tashan e aashiqui (Episode 3)

I got verry sad after the response if u guys are not liking my ff plz tell me i will stop writing but plzz do comment
And about the ff its twinj ff
thanks all the readers who comment on my previous episode

so here,s episode 3

Episode 3

At evening

Yuvraj comes to twinkle’s room . She was busy in cleaning her cupboard , so she doesn’t noticed her . He clears his throat to gain her attraction .

T = ya u want something
U = nope actually I want to give u something .
He offers her a packet .
U = its sari . We forgot to tell u that today is our reception . So I want u 2 wear this in it . Be ready before 8 I will come 2 take u .
Twinkle nods. And took the packet from his hands.
He turned back 2 leave.
t = thanks uv
Uv = its ok
He leaves .

Twinkle in her mind = I feel uv is not a bad guy And he is hiding something from me .

At 8 pm
Uv knocked the door of twinkle’s room. And she opened the door . He was mesmerized to see her beauty . She was wearing baby pink colored sari which is having silver colored heavy embroidery , her hairs was curled up and put to side .
T = ya m ready.
Uv come s out of thoughts and says = ha then we shud leave , come

At reception venue

Twiraj was standing and receiving gifts . Anita was busy in attending guests .
A lady comes to anita
Anita = hello Mrs. Negi .
M N = hello Mrs. Luthra . Does I heard correct that twinkle is the daughter of leela taneja ur biggest rival .so how u accepted her daughter . I think u bowed ur head towards her. As may be u thought it will be not easy to win from her.
Anita feels ashamed . A voice come from behind its leela
Leela = its not about winning or loose its about our children happiness .that’s why we decided to not to mix personal and professional life . I hope u got the answer of ur question now we may leave
She took anita with her and comes to stage .

She gives the blessings to the couple . And hugs twinkle .
T ( in her mind ) = I cant tell to mom the truth of my and uv’s relationship .
L ( in her mind ) = I know now u feels that I was right . But I want u to become mature and make this marriage successful . As marriage is very pure relation .
L = u okey
T nods = ya . Why u got late
L = u always says ladies need extra time . So how can u forget that ur mother is also a lady .
T = ya I forgot that my mother is equal to 10 ladies.

They both laugh
Leela then offers them a gift .
T = thank u mom
Uv = thank u mom .
L = no need for thanks just keep my daughter happy .
Uv = I promise u mom I will keep her safe.

Leela and twinkle was left in shock . As they never expected this from him . Leela nods .
Anita who was listening all this starts fuming .
She thinks = uv I will teach u how to make promise without ur mothers permission .

At 12 am

Function ended . Anita and leela have already gone in their respective cars , leaving twiraj to come by their own .
Twiraj was in a way and in the same car . Uv was driving . Then suddenly car break’s down .
Uv come out of the car and started checking the fault . Twinkle was sitting in car . She feels suffocated and decided to go out . As already 10 mins was passed .
Twinkle comes out of car and looks at uv . He noticed her .
U = I cant understand the fault if you don’ t mind we can go to home by walk as it is only at the distance of 20 mins.
T = ya sure

They both start walking . there was silence for few mins.
Then twinkle herself broke the silence .
T = why u made fake promise wid mom .
Uv = that wasn’t fake
T = uv we both know the truth of this marriage .
U = ya I know but still u r my responsibility . I know I married u just from my mother’s insistence but if I cant give u happiness, still I should keep u safe .

TWINKLE looks at uv in astonishment . So without noticing accidently , she kept her foot on banana peel .
Soooooooo she was going to fall .after sometime she opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of uv . (ya u r right uv hold her on time).
Uv who was completely lost in her started bending towards her . Then he realized something and composes himself .
Twinkle also composes herself .

Precap :

U (shouts) = I haven’t done with my wish . That was all mom ‘s plan . And I have to bow down because …………. ……………….
He becomes quite and start walking in anger .


friends plz do comment if my ff is so boring then also comment and tell me whether i should continue with it or not
plz do comment

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  1. Veryyyyyy niceeeeee. And do read my os love u forever

    1. thank u mitali .
      i will read it 4 sure

  2. Sidmin(twinj)

    Mannat plz bring Kunj soon n abt ur ff I dono wat to say bcoz der s no Kunj n oly twiraj scenes n I don’t lyk UV so until Kunj enters n twinj unite i won’t comment on ur ff dr…sry

    1. sidmin sorry to sy but u have to wait for this story line also .

  3. It’s awsummmmm….. Because of this.. Nw I am a twiraj fan also… Luv umannat… Do continue ND plzzz update asap desr..
    ND yeah ITS NOT BORING BT DAMN INTERESTING… Small request… Next time a longer one!! Plzz…

    1. thanks lara

  4. Awesome just loved it

    1. thankew sam

  5. Hi mannat. Hope you know me. I read your comment and so am here. The comment is just to tell you that I’ll read your ff. Thankfully the episodes are less than 10, otherwise I won’t have been able to read. And yes dear, my exams are going on so I’ll be infrequent in reading and commenting. Once everything gets over, I’ll be regular. And don’t be disheartened. I know how it feels when you get less comments. Frankly speaking, I’m also not in a mood to continue my ff but I do so for a few who wait for it, even if they are 3 or 4. Just be happy ??
    And thanks for your comment on my os

    1. how i can forgot u saya u r my inspiration to write this ff in english.
      thankew for encouragement

  6. I too agree with sidmin(TWINJ) bcz m tooo a twinj fan

    1. zikra then u have to wait for it .

  7. Awesome! Keep writing and keep it up. I’m excited to know the next episode.

    1. thanks jaya

  8. Mannat plzz don’t feel sad….
    Your ff is awesome…
    People hate uv but love zain am I right…
    And in ur ff I don’t think so UV is villian n mad like in tashan e ishq…..
    So keep writing my dear and don’t bother about comments many people read but don’t comment……
    So keep writing…

    1. thanks sonal for encouragement lov u loads

  9. hiii ur ff is really vvv aesome dude and i like both twiraj n twinj and in ur ff uv is ssooo gud!!!! keep up the gud wrk and keep continuing…. luv uuuuu mannat…muaaaahhhhhh

    1. thank u yashu

  10. Hey how do u write so well

    1. i got encouragement from ur comments
      that’s it

  11. kunj… i want kunj yaar pls make his entry fast…. but ya it is osm

    1. thanks ritzi

  12. it was wonderful…………
    waiting for next one
    and don’t be sad mannat due to comments

    1. thanks fiona

  13. Mannat no need to get sad. It sometimes happen. U just don’t discourage urself.
    The episode was superb. But tell me first is it a twinj ff or a twiraj ff. Confused becoz there r only twiraj scenes.

    1. thankew anushka
      its twinj ff but kunj will get entry soon in my epi

  14. sorry dear was busy..so couldnt comment…bt one min…who told u ur ff is bad?? its awesome..this epi was too good..fantastic..plzz dont stop it yaar..

    1. Thanks tara

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