Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 35 and 36)

Episode 25 .

Scene 1

At sarna s

In morning …

All was having brekfast . Usha was coming with twinkle or u can say she was supporting her to move . And twinkle was feeling pain but still was trying to do so . She was moving with the support of usha .

Mahi = so twinkle s reports came alright ha …. (happily )

Usha make her sit .

Usha ..= ya but y r u happy….

M = m happy because now i can take her for shopping , movie , club…….

K = come out of ur dream world . When she will get alright she have to come with me in my office .

Mahi gives frowning look …

M = but bhai u forgot she is employ in ur office just for 9 hours .and remaining time i can spend with her ..

K = oh just focus on ur career .

M .= m focussing on my carrer …

K = aha thats why u was talking about now enjoying ……

M = m focussing on my career …. i dont need to proove it

K = proove u will not be able to …

M = aha if i would not be focussing on my career i would have been married to that stupid aranv .

T = u know arnav….

M = ma brought in party to talk about my marriage … but see i have made him to say no for this relationship …

All gave her shocking look . But our cutie pie without paying any heed to them was continuously speaking .

Scene 2 .

At luthras .

Chinki was totally shocked … just then they heard a clapping voice …. they turned back and saw it was yuvi ……

Yuvi = really great to see …. the mother can also take happiness of her own child … ( angry tone ) now just tell me Mrs. Luthra what you have done with my twinkle …

Anita got hell scared seeing yuvi’s anger …

Anita = ( with fear ) that day when you left me for twinkle .. I got really angry . Then I decided to snatch from her .. and as well as took revenge from her on the sin of snatching you …

Flashback starts .

Anita called some one .

Anita = ya you have to find them . Then I will give you an important work . ( Call ends )

Anita = ( thinks ) now you are gone Miss . Twinkle Taneja. .. aka Mrs . Twinkle Luthra .

And he laughs evilly.

After some time she got call .

Person = Mam they are living in the house of an old man named madan . But now a days twinkle and that man is alone at home . Your son has gone somewhere ..

Anita thinks something and then tells him something which is muted .

The person was goon and he entered into Madan’s house forcefully . When he resist he he hit him on The head . ….and madan became unconcious …. … and then he moved his way towards twinkle who was working in the kitchen ….

He placed his hand on twinkle shoulder … when twinkle saw him she screamed .. he came near her and start smelling her and even tried to kiss her . Twinkle was crying like a hell … twinkle was resisting … unable to kiss her … he started moving his hand on her body … and when she was resisting … he tested her back …… Twinkle screamed and cried … just then her eyes fell on chilli powder and she throw it in his eyes …. and in the Nick of time .. she escaped ..

Goon ( called Anita ) = your work is done mam. ..

Anita smiles evilly . And then she called a voice artist . And with her help she left a voice mail on yuvi’s no.

Anita ( thinks ) = hey twinkle you can have chat with God …

Scene 3

At sarna s

All gave her shocking look . But our cutie pie without paying any heed to them .

M = u know in party when he came to u … after then ma told him to meet me …. and u know what i have done ….

T = what ….

M = i have intentionally spilled wine on his suit case that also from my mouth . …. hahahhahah……. and u know whose idea it was …..

T = whose ….

M = bhai ….. it was bhai s idea …. to say no this relationship …..

Usha gives frowning look to both bro and sis

K = mahi what are u speaking …….. what nonsense is coming in ur mind u r speaking …(in the manner to escape from problem )

U = enough u both brother and sister ……. (angrily )

K = Ma…

U = enough kunj . I was getting mad by thinking who will marry Mahi . As she has grown up . Here u both brother and sister are making plans to how to reject these relationship . ….

K = ma she want to focus on her career …

U = ha career then who will marry her when she will become aged …

K = ma …

U = i trusted u kunj i thought u also wants mahi to settle …. but u r ……. (her eyes became red )

All was feeling bad for her …. mahi was feeling embaracement for what she spoke ….


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  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Ohhhhh!!! Hate this Anita to the core …finally it is revealed that what she did with Twinkle ….
    Loved the episode ….it was emotional one ….
    Don’t worry about short update as u always compensate it with next epi posted in same day …..

  2. Yashasvi


    |Registered Member

    hey no pblm short or long bt it’s good that u update daily unlike me….hehehe, n loved sis-bro chemistry …………………luv ur epi

  3. sana (aamu)

    uffffffff dis anitaa….i will not leave her if i will meet her i on screen she tried to kill kunj n in ff she …………..had cross her limits ..hate her to d core but love u n ur ff sooooooooosoooosooooooooosooooo much

  4. Saya

    Hey is really fine with shorter updates. Don’t worry about that. The Woodside was really nice. Enjoyed kunj and mahi’s bonding and their cute tiffs ??
    And thanks for revealing the past.
    Take care

  5. Saya

    My previous comment had some typos so I’m commenting again… maybe you’ll receive 2 comments.
    The shorter updates are fine too , don’t worry about them. The episode was really nice. Liked kunj and mahi’s bonding and their cute tiffs.
    Thanks for revealing the past.
    Good luck and take care. Keep writing ??

    • Mannat



      Saya he one comment was enough for me …. but you are really cute … you took time to contact the comment that only for me … is really great thing for me … thank you so much

    • Mannat



      Thanks baby … I know all are busy …. so don’t say sorry …. love you … pls keep commenting and supporting like this.

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