Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 33)

Episode 33

Scene 1

At sarna ‘s

At office.
Kunj was sitting in his cabin . He moved unknowingly his hand towards his pocket , may be for taking out pen and his hand striked with a small piece . Kunj gazed at the piece . Actually it was small earring. Kunj noticed it and he literally blushed . He remembered wjen he was placing twinkle on bed her earring got stuck in his coat . He also remembered when mahi commented on this .

He took earring in between his fingers and looked it closely . Lovely music plays in background . Just then he heard a knock . It was his clients . So hurriedly he put earring back on his coat. Unknowingly it placed on the same place where it was before and there it seems like a beautiful broach .

Clients entered . Kunj in the manner of greeting shaked his hands with them . They also respond . And they discussed about business matters.

Scene 2

At luthras

Chinki ( thinks ) = how can Mrs. Luthra change so much …. I think it’s her new drama …

At night
Chinki heard knock on her door . She opened the door . And found Anita …

Chinki = oh hello Mrs. Luthra . You know the hateness I have in my heart towards you. Doesn’t allow me to welcome you in my room . But I canot kill my culture. So come in .

Anita felt very bad .

Anita = chinki I know you don’t like me . But can i ask a question from you.

Chinki = ( surprised ) ya

Anita = in childhood when you people commit any mistake then your parents have forgave you . Right !

Chinki ( unable to understand anything ) = I don’t know what are you saying but yes my parents forgave me .. til they were alive

Anita = then forgive me also … ( by joining hands )

Chinki was shocked. And was not able to think what to react ..

Anita = ( her eyes was filled up or you can say she was crying ) I know it’s not easy for you. But I can’t able to see biterness for me . When I accepted you as my own child . Pls accept me as your own mother and forgive me. Pls .

Chinki = I know Mrs. Luthra you have an important role in twinkle’s death . … till I won’t know real reason or your role behind her death I will not forgive you.

Scene 3

After meeting clients praised about broach again and left . Kunj again noticed . And lovingly touched and removed it from the coat.
He put it in his pocket .

In evening

Kunj when entered in his house . He heard twinkle’s scream. He hurriedly rush towards her room . He opened the door . …….and

He saw doctor was collecting her blood sample and she was screming for injection applied .


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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Mannat…episode was fab as usual…. Next episode would be funny….

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    Awesome epi..lol twinkle is scared of injection like me….

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    Hey mannat sry dear I was not able to comment on ur previous epi
    But seriously both d epi were jst amazing

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    It was nice….

  5. So cute and lively episode ??

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    So cute ……the best part was when kunj was blushing …
    Amazing ….love ur ff a lot

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    too good

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    cuteness has crossed all boundaries

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    To sweet and amazing.glad got a gang of people who are scared of injection like me.

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