thing special?

Kunj = you will come to know at 8 .. just be ready ..

Twinkle = what I will say to aunty and mahi …

Kunj = don’t worry about it .. I will handle it you just be ready at 8 … okey

Twinkle nods .

At 8

Twinkle was wearing a red colour gown . She was looking breath taking . Andd And she was anxiously waiting for Kunj .

Just then mahi came and knocked the door .

Mahi = twinkle please open the door .

Twinkle felt strange and opened the door .

Mahi = ( was hhavin fear on her face ) twinkle from terrace some sounds are coming . Mom and me are hell scared to go alone at terrace . Will you pls come with us . As all the servants have went to leave due to Sunday on tomorrow..

Just then again voice came .

Twinkle = I think we should go and check .

At terrace they came and was scared to see darkness has covered it . They were moving by holding hands of each other . Just then another voice came and they became hell scare dand put up their hands on ears .

After few minutes twinkle felt that she was alone on terrace . Usha and mahi was not seen. She became scared .


Guys how was it pls do tell me .

And pls do comment . Becausee if you will not then I have to end this ff .
Because I am feeling that you are getting bored by my ff . Well I know it’s completely my fault that I am making you people bore .

Don’t worry I will end it soon if you all are feeling it boring . By 2 or 3 episodes . Because I don’t want to bore you all . And I have already lost many of my commentator as well as readers

Leave it bye
Love you all .
See you soon

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