Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 22)

Episode 22

Scene 1
She dropped the phone and started running towards , kunj cabin .
When she entered , she saw kunj was about to sign the contract papers .
She ran and throw the contract deed .

Kunj and Mr. Raheja got shocked .

Kunj = (got angry ) what is this twinkle ?

T = (stammering ) sir ……..sir ac….actually …

Mr .Raheja= i know what is this actually u want to insult us , that ‘s why u told ur this worker to come and throw our contract .

Twinkle shocked . But kunj became super angry on twinkle .

Twinkle = (stammering ) Sir…sir u ..r talking……

Mr. R = enough both of u . ……… Cheaters …

And he leaves .

Kunj got angry .

Kunj = (in very high tone ) how dare u to do such a low act . U are started thinking ur self the boss . But now i will break all ur dreams . I want ur resignation on my table in 5 mins .

Twinkle become scared . Kunj was not in his senses , as he was not able to accept what happened before few mins .

After few mins ,

Twinkle entered his cabin and kept her resignation on table and starts to leave . She looked at kunj with tears , he was watching outside the window to ignore her .

And she left the cabin . Kunj hit on the window in anger and cries by sitting on his seat .

Kunj (to himself ) = kunj u should not cry 4 that manner less girl , no ….. no ….no ….. not manner less infact she is siyappa queen . I should forget her . And appoint new vice president of the company .

Scene 2
At luthras

After meeting leela . Uv left for his room .

Anita =chinki you also go and take some rest…

Chinki =don’t try to become my mother ….. I know your true face … … A lady who can’t respect her husband .. she will never respect others daughter … whether it’s me or bhabhi …

Anita = why are you saying like this I love u and now I have two kids …

Chinki = Stop it … I know you have done something with bhabhi. ..

Anita = how can u say like this …

Chinki = oh come on ur rivalry with tanejas are known to all. Don’t act innocent infront of me. .I know ur true face.. .

Anita = Chinki pls ….

Chinki = what Pls … ha I just want one proof to put you behind bars. ..

Anita = I know you are best lawyer. But this isn’t your court. …. so don’t shout. ..

Chinki = count your days Mrs Anita Luthra….

Chinki leaves. .. Anita smirks and says to herself ” this girl has became out of control .I have to do something. But I have to first forget my past and become a good person in present. … ”

Scene 3

When he came out of office , he saw twinkle’s car standing at the door . He gets shocked .????. He calls ??twinkle ‘ s driver .

Twinkle ‘s driver = yes sir .

Kunj = Uncle actually car is standing here .where are u …………. and where is twinkle ?

Driver = sir , she have called me and told that her job is no more . So she will not be able to pay me and the car is of company , so she have to return it .

Kunj = okey .

And he got tensed and calls hers she gets shocked …….. and sat in his car and drove as fast as he can .

Friends I m not adding precap . Because I haven’t decided yet or you can also I don’t want to disclose it ….

Well thank u all for commenting and suppoting me … and now also tell me how was this epi …….


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it !
    I am waiting for the next episode please update it soon and I hope after Kunj comes to know why Twinkle did this he might regret for what he has done hope Twinkle has a good reason for throwing the contract

    • diehard fan of sidmin

      Hey canU plz tell me that what was the reason of not letting Kunj sign those contract papers ……I read the previous episode but I was not able to understand the end….soooooo plz sort it out

  2. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hey mannat… I’m a slient reader… Ur ff s awesome… Cnt wait to read nxt epi… Plzzzzzzzzzzzz post asap… Plzzzzzzzzzzzz show more twinj scenes than luthras… Plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t b late post soon…

  3. Jasmine wani

    Manat mera netpack khatam hone ko h plz post next immediately..plz btw epi was fantastic…..

  4. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Nice epi mannat…..but I dint understand one thng if mahi is participating in d fashion show y din’t twinkle allow kunj to sign d deal????

  5. zayb_zikra

    Superbbbbbbb yaar loved it
    Bt y twinkle didn’t allowed him to sign d deal pprs……
    Anyways do cont soon…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.