Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 30)

Episode 30

Scene 1

Twinkle gives angry glare to mahi and murmurs = y u gave inffont of aunty .

Mahi came in senses and gave sorry look .

M= mahi i didnt brought it for her .its for two small kids . Twinkle wants to gift them from her own hands .

U = which kids ?

M = Ma u dont know to them . They are children of a worker working in our factory .

Twinkle gives confused look to mahi .

U = ok u both sit i will bring lemonade for u mahi .

She went .

Tw = kids , whuch kids ? Have u gone mad i will not give this to any kids .

M = stupid , we are kids .

Twinkle = oh , but u lied to aunty .

M =so what ……….. and now listen i will come in night in ur room . We will eat together .

Tw =done

Scene 2

Leela = (gave questioning look ) my help … for what

Chinki = I need help … to give twinkle justice …

Leela gets shocked as well as teary eyes ….

Leela = what

Chinki = I have 100% doubt that with her that accident was done intentionally.

Leela looked at her . As she was not able to understand anything. ..

Chinki = I know you must be thinking why I am doing all this . …..

Leela = no I am thinking why luthras are helping me …

Chinki gets shocked to listen such rude words from her .

Chinki = aunty I know why you are saying like this … . .

Leela = pls you go from here . If you want to help twinkle then just tell me where is she .

She joined hands before her in the manner of requesting.

Chinki = aunty pls … don’t join hands before me . You are my elder. … And I just want to teach a lesson to that Mrs. Anita Luthra .

Leela = what do you mean

Chinki = I know you don’t want to trust on luthras. …. and unfortunately I am also luthras …. but I assure you I am not like Mrs. Anita Luthra . .. I also want that if she have done wrong … she should get punishment. .

Leela = but why are you doing this ….

Chinki = aunty I also don’t know …. but what that Mrs Anita Luthra has done with me and bhabhi … For that she should be punished … aunty just tell me what you all know about them …. I mean how bhai and bhabhi meet and their wedding. .. pls tell me …

Leela = okay (she felt touched with the chinki’s words) but what will you do of all this. .

Chinki = I will gather proof against her but for that firstly I need to know everything. ..

Leela agrees and told about twinkle’s past …

Scene 3

At night mahi came in twinkles room . She made her stand up . But twinkle when she got hold on choclates forgot all her pain .

She wake up and both the girls started eating chocolate like kids . They were looking so cute . When they end up . They looked at each others face and they brust into laughter .

Their faces was filled with chocolate and twinkles nose was also filled with chocolate . Mahi stood up and brought towel and started cleaning twinkle’s face . And after that twinkle also cleaned mahi’s face.

M = now i should leave

And she left from there .

Precap =

Twinj some cute scenes…..

Thanks kruti, ria, dreamer, sidmin, ayesha khanum, sayeeda, shatakshi, zayb_zikra , aamu , rashi verma, fatarajo, sonali, Fan, arshi fan, sidmin lover, saya , yashasvi, baby ,……

Sorry if I missed any name ….

Thanks for commenting and supporting me …. and pls tell me how was the episode.


  1. sana (aamu)

    its amazing
    but no twinj scenes its ok
    i hope next one will of twinj scenes as per precp

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