Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 28)


Episode 28

Scene 1

In morning

Mahi came to check twinkle . But was surprised to see kunj there . He was sleeping so peacefully . He was holding her hand and lying his head on her hand . He was sitting on floor . And twinkle was slept . Mahi without disturbing them left from their . But when she left the door made noice . Due to which kunj wake up .

Kunj wake up and saw himself in that condition . He hurriedly stood and ran towards his room .

In his room kunj thinks to himself = thank god nobody have seen us ……. other vise they have misunderstood about us . Also mahi unnecessarily doubt us .

He came down after taking shower . All came for breakfast .

Kunj’s eyes was searching someone special . Mahi notice this .

M = where is twinkle ,ma?

Usha = she is in her room , actually she was not able to get up . So i told maid to freshen her and ate food.

Kuhi feels it awkward . Mahi stood from the table . All became shocked .

Usha = what happened ?

Mahi = ma m going to give company to twinkle . She would be feeling bored . And she went with plate in hands .

Kunj and usha silently start eating .

Scene 2

At luthras.

Chinki = (in loud voice ) she can be your mother not mine …

And she leaves . Anita and uv look at each other .

Anita =I know yuvi I have done very wrong with you both . But one day she will forgive me . Just like you forgive me .

Yuvi = stop dreaming . I have not forgave you . (Anita became shocked ) I am living in this house because in this house memories of dadda and twinkle is there . And what I said to chinki that was also true . I just thought you are my mother that’s why i am talking with you. Because i am not like you who can throw ours own relation .

And he leaves . Anita saw him leaving and breaks into tears .

Anita ( thinks ) = off course Anita it’s all your fault . If you would have not wanted to take revenge with twinkle she would have been alive . And yuvi would not have hurt me . I feel like killing my self but I can’t I have to first correct the things I have done wrong. And I have to make life of my both children happy .

And she consoles herself . Chinki who was standing behind her heard everything .

Chinki = I knew it Mrs.LUTHRA that you are the reason behind bhabhis death . Now only I want a proof to put you behind bars .

Scene 3

In twinkle s room

Twinkle was feeling very much week . Mahi was making her eat the breakfast with her own hands .

After sometime twinkle start resisting but mahi keep on making it by making her swear on her name . And she made her eat the full plate .

She cleaned twinkles face and sayss.
= its done .

Twinkle nods .

T = now have ur breakfast .

Mahi nods . She saw twinkle feeling bored and sleepy as she was not well . She make her busy in her talks .

This makes twinkle forget about pain . Mahi intentionally make her phone fall on floor . When twinkle notice the voice of mobile falling . She told mahi about it .

M= oh shit its fallen . Now do its trial whether its working or not .

She opened the camera and clicks many selfie . Kunj notice them by standing on door .

After some time . Mahi start leaving from her room .

Mahi =now i must go otherwise i will get late .

She stood up to leave but twinkle hods her hand .

Precap =

Twinj confrontation. ..

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode
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    no dear we can manage awsome ff

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    Nice Yaar as always awesome

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  5. Hey osm episode… But can u pls tell whether it is twinj or twiraj??

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  6. Fab episode it was yrr.. Mannat.. Just loved it..

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    Lovely epi

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    Btw epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it…….
    N????? precap omggggggggggggggggg loved it eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi dear…..
    Do cont asap

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    just loved the scenes of Twinj …
    The bestie scenes r always so special to read.

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  13. Hi dear. First no, it’s not getting boring. Next, the episode was so good specially the bonding between mahi and twinkle. But I’m unable to understood whether Anita has actually changed or not…I guess she’s not changed. Special mention to your dp and quote- both are really nice. Looking forward for the next chapter. Take care

    1. Mannat

      Thank you very much for both ff and episode … well about Anita it will be revealed with the episodes. Love you and pls keep commenting and supporting.

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