Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 34)

Episode 34 .

Scene 1

At sarna s

In evening

Kunj when entered in his house . He heard twinkle’s scream. He hurriedly rush towards her room . He opened the door . …….and

He saw doctor was collecting her blood sample and she was screming for injection applied .

T = auntie g it’s paining.

U = beta it’s just injection .

T = just injection. ……… … (making cute and childish face )

Kunj standing outside was smiling to see her childish nature …. wait a second what i said. ….smiling…. oh my God . … with us he is also shocked when he noticed himself smiling .

He went from there .

At night .

Kuhi and usha was having dinner.

K = ma where is twinkle.

U = beta she was feeling sleepy . So I made her sleep.

K = her health is okay ? I mean she is feeling so sleepy.

M= effect of medicines Bhai.

K = but in evening she was screaming …..

U = actually beta she gave blood sample and due to injection she was shouting . U know today doctor told that she can walk as her injuries got healed but …. only after the reports of blood sample .

Kunj nodded and after having dinner they all left to their respective rooms.

Scene 2

At luthras

Anita gets shocked .

Anita ( in angry tune ) = ya I have an important role in twinkle’s death . But you know why I have done this . Because of your father . He lied me and spend honey moon with your mother. When I came to know I opposed him . Then he left me and I was left alone . My son left me and went to hostel . I was alone for 10 years. …. tell me you hate me but what sin I commuted that I was left alone for 10 years . I was dying … ya I have not accepted you but tell me how could I accepted you in that time … when that time my husband ‘s sin was was standing infront of me in the form of you.. …. and my friend Leela turned into my rival …. A lot happened in short time … so unable to understand. … I thought to take revenge from taneja’s. ….. and then twinkle came she tried. … to snatch yuvi from me ….. you know I have spent 10 years in loneliness … then how I can even think of separating from my own child …. just tell me chinki …. you always judged me wrong…. but tell me if something like this happened with you ….. would you have not done what I have done ….

Chinki was standing numb … tears float down through her eyes . Anita’s eyes was also red .

Anita = just think then tell me … chinki what would be your reaction …. when you would be on my place …. huh … and you know I was trying A lot to not to tell this thing to you … but you forced me to speak up …

Scene 3

At sarna s

After few days……

In morning …

All was having brekfast . Usha was coming with twinkle or u can say she was supporting her to move . And twinkle was feeling pain but still was trying to do so . She was moving with the support of usha .

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  1. Harshitha

    Ur….ff is jst osum..I am a silent reader n I hav read al ur episodes…….I ssrsly luv it….n plzzz make it a bit longer…..?

    • Mannat


      Thanks harshita .. glad to know you commented on my ff . …. and sorry I can’t make longer one that’s why I am posting two episodes a day . Pls keep supporting and commenting like this

    • Mannat


      Thanks lovely . Thanks for commenting . Well sorry I didn’t recognise you but I have read your name on sayeeda’s ff. So your name is shreya .. right … and pls keep commenting and supporting like this

  2. arshi fan

    Wow awesome mannat and love this ff so much…by the way i have posted my ff if u get time read it…keep rocking..

    • Mannat


      Thanks arshi … I was waiting for your epi . I will surely read it … love u .. pls keep commenting and supporting like this.

  3. Ritzi

    |Registered Member

    as always nice mannat but i hv jst i wish if u can fulfil that pls show twinj scenes more nd less scenes of luthras….. nd i hv 1 question tht whether uv will cm to know tht twinkle is alive…. m sorry if u got hurt

    • Mannat


      Thanks ritzi …. I will try to fulfill your wish …. and the answer of your question will be only answered by the time … I mean in my episode … sorry can’t reveal noe

  4. Zarmin shah

    Sorry for not commenting on ur previous epi and also for the late comment on this epi. Actually i m busy nowdays in some work.but i have read both epidoses.both are awsome like always.really you r writing too good.nice work mannat

    • Mannat


      Thanks zarmin . You are busy still you took out some time for my ff it’s feet thing for me really awesome . thanks a lot for commenting . Pls keep supporting.

    • Mannat


      Thanks angita . Saw your comment first time in my ff . But glad to see your comment. pls keep commenting and supporting like this.

    • Mannat


      Hey angita … my readers are always welcomed …. and they don’t have to say me … and i am very glad to get new commentator. .. I well not regard you as a reader alone because I know there are many who read but don’t comment … but now you have became commentator for me … so welcome in tashan e aashiqui aka tashan I ishq family ..love you pls keep commenting

  5. Saya

    Hey mannat. Really sad to know Anita’s past but why did her friend leela went against her… curious to know this and btw, I agree that a lot wrong had been done to her but this doesn’t mean that she’ll try to harm an innocent soul. The way she had treated twinkle * special reference to that saree one* was really bad and her past doesn’t justify her actions and moreover, twinkle would have no intentions in separating her son from her

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