Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 51 & 52)

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Scene 1

Song ends ….

Twinj came in senses and moved towards their seats …

Some people came towards them .. and wishes them a happy married life …( guys that were wearing white and they were dancing so much sensouly that they misunderstood )

Twinj shocked … and they left … Twinkle in shyness left for car . And she went and set in the car .. after Some time kunj arrive and sit in the car …

Kunj offers her burger …

Kunj = you was hungry , right ?

Twinkle nods and took it from him …

And started eating …

At night …. twinj was in their respective rooms of hotel ….

In twinkle’s room

Twinkle was standing infront of mirror … she was trying her hairs with towel … ….. she remembers the moments with kunj their dance in mahi’s party …. their dance in hotel … when they fell on each other …. a beautiful smile came on her lips ….
she looked at mirror and was shocked to see kunj standing behind her … Twinj was looking at each other through mirror …

Twinkle = why you came her kunj ….

But kunj doesn’t respond anything and starting moving towards twinkle. … and he came near her … and place this hand around her waist … twinkle’s eye poped out … but she was also enjoying this moment .

Twinkle = what are you doing kunj … ( slowly sensouly )

Kunj doesn’t say anything and move his hand from her waist to belly … she was feeling butterflies … and kunj starting moving his chin on her shoulder …. Twinkle closed her eyes ….

Kunj = twinkle I want to tell you something …… I .. love you …

Twinkle was feeling butterflies … and in shock she opened her eyes and all this turned out to be her imagination. ..

Twinkle ( thinks ) = what is happening to me why i am feeling attracted towards kunj .. why I am falling his presence all around me … why …

Twinkle look towards mirror again her reflection …. says = becuse you are in love with him …

First twinkle became shocked then blushed …

Twinkle ( thinks ) = is that true I am in love with that saddu sarna . ….

In kunj room

Kunj was looking at photos of dance with twinkle .. and remembers …. how he seen some people was clicking photos of his dance with twinj and when Twinkle went outside the hotel in shyness …. he took photos transferred from their phone to his ….

He was watching photos. He was having a smile on his lips while watching photos … then there comes a photo where kunj was holding twinkle in his arms .. he zoomed photo and brought camera towards twinkle’s cheeks …

Kunj ( thinks ) = what special in you , twinkle ….. that I am attracting towards you ..

Suddenly he listened a voice .. it was of his shaddow .. = you are feeling special in her because .. you love her …

Kunj = what … (blushes ) really…… I love siyappa queen …

Twinj in their respective rooms was blushing badly …. kunj was not able to sleep whole night …

Scene 2

Yuvi was driving a car. He was deeply immersed in the thought of twinkle …… Just then an idea striked in his mind . He. stopped stopped the car at side and call his mum Leela.

Leela = hello

Yuvi = hello Mom I want to tell you something about Twinkle she is alive you know I have met her in the flight which I have taken to reach Goa I’m still in Goa

Leela = yuvi have you gone mad she is dead she is no more that’s why I am saying to you don’t take so much stress just take some rest you keep doing work at late hours that’s why you are imagining Twinkle around you .

Yuvi tries to make leela .. understand…

Leela = UV just keep quite I know you have gone mad you are working late hours …. that’s why you are thinking like this escape quotes don’t make fun of my twinkles death I have accepted her death you were so accepted and stop hurting me again and again
Yuvraj was feeling bad as Leena was not trying to understand him actually any way he was also not confirmed about the presence of Twinkle
but but according to him the truth of the Twinkle presence was much heavy then the facts of her death
Yuvraj disconnected the call in jerk… his eyes filled with water and became red it was completely showing his pain….

At another side leela was unable to understand how to react on this news …
She started crying

Leela ( thinks ) = what sin I commited that my own daughter has lost and now I can’t even silently mourn of her death . I told that I have got twinkle back through yuvi and chinki ….. but i think … I will loose yuvi soon if his this habit continues.

We all know time is the best healer … leela was also expecting this thing … that may be with time hher griefs … wil be become less. And more over we always a ray of hope in our mind. That god will eventually finsh all her girfs ..

But we don’t know when… it can be now .. it can be after sometime …
For leela a ray came … an idea struck in her mind .

Leela = ( think) i know what to do i havee to stop yuvi , now … and i know what i have to do . It will be only best option for him . Otherwise .. he will spoil his life.

And she called someone . ( secreat will be revealed soon ) Nad she conversed with someone on call . By her expression we can judge she was happy . But it was not evil smile . ( i know guyz too much confusing.. but pls bear it )

Then leela called yuvi
Leela on call to yuvi = yuvi I need to talk with you
UV = just listen to me one time
Leela = UV I don’t want to listen anything
UV mum
Leela = if you are respecting me as your mum then you have to do what I say
UV = but
Leela = just tell me whether you are ready to accept my terms and conditions .

Uv was feeling helpless .= okey I am ready .

Leela = then pack your bags and go to Delhi . I know you mist be thinking why i am sending you over there. I have done all your arrangements there go to Delhi . And don’t think much go over there I will tell you what to do next …

Yuvi was confused but thought to move on with the commands of Leela

And he went to Delhi …

Scene 3

In morning …

Kunj was standing near window . He saw there was sitting some couples in the garden . Some was giving flowers to their lady loves . And some was walking around .

