Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 24)

Episode 24

Scene 1
Kunj applied brakes and became hell angry . He came out of the car and was about to scold the girl but he noticed the girl was none other than twinkle . He ran and tightly hugged her . Twinkle also reciprocates .

(Aaj ro len de plays in background of 1920 london )

Then he noticed that her foot was badly injured . Twinkle sobs and pointed her finger towards a direction . Kunj noticed her . And find that Arnav was standing there . With no time kunj realised that what had happened .

Actually twinkle was roaming on the streets as she was not knowing any address . Then arnav saw her and tries to misbehave with her . And in this attempt she fell before Kunj s car .

On seeing kunj arnav ran from there .

Kunj turned towards twinkle and pick her in his arms and put her on the car’s bonet .
It was raining badly . He tries touch to her foot and he touch . Twinkle scream little in pain . Kunj noticed her and his eyes fell on her wet lips . Her lips was becoming wet with rain and with pain it part . Kunj start attracting towards her .

He put his one hand in the hairs of twinkle. Her hairs were wet . and start dragging her lightly towards himself and also he get close to her . Twinkle was also not in her senses ,she started moving towards kunj . Her hands was kept on the bonet . The rain was perfectly doing her work . Bot were totally wet . But cant say that was due to rain or due to their love .

Their lips were few cms away and and and and they are about to meet but twinkle turned her neck to either side .
Kunj came to his senses and thought what he was going to do .

He stands straight and moved away from twinkle . He was just guilty of that . But twinkle seeing him like this tries to stand and her foot was badly injured and she fell on the road .

Kunj looked back when he heard the noice and found twinkle on floor . He picked her up and made her sit in the car . And kunj came on driving seat and started drivingcar. In car both was feeling so awkward . Kunj saw twinkle , she was seeing outside window . And then twinkle saw him . Their eyes met . But they broke it early . And then they both went home .

Scene 2

Uv without uttering a word … left from there…

Chinki thinks what happen to bro ..

Just then Anita taste the food..

A = chinki food is very delicious. .. uv left because your food taste reminded him of twinkle ….. don’t feel bad for it ok…

C = I don’t need your advice … (and she stood from her place .. and ordered maid to bring two plates in uv s room and she left for his room )

In room Uv was continuously staring at twinkle a pic… chinki entered …

Chinki = I know bhai .. why u left food but if twinkle bhabhi would be here she would have felt hurt … that your disobeying food…

Uv get some sense …

Uv = u know chinki when she was with me I was never able to give her happiness … and after her I am not able to forgive myself that she have done just because of me ..

Chinki = bhai leave it… now let’s eat food .. you know why this food taste similar to bhabhi s food because she have sent for u from heaven ….

Uv smiles and says = I know don’t try to make me fool … ok

And they both have food together …

Chinki = bhai I was thinking. .. U must start to go office as their is so much load and I alone can’t handle it. …. u know na.. I have to go court and office … if you can please. ..

Yuvi = don’t say please …. I know it’s my mistake as I have put whole burden on you …. and I will continue work from tomorrow onwards. .. ok

Chinki … smiled and yuvi also became happy to see her smiling . …. and they hug each other

Scene 3

Car stopped at a sarna masion . Kunj came out and opened the door of twinkle ‘s side and picked her up .

T = mr . Sarna put me down (in calm voice )

K = i know miss. Twinkle u r feeling awkward but i m doing just for ur foot .

And he went inside carrying her in his arms .They both was totally wet . When he entered he saw usha sitting on sofa in tensed state . Usha saw them and ran towards them .

U = twinkle u came . ….. what happen y kunj is carrying u . ………Is everything ok .

K = ya ma actually twinkle got little hurt on her foot and she was unable to walk . ………… …….. ………….. ma can u plza call the doctor .

Usha calls the doctor . Kunj placed twinkle on the sofa .


Mahi and kunj … some quarrels. …

Thank you all for commenting. …

Shatakshi , rashi Verma , shiny , kruti , sidmin , Jasmine wani, poorvi ,baby , diehard fan of sidmin , Fan , zayb zikra , ayesha khanum , saya ,LG , ria , lover , zikra , sayeeda , yashasvi , dreamer , ayushi , Aastha , Sam , chitra , abhishek Kumar , deepu , tanu , rinki , vebi , simmi , nik , krystal …
Thank you all for commenting on my previous episode’s. … sorry if I have missed any name…
Sidmin dear I can’t put only twinj scenes because in my story both luthras and sarna have their own space. ….. I can’t put only twinj scenes .. sorry if I have hurt your feelings…

Well now please tell me how was the episode pls keep commenting ….

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hey nice epi, n wlcm………….

  2. Osmmmmmmmm osmmm osmmmmm amaizinggggggly osmmmmmm……. Loved it so much……
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz.. ………
    Loved it so much………… ???????????????
    N happy that u r posting it daily……
    Luv u keep writing lyk dis ……

  3. Omg,omg…mannat tusi GREAT ho yar khatrnak episode …it ws osmmm,fantastic,nicend kya bat kya bat performance,, shayad kl se me cmnt na kr pavo…bt me epi zaror pdti hu main bl pe… mera net pack aj 12 bje khatm hoga…pta nai ab kb krogi…luv u

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome man at….rain part was too good….loved it ….10/10 u got…..


    awsome mannat loved it

  6. Fan

    Super epi…

  7. Sayeeda

    amazingggggg…..loved their road romance ….
    So much episodes nd that to continuously ….what a awesome treat to us…..woooowww…
    Waiting for next one

  8. That was a really fast update.. Thanq so much.. N haan the episode was awesome.. The way u emoted brother sister love too good..
    And kunj and twinkle :-*

  9. Ria

    Hey Mannat, sport for not commenting on your previous episodes but, the storyline is amazing.

    1. Ria


  10. Kruti

    Barish mein romance just loved it…awesome epi

  11. dreamer....arundhati

    Mannat dear u nailed it again

  12. mannat mannat mannat osm yr osm

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