Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 27)

Episode 27

Scene 1

At night kunj wakes up by hearing wierd noices . He got up from his bed and came out in corridor . He found noices was from twinkles room . He knocked it . But no voice came and noices was still coming . He hesitantly opened the door .

He saw that maid have not changed her clothes . Due to which she was feeling cold and in cold , she was making sounds .

Kunj tried to wake her up but of no use . It was completly mid night so he thought it will not be good to wake everyone . He felt very much helpless .

He put his hand on her forehead . He realized that she was having high fever . He quickly brings cold water strips . He thought to change her clothes but she was after all a girl . So thought to try once again to wake her .

He shakes her and finally she opens her eyes . But she still she was feeling dizzy .

K = twinkle wake up and change ur clothes .

He makes her to sit and opened her wardrobe . He gives a night suit to her .

K = dont get up from bed . Change ur clothes on bed . I will go outside and call me if it will be done .

She nods . Kunj went outside . Aftersometime there was still no voice . He called her name but got no response . He then decided to went inside and went in . He found that she have changed but due tired ness and effect of medicines , she slept . He went inside and put blanket on her . He was returning but her foot got stuck on the clothes which twinkle spread…

Scene 2

Kunj picked them up and put them on sofa . And went to his room . But he was not able to sleep . He once again went to her room and checked her . She was slept but she was still feeling cold. Kunj came and start doing stripes from the bowl which earlier , he have only kept . He do strip and while doing it he also slept there .

Scene 3

In morning

Uv came wearing formal dress . Anita who was reading magazine, when noticed him got surprised.

Anita = uv you are going some where ?

Uv = ya to office ….

Anita = (surprised ) to office really …

Just then chinki enters …

Chinki = Don’t get so much happy Mrs. Luthra. Bhai is going just due to my insistence…

Anita = Thank you beta . With your help he can become normal .

Chinki = take your thank you with yourself . You know I am doing this just for my brother not for you … And we people believe in making person healthy not ill. And you can only make people diseased. ..

Uv = leave it chinki …

Chinki = How can we bro … she have … (before she can speak )

Uv = (in angry voice) yes she have done so much with us she have snatched my sister . She have snatched my father . She have snatched my childhood . And now also my twinkle is not with me because of her . If she have not done so much wrong with her … ( his eyes become red )…. she would be with me . And today I would not have been dieing in the guilt that I was not able to save her . ….

But still I am leaving with her because after all she is our mother. .

Chinki = (in loud voice ) she can be your mother not mine …

And she leaves . Anita and uv look at each other .

Precap =

Mahi and twinkle’s some bestie scenes….

Thank you all for commenting on my previous episodes..


  1. saya

    God! Again had to read 2 episodes ??
    Loved kunj’s care in both the episodes. Keep rocking dear ??

  2. Poorvi

    It was really awesome episode.. Caring kunj.. Just lived it.. Waiting for next episode.. 🙂

  3. arshi fan

    Just now i read your previous epi..really its awesome ff actually i dnt watch this serial but still i have gained interest on this ff after reading all the epi..keep rocking yar..

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