Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 38 and 39)


episode 38 & 39

scene 1

k =today in morning you handled the situation very easily … (twinkle smiles a little ) … so … friends ? ( showing hand)

twinkle became surprised. … but she accepted the proposal. ..

t = (shaking hands ) friends…..

k = so from now i will call you partner not miss. twinkle. .. ok ..

t = and i will also call you partner. ..

k = but in office you will be miss. twinkle …

t = sure mr.. khadoos sarna…( spoken unknowingly ) …

k = what …

t = nothing partner. ..

kunj felt behaviour of twinkle’s weird. . ….

k = partner any problem. ..

tw = partner …. actually …. (before she can speak anything power goes off )

twinkle gets afraid … and she screams. .. …..

k = twinkle calm down …

t ( hugs her ) = partner pls don’t go away from me…. (tears rolled down from her eyes )

k =( gets tensed seeing her such a state ) what happen partner …

scene 2

at luthras

chinki = i called the police. as mrs. luthra should pay for her sins .

leela = it’s just all my mistake . i shold not have trusted anita . and let twinkle marry … i lost my only child ( she cries louder ) i lost twinkle . …. your dad left me for another woman and now you also left. .. … i shold not have chose friendship which is turned into rivalry . …

chinki tries to console her . yuvi was standing their numb as he was not able to accept that his mom is in police station …

then chinki noticed yuvi standing numb . she placed hand on his shoulder and feeling his touch . yuvi starts murmuring .

yuvi = i have lost everything in my life . first you and dad . then twinkle . but you came … not dad .. and now anita. though all this year’s i hate her a lot but . … even though she was my mother so i am still feeling pain for getting far from her . ( and he started crying )

scene 3

at sarna

twinkle gets afraid … and she screams. .. …..

k = twinkle calm down …

t ( hugs her ) = partner pls don’t go away from me…. (tears rolled down from her eyes )

k =( gets tensed seeing her such a state ) what happen partner …

before twinkle can speak they heard a noice … twinkle now was totally engrossed in fear …. .. actually it was noice of window breaking. .. some one has thrown on window and it broke …

kunj s eyes fell on stone which was wrapped with a piece of paper …but before can kunj act that listened a bike noice… and kunj came out he saw someone fled on bike ….

kunj looked at twinkle … she was extremely scared ….. then he picked the stone and read the paper
it was written

scene 4

then chinki saw leela was leaving.

chinki to yuvi = bhai we have to stop leela , as where will she go . she have lost everything . please come with me .

yuvi nods . and rushed to stop leela . leela was about to step out of the house .

yuvi par on her shoulder .

yuvi = today i have lost everything . but don’t want to lose you …. will you become my mother .

leela was shocked . she turned towards yuvi .

leela = i am really lucky to get my twinkle in the form of you people but i can’t stay with you because my house gave twinkle love and this house only have her pain . and i can’t stay where my twinkle for pain . (and she started crying . )

chinki = can we stay with you in your house … ?

leela was shocked.

scene 5

it was written

i know u must have thought you will … disrespect me infront of everyone in the party .. and i will keep quite… but not … i will take revenge from u. … your house consist of two girls …. and both have to pay for it …. u can see condition of one and expect the condition of another ….

i will not describe my name because you know me very well …

kunj became angry but his anger lost when he saw twinkle hugging him who was extreamly scared …

k = partner pls tell me what happend

twinkle tells him the whole incident … just then mahi enters ….


thank you all for your lovely comments …. my college have started so don’t know i will be able to updatee regularly or not …

well pls do tell me how was the episode . love you all readers .. i just want to say if there is any sile t reader of my ff pls do comment . because let me also thanks them for reading … and also if you all are thinking my ff is capable of your comments then pls do comment … even if it’s a smiley … love you

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