A smile came on his lips . But a thought came in his mind which removed the smile.

Kunj ( thinks ) = does she love me ? … if not then what will I do …

He became restless to find the answer of this question.

Kunj ( thinks ) = it’s better to ask her. With out this answer I will not get rest .so it’s better to ask her now .

And he went to twinkle’s room . He knocked outside the door. Twinkle came outside yawning . ( funny tune plays )

Twinkle at once got shocked seeing kunj .

Twinkle = what happen partner . You came in morning .

Kunj = morning partner .. it’s. .. ( looking at watch but it’s 6 , funny tune plays )

Twinkle = it’s 6 …. what happen ..

Kunj ( thinks ) = oh my God … people says love make human mad … and it’s really true … now what should I say to twinkle …

Twinkle felt something fishy …

Twinkle = what happen partner … speak up now

Kunj = actually …. actually .. ya I was feeling hungry … so thought to take you along ….

Twinkle = what ( surprised ) …. at 6 you are feeling hungry. . ……

Kunj = ya ….

Twinkle = have you gone mad …

Kunj = why

Twinkle = last night I was not able to sleep .. becausee of you … and now in morning also you came to wake me …

Kunj = why you was not able to sleep because of me ? ( with questioning look )

Twinkle =( not in senses )because last night I was imagining you all over where ever I look … ( have omg reaction … for what she spoke )

Kunj = what … ?

Twinkle = ( with stumbling voice ) nothing actually I am little sleepy … ……

Kunj = but ( before he can speak anything he saw Alan of door on his face . )

Twinkle closed the door … and was blushing standing near the door .

Twinkle thinks = what I was going to do … no I should wait till when I don’t come to know what he feels for me .. but for now I should get ready and go down to spend some time with him.

Kunj was waiting for his lady love desperately. He was continuously watching towards the stairs . And got bored and thought may be she will not come . And turned to leave but somethong stopped him . It was a pleasant voice . He turned back and saw it was the voice of her bracelet which was having small ringing bells ….

Kunj’s eyes grew bigger when he saw her . She was wearing turquoise colour combined with white colour.. jumpsuit with hairs left open …

Twinkle came down and gave a smile to kunj who was standing still being mesmerized by her beauty . He was wearing white colour shirt with black colour jeans .

Twinkle came and give a tap on his shoulder. Our kunj came out of his dream world. . And he looked at twinkle .

Twinkle = where are you lost . Is n’t you feeling hungry .

Kunj = ya . I am feeling hungry let’s go for having food treat .

Twinkle went with him . And they entered a shop ( they haven’t went for hotel because at this time their favourite hotel will not be opnened ) . They entered a shop . Their was self service . So at one side there was shopping area . And other one was covered with chairs and table . And all the tables was perfectly maintained covered with table tops . And all the area was covered with the fresh flowers ..

Just then they enters . They saw shop was completely filled with couples . A couple was standing near a serving area . Twinj entered . And kunj went to bring coffee for eo. And twinkle till then occupied a table and start waiting for him . Just then she saw Arnav standing near the shopping area . And she was having mixed expression for him .

Just then arnav also saw her. And he hold a girl’s hand and came to twinkle. Twinkle felt it weird but but somehow control herself . Arnav was coming but Kunj came in between with the food tray. Twinkle felt relaxed . Arnav came and put his hand on Kunj shoulder .

Kunj was shocked to see him but somehow composes himself

Arnav says meet my girlfriend but now my cute wife Khushi ? pointing towards Khushi

Twinkle and Kunj looked at Khushi and both both were shocked to see that she was pregnant . Offcourse it was the moment of happiness for them and they jumped into happiness .

Twinj told them to sit . Twinj was sitting opposite to each other . Then khushi sit with twonkle and arnav with kunj .

Kunj = so you guys made fun of us

Arnav = no not at all it was all plan by your cute sister Mahi .

all start laughing .

Khushi = so you guys have propose each other or not ?

Twinkle and Kunju felt embarrassed but to lighten this moment .

Twinkle = first of all you tell me how many months is of your pregnancy .

Arnav and Khushi blushes badly.

Khushi = its just 6 months of pregnancy.

Arnav in teasing Manner = Twinkle why don’t you leave your current job and come in my company I will offer you double salary and better post .

Twinkle understand Arnav words she replied = smartly actually your company could pay me double salary but I am not working for it I am working to become partner or owner of a big company . Will you make my this dream to fulfill . But I know Sarna industries will never try to shatter my this dream .

Khushi And arnav together in teasing manner = ohhhhh

Twinkle blushes . = excuse me. I need to go to make an urgent call.

And she went . Arnav winks Kushi to go behind her . And she nods aand left from there .

Twinkle came in a garden backside at the shop . She stands blushing . Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned it was of khushi…..

Khushi= do you love kunj.. ?

Twinkle = no

Khushi = don’t lie ..

Twinkle first don’t agrees but later on agrees ..

Same happened with kunj and arnav ( finally they both agree.. )

Khushi to twinkle=
Arnav to kunj =
Hey then what are you awaiting for just go and tell her / him . Don’t think if he / she love you in the same way .Because if it got late then you are going to regret your whole life…

And they decide to tell each other …

But unfortunately usha called kunj andd told them to arrive at home as early as possible ..

And they board a flight and returned back .

See you soon
But pls do tell me how was it

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