tashan e aashiqui (Episode 4)


Thankew all the readers ,
I loved ur comments , that was seriously amazing .
And that made me feel encouraged
And twinj’s fan just wait for few epi ‘ s I will give him entry.
And about the length of my epi
Firstly I was thinking to post 2 epi’s a day , as I wasn’t able to write so long
But now I decided I will write long but 1 epi a day that only I can do
Enough of my bak bak .

Here is my episode 4

Twinkle = uv why u did this . why u broke my trust ?
he was silent
T = (tears rolled down from her eyes and shouts ) answer me now . What u got after spoiling my life . I left my house 4 u . I got against my own mother 4 u . Just tell me why did u done this with me .
U (shouts) = I haven’t done with my wish . That was all mom ‘s plan . And I have to bow down because …………. ……………….
He becomes quite and start walking in anger .

They reach their rooms .

Uv ( thinks ) = twinkle even I am not happy with the deed I have done with u . For that I will never be able to forgive my self

Twinkle ( thinks ) =that means uv didn’t marry me for that revenge but then why did he marry me .

Next morning

Twinkle wakes up . And got ready .she hurriedly goes to the kitchen and made kheer for all .then she kept it in fridge to cool .

Uv wakes up and comes to the breakfast table . Servants starts keeping dishes on the table . He opened a bowl and
UV = Kheer who made this .
A maid girl = Sir actually today was twinkle di’s first rasoi .so she made kheer for all .
Uv =k

He looked lovingly to twinkle in the kitchen who was busy in making juice .
Anita also comes there
Twinkle comes with the juice jar and kept it on the table . Then she stand on the side of Uv . Uv looks at her .
Uv = twinkle u also sit and have breakfast with us.
Anita = no need . Servants don’t eat with the owner .
Uv and twinkle was shocked . They looked at each other and twinkle ‘ s eyes got teary .

Uv = mom behave yourself . She is my wife .
A = u behave yourself . Don’t forget I am your mother .
U = I haven’t forget but u have forgot that u r human being that tooo years ago .
A = uv shut ur mouth

Twinkle was shocked after hearing this conversation . Uv looks at her and take her hand in his hand . Helps her to sit . Anita who got frustated ,leaves the table.
Uv = have your breakfast .
Twinkle nods.

They both have their breakfast . Uv was leaving ,suddenly he remember something and came to twinkle. Twinkle was going to her room , he came in front of her .
Uv = actually I forgot to tell u 1 thing .
T = yup speak up .
Uv = today we have to go to meet mr. manohar Sarna Sir
(various things flashes in twinkle’s mind )
Uv = what happen
Tw = I will be ready by ….
U = 6 pm
T = okey I will be ready.
U = thank u , anyways kheer was very much tasty

Twinkle blushes and says “Thank u ”

Twinkle went to her room . She stands in the balcony and reminiscing flashback .
Twiraj was in the same music class . they joined together .
In evening
Twiraj was busy in hugging and romancing with each other , behind the bushes of the ground’s garden .
A man comes and says
“so here is my favorite students ”
Twiraj composes themselves .
T = Sarna sir
Y = gud morning sir .
( Mr. sarna knew all about twiraj’s relationship also about their mother’s rivalry . )

M S = good morning mr. yuvraj . I came 2 tell u that twinkle’ s mom have came 2 me 4 enquiring about how she is doing , its better u stay away from each other .

Twiraj = thank u sir
Uv = so I must leave
Twinkle nods and was going to opposite direction of yuvraj but Mr. Sarna stopped her .
M S = Ms twinkle I want to talk to u
T = yes sir
M S = will u become my daughter in law ?
T = offcourse

They both started laughing .

Flashback ends

Anita who have accidently listened everything . says
“ what now my son will roam with this girl , I will teach her lesson “

So she spilled oil on the stair ,so that when twinkle come downstairs her foot get slip due to it and she will fell .

AT 6 pm

Anita was standing in hall and she was waiting for twinkle impatiently .

At 6 : 30 pm

Twinkle still not come down . unable to resist herself she decided to check herself carefully .
She jumped from that stair and went to twinkle ‘ s room . she knocked the door .

T = come in

A goes in

T =yes mom u want something

A = no actually I came to ask if u are going outside then bring my asthma pump

T = no mummy g actually we was going uv’s phone came and he said he will get late in office .

A = (fumes ) and says okey

precap :

uv helps twinkle in lifting and asks you okey?…………

She nods

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Hi mannat. I read all episodes now only. I liked the way Yuvi supported Twinkle. Good going. And I read your reply too. Thank you so much. Your words meant a lot. Good luck. Take care ?

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! wt an episode… grt dear…

  3. guyzzzz i hav also written an ff part -1 do dil jo kabhi na honge judaa.. pleazzz do read it and tell me howzz it.. and u can giv me suggestions also as really dnt know how i wrote it pleazzzz tell me howzz it

  4. Hi mannat,
    I like this story because it’s different. I hope it’s a twinj fan fiction but the twiraj scenes are cute as well

  5. Your ff is very different! I’m looking forward to see how the story builds up. Great work!

  6. Awesome and amazing

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