Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 29)

Episode 29

Scene 1

Mahi stood up to leave but twinkle holds her hand .

Tw= mahi i know u purposly throw ur phone . If u would have asked me photographs i would not have been said no to u .

Mahi turned towards twinkle .

Mahi = why u know about me so much deaply .

Tw = because i m ur bestie …….

And mahi gives her a tight hug . Twinkle also respond .

T = now get up and go . And u have to do my secreat work .

Mahi gives her a questioning look .

Tw = plz bring for me 2 choclates . Plz bring .

Mahi brust into laughter and nods . She leaves .

When mahi was coming out kunj quickly hide . Mahi went from there without noticing him .

Tw = mr . Sarna now u can come inside .

Kunj gets surprised that how she knows that he is standing outside . He hesitantly gone inside . And sat in front of tw on sofa.

Kunj was about to ask how she knows he was standing outside but twinkle speaks .

Tw =i have seen u when mahi was busy in ckicking photos . I want to ask u one question from u . Can i ?

Kunj gives questionig look and then agrees .

Tw = mr . Sarna i know what u did for me last night . Can u tell me why ? U did that .

Kunj stays numb .

Tw = i know u have done strips and u have made me to change my clothes ……….. i want to knoe why .

Kunj surprised by her question as he himself was not able to answer it . He started searching here and there . Twinkle understood her question will not be answered .

But she was waiting . Suddenly their eyes met . Both got lost in each other .

K = actually mahis word affected me . So i thought u r suffering due to mine mistake and decided to nurse u till u became alright . (With full attitude )

Twinkle was hurt and shocked also . Kunj left .

Twi thinks to herself = kunj u r so gud at heart but y u became so much rude . …… … why ….

Scene 2

Chinki decide to go to taneja house .

At taneja’s

Leela opened the door .

Leela = chinki beta you here …

Chinki = I think I disturbed you …

Leela = why are you saying like this … you can come here any time …

Chinki = but now i think I can come inside also …. or not …

Leela = oh … i forgot come inside …

She makes her sit . Chinki noticed leelas eyes was red and material related was spread in sofa and table … and her photographs was scattered over the dining table … and also some what on floor …. seeing chinki noticing this she started garthering all pictures. …

Leela = woh actually. I was searching something and in hurry it for scattered. .

Chinki holds leela’s hand … she looked at her and their eyes met with each other. .

Chinki = there is no need to tell lie to me … I can understand your situation. … ( she makes her sit ) you know aunty I was so small when my mother left me . I even don’t know how she looked like . Then my father took me with him .(her eyes filled up ) he told me that now I will get a new mother . I was so excited to see my mother . But when I saw her she was so rude . Rather than hugging me she always also me for my silly mistakes … (leela looked at her face which was wet with her tears …. even leela’s eyes was also filled up ) one day dad left her with me … we gone far away from here . But there dad was always living in thoughts and he never tried to see my condition. ….

(Finally she break down and cries … Leela who was looking at her hugged her )

Leela = I know how much difficult is to live without our loved ones. .. well tell me why you came here ….

Chinki = I want your help …

Leela = (gave questioning look ) my help … for what..

Scene 3

In evening .

Mahi came . She directly entered twinkle’s room . She saw usha and twinkle both were watching tv but …… boring khana khazana ….. ????

She makes wierd faces to them . But ignoring it sat next to twinkle and she take her hands and put chocolates on her hand .

T = oh wow u brought it .

Usha notice them and say = twinkle but u r not allowed to eat outside eatables .

Twinkle gives angry glare to mahi and murmurs = y u gave infront of aunty .

Precap =
Mahi and twinkle eating chocolate like kids …


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  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Mannat dear ….day by day ur ff is becoming so cute….pass on some writings tips to me also so that I can also include some cute scenes in my ff…..
    Amazing….. soooooo goooooddd…
    Thank u soo much for giving us regular treat of ur ff…love ur ff to core..

    • zayb_zikra

      Sayeeda didu plzzzzzzzzz apka ff upload kariye na plzzzzz
      M eagerly waiting for it plzzzzz?????☺???

  2. zayb_zikra

    Woooooooooooooooooow mannat amazing epi…..
    Loved it it becoming superb day by day
    Do cont asap…….
    Precap cute……

  3. sana (aamu)

    mannat it is superb precap tw n mahi eating chocolate like kids………….
    yayyyy its cute waiting for anoder

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