Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 47 & 48)


Episode 47 & 48

Scene 1

Twinkle was still some what angry on him … but she agree with him because it was really getting late …

In hotel .

Kunj = hey you want proof of your being siyappa queen . (Twinkle gives him angry glare ) . Then just go and ask for receptionist about our room keys ..

Twinkle = I will go and will proove that I am not siyappa queen. ..

And she leaves …

At reception .

Twinkle = hlo we have booked two rooms in this hotel ..

Receptionist = may I know with whose name booking has been done …

Twinkie = ah .. Mr. Kunj Sarna.

Receptionist = let me check mam …

Just then a pair of two couples comes there … and they also ask for their keys ….

Receptionist = mam these are your keys and your room no. is 204 and 205. (Handling her keys and also to that pair along with their room no. )

Our twinkle is after all siyappa queen she by mistake picks up their keys and left from their .

Kunj saw her coming ….

Kunj = oh really you came without creating any siyappa. …I am surprised . No not surprised I am shocked. ..

Twinkle = now stop me calling siyappa queen.

Kunj = I will think about it (he start leaving …) get anyway which room no. is mine .

Twinkle = 204. …

Kunj left … Twinkle also came behind him . And they both left .
Near their room .

Kunj and twinkle was trying to open the door .. but was unable to …

Twinkle ( thinks ) = what happen to these lock . It’s not opening.

Just then her eyes fell on the chit attached with the keys … Her eyes widen …

Twinkle ( to herself ) = oh my God I have by mistake brought that pair’s key. ….. what should I do now …

Scene 2

But yuvi ignored her . He rin behind her . So he hurriedly move out from the flight . But unfortunately he missed them . He started searching them ..

Yuvi was searching them like a mad . Just then he got a call . And he came into his senses that he came here for a work. And he took taxi and went directly to a company ( guyz yuvi firstly thought to meet the the company rather than going to Delhi palace . As company belongs originally from how and he also came here to find some fact behind it )

He came in to the company . Actually it was deserted company . Because it was shifted to Delhi so they never use this area and left this company . He looked the site and went inside . That was an isolated place . Like an old office but now without a single person . Then he heard a voice .

Voice = hlo Mr. Yuvraj Luthra.

Yuvi turned and saw there was a handsome hunk standing there but was not young . He looks middle aged from looks .

Scene 3

Kunj was struggling with the door. Just then his eye also fell on the chit. .

Kunj = twinkle on this chit room no . 304 is written it means the keys are of these room . Why you have brought me near 204. ..

Twinkle = woh actually …. ( kunj looked at her … she gave tense look to her )

Kunj = twinkle I told you na .. you are siyappa queen. … now you get proof … (he smile .. Twinkle gives him Angry glare )

Then kunj left and brought keys for twinkle and his room … and returned their keys.

Twinkle was about to go inside … just then kunj hold her hand … and he pulled her towards him self. .. … with a jerk … Twinkle suit case fell down and along with her self but on the top of kunj …

Kunj = partner I think even to touch you is a sin …

Twinkle = why ( as she was not understand why kunj was speaking like it )

Kunj = see just now only I touched you … and a heavy load fell on me …

Twinkle = what (giving him frowning look ) … what you mean I am heavy ….

Kunj = offcourse you are .. and now see till you will stand up I would have been died ….

Twinkle = what ( and realises she is still on him … so she tries to stand up ) ….

And they both stood up …

Twinkle = why you holded my hand .

Kunj = actually I want to tell you tomorrow in morning there is a party .. so be ready … till sharp 8 …. and I will send a car for you …

Twinkle = but… ( kunj keep finger on her lips )

Kunj = don’t you get tired of speaking so much .. wear any one dress which I have brought for you … okay ..

He leaves … Twinkle touches her lips where kunj has kept finger… she was mixed emotions as someone has first time touched her like this … And she was feeling it awkward . Kunj senses it and found his finger on her lips. . He removed it slowly and left from their . Both weree felling a strange feeling in heart . Don’t know what was these feelings .Twinkle also went inside the room ..

Scene 4

Voice = hlo Mr . Luthra I am Ayan. Your assistant. …

Yuvi = But I haven’t appointed any assistant .

Ayan = sir you forgot in Punjab you appinted me but when I went to meet you then they told me to assist you in Goa so I came here .

Yuvi nods = ok now you come with me . An delta do some work . ( Ayan nods ) just remember we have to pick every clue from this building which will help us to reach their ( thar company’s) true identity … i have to get back my palace at any cost . …

Ayan nods and then they look at the condition of building . Then yuvi look at a photo frame. He went and cleaned it. It was a pic of a lady . He kept it aside and found some documents and started searching it . But found nothing . Similar was the case with ayan. Then yuvi went into another room . But found nothing g . Then he went into one of another room. Their was a big portrait hanging but was covered with white sheet he removed it and get shocked . ( GUYS IT WILL BE REVEALED LATER WHY HE BECAME SHOCKED ) just then ayan came from behind he shows him some documents . It was his and this company’s lease papers . Yuvi nods to Aryan and gave him a proud look . He took it and started searching but found nothing . . ….

Yuvi = Aryan can you please book a room in a hotel for me ..

Aryan = offcourse sir . For how many days ?

Scene 5

Next morning …

Kunj came in the party . He was wearing white colour coat with black sirt and black jeans . He was looking dashing .
Many people greet him . And then he started talking with a group .

Kunj = hlo Mr . Chaudhari . Thank you for coming on my one request .

Mr. Chaudhari = No need to thanks I came here to meet your new vice president of company .

Kunj = thank you .

Mr . Chaudhari = well where is she ?

Just then lights got off. And a spotlight got on. And then a girl entered . All turned their heads towards her . And kunj noticed her it was none other than twinkle . He was completely mesmerized to see her beauty .

She was wearing a white colour floral length gown . And her hairs were put in a bun . And she was wearing a pearl bracelet in her left wrist . She was completely looking like an angel .

Kunj was unable to take off his eyes from her .
Kunj ( thinks ) =you are really an angel . Not from looks but also from heart …

Hey happy independence day…


How was the episode pls do tell me .
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