tashan e aashiqui (Episode 5)


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So here is my episode 5
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She left from there in anger and started coming downstairs .

She forgot the oil and in anger she kept her foot on that stair

And and and she rolled and rolled and came to the floor , stomach lying down . then she started shouting in pain

Twinkle hear her moans came out of her room to check. She find anita at the floor .

She quickly ran to help her but to come down stair she also climbed the oil spilled stair .so she also slipped and after rolling she fell on the back of anita she shouts in pain.

A = what are eating that u looks so slim but u are so much heavy . u almost broke my back. What are u waiting for stand up quickly .

Uv also come in and saw twinkle and anita in that position . so eh hurriedly started helping twinkle to stand up .
She stood up with his help

U = u okey

Twinkle nods = just got foot pain

U = come I will put balm on it
She nods

They both started leaving .
When anita called uv and says
“ son if ur romance and care is over will u help me .”

Uv = oh mom actually I forgot

Anita fumes . he helps her in standing up. Anita keeps on shouting in pain . he took her to her room and called the doc .

Doc come and checks her and when he turned back he doesn’t find uv .

D= anita g where is uv ?

A =he was standing here only few mins before.

A maid comes with glass of a juice . she offers it to doc .

Doc = where is uv

Maid = he is outside dressing twinkle di’s wounds .

Anita fumes in anger .

Doctor comes out of room and sees uv twisting twinkle’s foot as she got sprain . twinkle shouts in pain . uv consoles her .

Doc comes to uv .
Doc = mr. uv I think u are a good doctor .
U = nothing like that .
D = wel I came 2 tell u I have given med to anita g . she will be okey within few hours .
U = thank u doctor .

He leaves .

Inside anita fumes in anger and frustration .

Anita = (thinks ) u have to pay 4 this twinkle .

Next day

Anita wakes up . Her body was aching badly . She got ready and came down and found twinkle working in the kitchen . She peeps inside and she saw twinkle is coming . She quickly hide herself . When twinkle leaves she went inside and mixes something in a glass of milk , then she waits for twinkle to come . When twinkle came ,

A = twinkle are u alright

T = mummy g I am okey , but why are u asking this ?

A = actually I and u both got hurt , my body was still aching . Then suddenly I remembered of u so thought to give u this.

T = (gets surprised ) mummy g u have made 4 ur self , then how can I drink it

A = no need to worry I will tell servants they will make 1 for me also .

T = okey then we both will drink together

A = (smirks happily )sure why not

T = you just go I will come with the milk .

Anita nods and went from there .

After sometime , twinkle came with 2 glasses . She offers 1 to anita . And then took 1 for herself .

T = this 1 for me which u made specially for me with ur sweet hands .

A = (smirks ) okey now drink it

T = no mummy g never first u drink and tell me how’s the taste ,as I have put many dry fruits in it
A = okey

And she drank full glass in one sip . And then twinkle drank her glass .

After half an hour , all gather for breakfast .

At dining table ,
uv = mom can u pass me cheese vegetable ?
A = ya sure .

And she took from the table and was holding the bowl .suddenly she sneezed so loudly and bowl fell from her hands , cheese vegie got spread on the dining table .
All looked on shock .

Then she sneezed again and this time , she catches table cloth making all the remaining food to fell on her feet ,burning it .before she can speak or shout , she again sneezed .

Uv and twinkle quickly stood up from their places .

Uv = mom u okey , drink it ( offers her a glass of water )

Anita hold it in her hand and before she can drink it ,she again sneezed . This time making uv wet . Uv makes puppy face .

Twinkle looks them in state of shock making her eyes wide , and leaving mouth open .

T = uv are u ok ?
Uv = yeah …………………………(anita again sneezed )

Uv = twinkle can u call doctor .
T = ya sure

T went from there and smiles naughtily
T (in mind ) = so mummy g how was ur glass of milk . I knew that u will never change . So changed the glasses only .

And she called the doc .

Doc came and checks her and says that “may be accidently she consumed anything and that reacted but she will be alright after getting this medicines”

Uv takes the slip .All leaves

Anita smirks

anita ( in her mind ) now enough of this twinkle and enough of this hide and seek , now what I will do , I will do right in front of the eyes of this twinkle .

precap :

A hospital is shown . Doctor is coming out from OT . A guy is standing out . He is wearing white colour shirt with black colored coat and pent . His shirt is filled with red color spot symbolizing blood . When he sees doctor coming out , he hurriedly goes to him and asks
Man = is she alright?
Doc = actually she got severe injuries on brain . 24 hrs are critical for her if she gain consciousness with in it then she will be out of danger .


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Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Hi mannat. I smiled reading your episode. It was really nice. And the precap seems interesting ?

    1. thank you so much saya

  2. Excited to see what is coming next! Its nice that UV takes twinkle’s side.

  3. the epi was nyc….i m lykng d gud side of uv bt is kunj there in ur stry ?? jus wantd to knw nyways its nyc..

  4. amazing i m sure dis man is kunj n patient is twimkle rite

  5. mannat don’t be sad yaar..sometimes it happens..dont loose hope..u write well..nd the epi was good..so chill

  6. I thnk it kunj btw epi ws osm

  7. Twinju(bhavika)

    sorry mannat i didnt commented as my exams were going on and today i read all the episode they all were fab loved it and dont be sad i am writing an ff”dilon ki dastan” and it usually gets less comments but i never felt sad as i know there are many silent readers as well so just keep up the good work u are fab

  8. nice episode dear

  9. nice one dr,,, that man ws uv or kunj… and the is our twinkle!!!! am i right

  10. it was superb epi

  11. Awesome wonder who are they in precap

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