Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 37)

Episode 37

Scene 1
At sarna

U = i trusted u kunj i thought u also wants mahi to settle …. but u r ……. (her eyes became red )

All was feeling bad for her …. mahi was feeling embaracement for what she spoke ….

T = aunty g …. i know i should not speak as its ur personal matter …. but I knew why kunj did this….. U know in party arnav tried to misbehave with me . …….. (all became shocked ) ….. kunj saw that and ….. may be thats was the reason he rejected him …. because he knew that he was not suitable 4 her ……… and this injury is not because of either of our mistake but because of arnav ….. he pushed me and I fell infront of me . Sarna s car ….. he was not telling this to u all because … may be thought being a girl I may not like it … …

Usha and mahi look at kunj who was sitting Bowing head down …….

Usha = don’t think I will say sorry to you ( funny tune plays ) now eat food . And go to office … ..

Twinkle and mahi giggles. And they all left for their respective jobs ….

In evening

Twinkle was watching television… she was alone at home as usha have went for some work .. suddenly light of the house start blinking she doesn’t paid much heed .. thinking may be it’s due to low voltage or tube light became old … she tries to walk , to on other light … .. Just then her mobile phone rang … She decided to pick it up first . . So started walking towards it … She was about to pick it … Just then light goes off. … Twinkle feels something fishy … She feels someone’s presence near window. . She tried to walk towards just then door bell rang … Now she became some what scared
…. She tries to walk … but falls down and she withers in pain … She cries … Just Then kunj enters … ancfound her on floor .. he watched light was not there … so he quickly on the lights …

Twinkle was shocked to see that now lights was working perfectly ..

Scene 2

At luthras

And then Anita received a tight slap …. it was from Leela .

Leela = how much low you will fall . Today I came to know . I even havent imagined you can do such a ridiculous thing with my daughter . … How can you … ( she cries and she was fully angry ) actually you don’t have any daughter that’s why …. And which rivalry you want to complete with me ….. For that day …. That was all your brothers fault. .. ( chinki and yuvi was unable to understand anything . )

Anita = sorry leela .

And again she got a tight slap .

Leela = ( her eyes was completely red and water was rushing from it) we was friends right .. but you only completes you rivalry completely not friendship . … You must be shocked how I came here … Your only son called me . .. And .. ( she was going to utter something but stopped … Listening something it was police Horon. She was shocked to see police )

Police came and arrest Anita and went . Yuvi and leela was standing numb . Unable to understand anything .

Chinki = I called the police. As Mrs. Luthra should pay for her sins .

Scene 3

At sarna

Kunj = what happen? How you fall …

Twinkle = Nothing while walking I just fell down …

Kunj nods…..

Twinkle looked at window now their was no shadow … She became worried .. Link made her stand. .

K = where is ma ?

T = She went some where …..

K = any way thank you …

T = for what …

K =today in morning you handled the situation very easily … (twinkle smiles a little ) … so … Friends ? ( showing hand)

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  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Twinj friends !!!!!
    Wow loved it Mannat I was waiting for your ff for a long period of time and waiting for Twinj Love 🙂
    Post the next episode asap

  2. Saya

    Hey dear… finally you posted… thanks for your update and I liked reading it so much and enjoyed it. Do continue asap ??

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