Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 25)

Episode 25

Scene 1

At sarna
Usha calls the doctor . Kunj placed twinkle on the sofa .

Kunj = Ma where is mahi ?

U = actually when u told her about twinkle . She also went to find her . But i have called her she was saying she is coming back .

Kunj nods . After few mins mahi entered and saw twinkle foot injured .

Doctor = actually she got a fracture and she should not walk or even stand for 1 week . I have given her injection to lessen her pain . And plz give her these medicines regularly . (Handling slip to kunj)

Doctor leaves.

Mahi was looking very angry . She made her way to twinkle .

M = Are u okey twinkle?

She nods

M = Twinkle u know u have done so much for me and my family but see what we gifted u . (Tears rolled down from her eyes ) I m sorry twinkle u prooved to be best friend . (Sobbing )……….i …i (words stuck down in her throat )
All became emotional .

Kunj = mahi … it was all my mistake .

M = (in angry tone ) offcourse bhai its ur mistake . She was doing her duty and what u have done . U have did not try to ask her the reason and see the pain of ur mistakes is still suffered by her . Bhai why u dont even try to look at her heart . She is suffering so much just because of us but we cant keep her safe . U r still giving her pain . Plz bhai u r my bhai but i dont know why i m feeling u so much changed thes days . Plz change and bring love in ur life and love ur family . …….. …. ……

She left from there in anger and with teary eyes .

Scene 2
At luthras

Uv and chinki ate food …

Chinki = bhai will u eat icecream ?

Uv = you still like it ..

Chinki = still like it means … ( questioning look )

Uv = you forgot …. in childhood you always fight with me for icecream. ..

Chinki = really ….

Uv = offfcourse .. and also at night when every one was sleeping … your habit was to go in kitchen and steal .. icecream ..

Chinki = really bro ( and she brust into laughter )

Uv = ( also smiles ) and you know you was also saying you can even die for icecream….

Chinki = I am still like this I can…. no no can not due but now I can kill anyone for icecream. …

Uv = you are becoming really scary … (in trading manner )

Chinki = bhai …..(hitting his shoulder )

Uv = come I will take you to ice cream parlour. ..

Chinki = now (questioning look )

Uv = ya…

And they both left

Scene 3

At sarna
Tears rolled down from twinkle s and usha s eyes . They look towards kunj he was having wet eyes and he took his head . His eyes looked towards twinkle . Twinkle felt bad .

U = kunj dont feel bad of mahi’s words . She was afraid of loosing twinkle as she have got such a gud friend after so many time and twinkle have saved the carrer of maahi from getting spoiled . Rather than thanking her we gave her this injury . Dont feel bad .

Kunj nodded and left from there .

Twinkle looked at usha and tears rolled down from her eyes .
Usha came to twinkle and says = y r u crying . Dont felt what had happened . And u r not at fault . It will become alright . (She hugs twinkle and twinkle also respond . Soon they broke ) now come i will take u to ur room .

Twinkle nods . She stand up with very much difficulty . She started walking with the help of usha but her pain was increasing . But she was still walking but her tolerance lasted and it ended up falling down making her unconcious


Twinkle in the arms of kunj…..


I know guys you must be feeling like I am running like a metro …. but I just want to compensate for the days I have not posted …….

Thank you all the readers for commenting on my previous episodes …..

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  1. Kruti

    Nice epi mannat…..and mahi ka confrontation was just d best

  2. SidMin

    The episode was too good and emotional loved Twinkle and Mahi’s friendship
    Please do read my ff Tashan e revenge to Sadda love

  3. Ria

    It’s amazing

  4. Shatakshi

    Thanks a lot mannat for such an Awesome episode…
    It was too good yaar
    Loved it???

  5. Friends hmesha twihi jaise hone chahiye….btw epi was asusual fantastic just like u….kya ap mere lye next part post krogi jldi…..plllzzz rply..

  6. Sayeeda

    Wooowww ….amazing episode… loved it…
    I’m very happy that u r running it like metro..

  7. Really good it is.. The episode..

  8. Osmmmmmmmm loved it…..

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Mannat it was fab….loved it….awesome…..

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow awesome as always mannat


    awsome mannat

  12. diehard fan of sidmin

    Osummmmmm,….and yeah the precap sounds tooooo amazing…can’t wait ….plz update sooooon…..plz plz plz

  13. Sidmin(twinj)

    Awesome epi… Congrats for ur 25th epi… Precap is very interesting… Cnt wait… Post asap…

  14. Fan

    Wow super episode…

  15. Superb Episode..
    Loved it….

  16. God!! No you’re not running like a metro… you are faster than a metro… had to read 2 episodes at a go ??? and both were nice. Liked the romantic part in yesterday’s epi. Liked mahi- twinkle and chinki-uv bond ?? good going. Take care

  17. Dreamer...arundhati

    Mannat so sorry for such late comment
    About epi
    As fab as ever
    Keep running like a metro like this only

  18. sry mannat fr cmnting late bt yr ur speed is amazing we r nt at all being brd luving it osm episode pls always post ly dis nly

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