Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 45 & 46)

Scene 1

Girl = actually …. I forgot my name … and my parents are calling me doll …. So my name is doll

Twinkle brust into laughter . Suddenly she heard a laughing noice …. she turned to check it . She was surprised . ….. to see kunj laughing ……

Twinkle was feeling very good to see him laughing .she was feeling like this moment stop here only . But … our lil girl broke this moment .

Girl = what’s your name ?

Twinkle = my name is twinkle …

Girl = who kept your name …

Twinkle =my bestie kept my name …

Girl = why … you don’t have parents ….

Twinkle was numb … her eyes became red and it was like someone has kept hand in her untreated wounds. … on drop from her eyes flow down … just then girl’s parents called her and she went …. Twinkle was not able to bear the true reality. …. the wounds which she was hiding behind the Vail of smile …. came before when someone broke the Vail . .. kunj noticed her …

Kunj = partner you okay

Twinkle = partner …. can you please give me water …

He nods and ordered a glass of water for her . She took it with a pill which she took out from her bag . ….

After few mins she slept … kunj felt it strange. .. kunj noticed the pills carton was still there . When he read shocked. …

It was anti stress pills and who ever takes it will get sleep . As it just a method for relaxation of mind ….

Kunj (thinks ) = I know twinkle it is hard for you to remain with us without knowing your true identity. … and I thought you don’t care . … about it … but I was wrong you are dying from inside but not now I will make your life wonderful ….

Scene 2

Yuvi (thinks ) = oh god what is happening to me why i am talking like this. Why i am listening twinkle’s laughter voice. Pls God help me .

He put up the earphones to lower down the stress .

There played a song which they ( twiraj ) together sang together . That was dua from film shanghai and yuvi got lost in past . And he started remembering all those moments from he met with twinkle and got married . He felt bad as he only played with her feelings . When he met her he only used her for his selfish motive . His eyes filled with water and his head started started aching because after twinkle his life was not stable . You can say after their marriage yuvi never felt relief so after her he was feeling guilt of losing her due to his madness. But now he was feeling a hope of getting her so he don’t want to loose her .

He was lost in thoughts don’t know when He slept . Because he was feeling some what peace after feeling hope that he can get his twinkle back . And in this peace his heart and eyes who were tired from last activities after feeling peace slept .

Scene 3

And finally they reach at his airport. Twinkle woke up and saw she was sleeping at kunj’s shoulder … and our kunj was waiting for her to wake up ….

Kunj = finally you woke up …. I don’t know your brain is so heavy that’s why it’s not working ….

Twinkle gives him frowning look … = first look at your self then speak …

Kunj = (looking at himself ) I am smart , handsome , dashing guy …..

Twinkle = and with a mannerless attitude … (she stand up from her seat and starts moving or coming out of flight )

Scene 4
Just then yuvi woke up and he listened announcement of being arrived at goa . And then he saw twinkle’s reflection they were about to get out from flight . He panicked but airhostress stopped him

Airhostress = sir pls don’t panic let others passengers move on and pls wait for your turn .

But yuvi ignored her . He rin behind her . So he hurriedly move out from the flight . But unfortunately he missed them . He started searching them ..

Scene 5

Kunj = hey … but still many girls attract towards me … (running behind her )

Twinkle = oh really … because they don’t know your nature Mr . Saddu sarna …

Kunj = (gives him frowning look ) what you just now told me …

Twinkle = khadoos sarna

Kunj = hey that’s not fair I told you are my friend that doesn’t mean you will make fun of my name ….

Twinkle = that’s also a part of friendship according to me ….

Kunj = oh really then you are my siyappa queen .

Twinkle = what … (give her frowning look )

Kunj = ya you are becuse where ever you will go you will never come back with out creating any siyappa. ….

Twinkle = oh really … then proove me ….

Kunj = let’s first go to hotel . Then I will proove you .. because it’s getting late ..

Twinkle was still some what angry on him … but she agree with him because it was really getting late …

Precap = proof of twinkle being siyappa queen…


Happy friendship day. So a present for you all .

Pls do tell me how was my episode and you can also give rating to me from 10 .

And in previous episode 9 was an average rating .

And i am not having net pack . And my parents told me that they will not provide me . So i I have to steal for it ?? don’t worry i will just ask money like 10 rs after some intervals . And I know they will not ask the reason for it .

I know it’s wrong but I will confess before them when I will grow and on right time .

But I can’t promise that I will steal or not . If I will not then I will nott able to reach you ……

Well leave it I know I am too confusing …..

S o in end I want to thank you all the commentator of my last episode …..

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Mannat…..lovely it was..

  2. Romaisha

    Awesome epi .. Loved it .. Hope twinkle gets her memory back soon

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    Great mannat

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    Amazing epi…
    Loved twinj scenes??

  5. Hey mannat! Great epi !!! Loved it!!!

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    Superb epi mannat

  7. Mannat Yarr…
    First of all happy friendship day…???
    Epi ws fab as always….
    Do cont asap

  8. Lovely epi….

  9. Aamu

    after long time
    it was awesome ……dont let twiraj meet plz
    happy friendship day dear….

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

  11. Wow just wow please do make it twiraj meet l like yule’s scenes the most

  12. Superb epi dear.. m a silent reader of ur ff.. can’t wait to know who will twinkle end up with.. hope it’s kunj❤.. hehe.. yea yh am a

  13. Yea yh am a TwiNj fan.. (sidmin only).. do continue soon ☺

  14. Plz looooooonnnng likho bht smaal update ha but phr b its osum

  15. SidMin

    Loved it Mannat di and the thing you are doing for your net pack its wrong but you are making everyone smile so it isn’t wrong Loved it try posting soon 🙂

  16. Baby

    amazing episode osm luvd it n rating so 9 post nxt asap ll b w8ing

  17. Hey mannat… belated happy friendship day. Feeling bad for yuvi but enjoyed Twinj’s tiff. You can convince your parents though. Keep writing

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